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«Current Concerns», n° 48, 19 November 2012
“Swiss army chief: EU debt crisis is major threat to Switzerland”
146. “Swiss army chief: EU debt crisis is major threat to Switzerland” Zurich (Switzerland) | 19 November 2012
« “EU Commission nervously refers to Nobel Peace Prize” » / « Towards a Western retreat from Syria », by Thierry Meyssan / «Bomb attack in Beirut » / «Syria rebels losing moral high ground», by Anne Barnard / « Rule of law offers foundation for long-term democratic hopes », by Kishore Mahbubani / «This is what the citizens of European countries could demand from the United States ... and from our own governments», by Karl Müller /«“Cooperatives in Spain as an instrument to face unemployment”», by María R. Sahuquillo / Raquel Vidales / «“No compulsory measures – vaccination has to remain voluntary“», by Roland Güttinger and Dr phil Henriette Hanke Güttinger / « “Do horned and hornless animals harmonize in the same open stables?” », by Michael Götz
145. “Peace and human rights constitutes the raison d'être of the United Nations Organization and the most noble goal of humanity” Zurich (Switzerland) | 13 November 2012
« “Peace and human rights constitutes the raison d’être of the United Nations Organization and the most noble goal of humanity” », Statement by Prof Dr Alfred de Zayas / « And Europe is not ashamed ... While the public health network collapses, Greek citizens make their own», by Liz Alderman / «Direct democracy as a corrective to the power cravings of a few » / «Compulsory vaccination against bluetongue disease – a warning example», Interview with Matthias von Euw / « IG Freiheit (IG Freedom) – protect privacy against government intervention », Interview with Gregor A. Rutz / «Baden-Wuerttemberg’s state schools are facing dramatic loss in quality», by Heike Schmoll /«“In Baden-Wuerttemberg criticism is growing of the Red-Green Government’s planned education reforms”», by Karl Müller / «“Fratton’s school: 40 percent of “self-regulated” students fail the “Abitur” (high-school graduation exam)“» / « “Educating, forming and doing research for the Bonum commune” », by Urs Knoblauch / « “The alternative to the (...)
144. It's not for the first time that US authorities are using their power to promote their business Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 November 2012
« “It’s not for the first time that US authorities are using their power to promote their business” » / « “Centralism is contrary to human dignity”», Interview with National Councillor Pirmin Schwander / «The problems with the flu vaccines don’t stop » / «The Epizootic Diseases Act invalidates basic democratic and federal principles of our state», Interview with National Councillor Jakob Büchler / « President of the German Federal Fiscal Court warns German tax authorities against criminalizing citizens » / «The citizen as sovereign shaping political life» /«“Australia’s destiny in the Asian Century”», by Kishore Mahbubani / «“We know very well that there is no dictatorship in Venezuela“», Interview with Walter Suter / « “In Latin America agricultural cooperatives are competitive” », by Marianela Jarroud / « “The too frequent use of digital media reduces the mental capacity of our children” », by Dr Rudolf (...)
143. Against the erosion of federalism and self-responsibility No global forces' access onto Switzerland Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 October 2012
« No to the Act on Epizootic Diseases On the Confederate vote on 25 November 2012 », by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich / « “The balance of shared responsibility must prevail”», Interview with Walter Müller / «No to the revised Epidemics Act Referendum deadline on January 17th 2013 », by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich / «“The Act on Epizootic Diseases must absolutely be rejected”», Interview with Geri Müller / « America: From colony to nation to slave », by Michael Scheuer / «Is China losing the diplomatic plot?», by Kishore Mahbubani /«“The EU – a peacemaker in Nobel’s understanding?”», by Horst Meyer / «The crisis is not over, merely postponed», by Beat Kappeler / « “The EU has been a corruption- and transfer institution since its beginning” », by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer / « “We have to stop thinking, the Greek were lazy, they are among those in Europe who work most” », “Current Concerns” interview with Joseph Zisyadis / « Cooperatives and small-scale farmers as a key to feeding the world », Statement by FAO (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 43/44, 22 October 2012
“Foreign Affairs”: “Why Iran should get the bomb”
142. “Foreign Affairs”: “Why Iran should get the bomb” Zurich (Switzerland) | 22 October 2012
« “Foreign Affairs”: “Why Iran should get the bomb” », by Kenneth N. Waltz / « “The very meekest cannot be at peace if his ill neighbour will not let him rest.”», by Tobias Salander / «“Does one hand know what the other hand is doing?” » / «“Syrian war’s spillover threatens a fragile Iraq”», by Tim Arango, Baghdad / « US Special Forces deployed in Iraq, again », by Tom Hayden / «US giving up hopes for “deal” with Taliban», by Matthew Rosenberg and Rod Nordland /«“The US suffered its worst airpower loss since Vietnam last week and no one really noticed”», by John Hudson / «German “Wahlalternative 2013” founded» / « “Paper money – Public finances – Inflation. Did Goethe hit upon a core problem of monetary policy?” », by Dr Jens Weidmann / « National Council sets new standards in agricultural policy », by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich / « The Hungarian Open Air Museum – a delight also in autumn » / « “Kondorfa School”» / «“Psycho-techniques in school and kindergarten infringe fundamental rights” » / «“Import from the USA”», by (...)
