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New smear campaign against Cuba a prelude to military intervention?


In a Cuba TV prime time newscast Wednesday evening, residents of the town of Palma Soriano in the eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba refuted accusations about alleged riot police using tear gas against the so-called Ladies in White (photo), which were forwarded by some sites on the Internet.

According to the witnesses interviewed by Cuban TV “the public order forces set up cordons to prevent the women from being attacked by anybody,” and despite their provocation in the locality there was not any act of violence against them.

The aim of all this is to create a fake harassing environment to justify an aggression against Cuba,” said reporter Gisela Garcia, who added that behind these actions are worn-out figures of the local counterrevolution.

The allegedly repressed women are the so-called Women in White, who keep with their provocations despite the fact that the causes that gave them birth have disappeared,” stressed the reporter. The TV report recalled statements by one of the allegedly attacked, who told Miami-based media outlets: “The Women in White could become the small flame that triggers the bonfire in Cuba.”

The report also shows images of lists of alleged political prisoners, with names of international soccer players and even painters that lived in the 18th century. It also depicts US Congress woman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, president of the International Relations Committee of the US House of Representatives asking for a “solution” like that of Libya for Cuba, including NATO troops and interventionist UN resolutions.

However, the TV report concludes by stressing that “Cuba has not seen tear gas or riot police since the capitalist times before January 1, 1959.”

Source: http://lchirino.wordpress.com/

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