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Syria: avoid the worst political solution!

Two French deputies (UMP), including the president of the mission for information on the situation in Syria, warn of the dangers of France’s politics in the region.

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Clearly, the masks are coming off about the reality of the Syrian opposition.

While there is a genuine democratic movement within the Syrian opposition, it is unfortunately far from representing the majority, and has to confront extremist and jihadist forces who are becoming increasingly agressive and threatening.

It is therefore urgent that France should avoid jumping into a dangerous political adventure by delivering arms to the opposition which could fall into the hands of extremists, thereby contributing to the conflagration of the whole region, and provoking even greater chaos in the Near and Middle East.

Consequently, it’s essential to keep a clear head, and admit that for the moment, only a reasonable compromise with the current regime can ease tension and enable a political transition - with the participation of Russia.

It’s not a question of defending Bachar’s regime, but understanding that we run the risk of jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Jacques Myard

Jacques Myard Ancien diplomate, député français UMP des Yvelines, maire de Maisons-Laffitte et président du Cercle Nation et République.

Alain Marsaud

Alain Marsaud Ancien juge antiterroriste, durant les années 80. Député (UMP) de la dixième circonscription des Français établis hors de France. Président de la Mission d’information sur la situation en Syrie.

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