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Father Paolo Dall’Oglio (s.j.) has been executed by other ’’revolutionaries’’ in Syria


Father Paolo Dall’Oglio (s.j.) has indeed been executed by his ’’brothers’’ of the Islamic State in Iraq and in the Levant, three days ago, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), a branch of the Muslim Brothers, based in London under MI6 protection.

Face of the ’’Syrian Revolution’’, of which he had become the mediator with the international media, the italian jesuit was despised by the syrian christians who blamed him for behaving like a western missionary and for having betrayed their country. In order to emphasize his belonging, the ’’revolutionaries’’ had dedicated a Friday of prayer to him, in 2011. He was backed in the West, first by the pro-Israeli media, then by the catholic press.

Invested with the task of organizing the junction between the two Al-Qaida branches in Syria and the Kurdish parties in order to overthrow the government, he’d traveled illegally to Rakka by going crossing the Turkish boarder. However, he wasn’t able to convince the islamists of the importance of the opportunity of this alliance.

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