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Turkey hands over Kurdish prisoners to Al-Qaïda


While Ankara, under pressure from Washington, gave up the idea of attacking the Kurds of the YPG in Syria [1], it handed over six wounded Syrian Kurdish prisoners to Al-Qaïda (al-Nusra Front), the YPG spokesperson said. The men are Ahmed Şêrko, Omer Qadir, Rêber Seyho, Ehmed Helûm, Cemal Ehmed and Beşîr Mihemed.

They will probably be executed by the terrorist organisation.

Officially, Turkey has no relations with Al-Qaïda, but
- Turkish Justice has demonstrated that while President Erdoğan was Prime Minister, he received many visits from the banker for the terrorist organisation, who is in fact currently being sought by the United Nations [2].
- On the 14th July 2015, Syria’s permanent representative to the UNO, ambassador Bachar el-Jafaari, presented to the Security Council a letter from the Free Syrian Army which shows that France and Turkey had supplied them with weapons that were intended for al-Qaïda. The Turkish ambassador was absent, but the French ambassador, who was present, did not contest the authenticity of the document [3].

Pete Kimberley

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