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Submit an article

To submit an article for publication, send a Word file to the copy desk according to the language of first publication.
- English copy desk: Gaia
French copy desk: Serge
Italian copy desk: Marie-Ange
- Spanish copy desk: Sandro

First publication

Voltaire Network strives to publish original articles and promote their dissemination in other written or electronic media. We don’t ask for exclusivity but to be the first to publish your article.

Publication date

Checking your sources and correcting your article may take time. In addition, to ensure visibility for each published article, Voltaire Network needs to give priority to items relating to current news. The copy desk will inform you of your article’s estimated publication date.


At your request, just before publishing your article we can send you the SPIP encoded file allowing the referencing of your articles on websites that use SPIP software.

Selection of topics

Voltaire Network does not aim to cover all topics in a comprehensive way. It does not favor any one type of event, but rather the quality of the analysis. Its aim is not to describe the world, but to understand it.

Article size

There are no format requirements. However, it is difficult for us to translate long articles.


Voltaire Network publishes investigations and analyses, not commentaries or opinion pieces. We ask you to present facts in the most objective way. In fairness to readers, if you happen to express your position, please make sure you do not impose it on them.


Whenever possible, add footnotes regarding any striking facts you are shedding light on. Indicate preferably a primary source, rather than use an indirect source. Feel free to also include references for further reading.

Copy desk

As is customary, the copy desk may change the title and subhead to attract readership. They write a preamble, the purpose of which is not to summarize the article, but to indicate why it is important. They check the spelling of the text as well as any technical expressions which could be misunderstood by the general public, and harmonize the language with previously published articles. In addition, they may add explanatory notes or references to other articles on the site in order to include it in its general corpus. Finally, they illustrate the article.

Letters to the Editor

If you welcome feedback from your readers, please provide an e-mail address for this purpose. It will not appear on the site, but emails from readers will reach you directly with the words "via voltairenet.org".

Legal Disclaimer

The author is responsible for the article (except for the title, subhead, illustrations and changes made by the copy desk). Otherwise, the editor is liable for any legal action irrespective of the State where it is filed.


All our authors are volunteers. By submitting an article, you authorize us to publish it with various translations and accept to place it in the public domain.

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Article licensed under Creative Commons

The articles on Voltaire Network may be freely reproduced provided the source is cited, their integrity is respected and they are not used for commercial purposes (license CC BY-NC-ND).

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The members of our team are all volunteers.
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