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Republicans Splitting into Two Separate Regional Political Parties

Republicans Splitting into Two Separate Regional Political Parties, with One Racist-Xenophobic GOP Fragment in Deep South, Rural Areas, Intermountain West; Second Liberal-Wall Street Republican Shard in New England, Some Suburbs, Pacific Northwest / Neither Successor Will Be Able to Control White House or Congress; GOP Breakup Will Then Be Prelude to Democratic Party Split; Rabid Libertarians Demand Trump’s Dictatorial Rule with Police State, Torture, No Free Speech or Due Process; Extinction of Republicans a Momentous Event That Will Shift Political Axis of Entire World Several Points Towards Progress and Humanity; Color Revolution Capabilities of International Republican Institute Will Be Disrupted; Politics 101: If Confronted By the Choice Between Hillary and Trump Don’t Choose Sides, but Kick Over the Game Board!

| Washington D. C. (États-Unis)
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Former First Lady Laura Bush addresses a meeting of the International Republican Institute, the GOP’s division of the National Endowment for Democracy, which spearheads coups, destabilizations and color revolutions around the world. The IRI is one of several imperialist institutions which will be damaged in the looming breakup of the US Republican Party.

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