141. Austria: “They who want a professional army want to send us to war more quickly!” Zurich (Switzerland) | 8 October 2012
« UN Special Envoy Brahimi speaks of 5,000 mercenaries in Syria », Interview with National Councilor Jakob Büchler / « “Apparently religious discord is being fuelled”» / «“The economy has to serve medicine – not the other way round” », by Heike Faller and Christiane Grefe / «“Changing views in health care issues urgently needed”», by Erika Vögeli / « Charter on medical professionalism in the new millenium: a physician’s charter » / «Stop abberrations provoked by false incentives!» /«“Negotiate in good faith, stop sabre-rattling”» / «The peace vision of Alfred Nobel: relieve the world from the deadly grip of militarism», by Fredrik S. Heffermehl / « International law or ideological jurisdiction? », by Tobias Salander / « “Voglio fare il Cittadino” – I want to be a citizeEducating children to help them become responsible fellow human beings capable of living in peace (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 40, 24 September
On the Federal Day of Thanksgiving, Prayer and Repentance 2012
139. On the Federal Day of Thanksgiving, Prayer and Repentance 2012 Zurich (Switzerland) | 24 September 2012
« On the Federal Day of Thanksgiving, Prayer and Repentance 2012 » / « “Gratitude and modesty are values that are falling into oblivion” », Interview with National Councilor Jakob Büchler / « “Switzerland’s Good Offices paved the way for the 1962 Evian Accords”», by Dr rer. publ. Werner Wüthrich / «Criminal Justice and the Dictates of Realpolitik », by Hans Köchler / «Catalans seek autonomy», by Raphael Minder / « Direct democracy is alive in Germany as well », by Ewald Wetekamp / «Popular demand and referendum in the German states» /«Citizens’ participation requires free access to information», by Burga Buddensiek / «The Federal Government knows well: Obtaining stolen data is clearly criminal» / « Preserving cultivated land in difficult farming conditions », by Michael Götz / « “Voglio fare il Cittadino” – I want to be a citizen (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 38/39, 17 September
A lasting peace is possible within the framework of a stable nation
138. A lasting peace is possible within the framework of a stable nation Zurich (Switzerland) | 17 September 2012
« “A lasting peace is possible within the framework of a stable nation “ », by Olivier Delacrétaz / « Non-Violent revolutions: are they exploited by the USA? », by Prof Albert / « “Switzerland ought to play her role as an intermediary”», Interview with National councillor Geri Müller / «Russia’s Davos Putin, Kissinger can agree on Syria », by M. K. Bhadrakumar / «Only clear determination to take defensive action helps against “pseudo-events”», by Tobias Salander / « Let’s no longer give in to pressure from abroad! », by Jean-Daniel Balet and Flavien de Muralt / «Singapore, peacekeeper and balancing power in the Far East» /«“If a plane, it should be Gripen”» / «“Going to court”», by René Schneider / « The Federal Council’s Health “Foreign” Policy – not submitted to the people and parliament », Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich / « Free Switzerland is a model for Germany », by Reinhard K. Sprenger / « Germany must again become a state under the rule of law», by Karl Mueller / «The model for the German drill ground in the (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 37, 10 September
Hit Syria – Target Russia
137. Hit Syria – Target Russia Zurich (Switzerland) | 10 September 2012
« Hit Syria – Target Russia », Interview with Professor Andrei Ilyich Fursov / « Diplomat: USA let private military companies do the dirty work in the war zones » / « “Moscow demands international investigation of terrorist attacks in Syria”» / «Switzerland: Our country currently experiences attacks of unprecedented violence around its financial center », by Pascal Décaillet / «A country is seeking its own rules», Dr Niels Peter Ammitzboell and Dr Barbara Hug / « 10 September 2012 Current Concerns Page 11 “The ‘Green Economy’ is the new colonialism, with whom our peoples shall be conquered” » / «Bolivia: Morales opens Lithium conveyor», by Benjamin Beutler /«The honest way would be “more sustainable”», by Dr Muruchi Poma / «Switzerland is grassland», by Heini (...)
136. German taxpayers: Why don't you demand tax sovereignty for your municipalities and federal states? Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 September 2012
« German taxpayers: Why don’t you demand tax sovereignty for your municipalities and federal states? » / « A questionable approval », by Pierre-Dominique Schupp / « “We demand that the banks don’t deliver any more staff data”», by Arthur Rutishauser / «The national bar associations in Germany and Switzerland are warning » / «The sovereignity of every state is guaranteed under international law», Interview with the president of the “Aktion für eine Unabhängige und Neutrale Schweiz” / « Recover the sense of our national dignity », by Michel Halpérin / «The origins of Obama’s killer strategy», by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel /«Europe: To strive for observer status at the Nonaligned Movement», by Kaveh Afrasiabi / «United States: mixed picture with an alarming note» / «Cracks in the system» / « “Germany is at the wheel” » / « Which “well-paid people” are backing the SPD breaches of the law? » / « Criminal complaint against North-Rhine-Westphalian Finance Minister Walter-Borjans » / « Belief in progress and (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 34/35, 27 August
Germany is rolling in money
135. Germany is rolling in money Zurich (Switzerland) | 27 August 2012
« Germany is rolling in money » / « Contra the anti-historians » / « Germany’s attacks on Switzerland are counterproductive», by Karl Müller / «Referendum: “Try before you trust!” », by Felix Staratschek / «The present discussions about a one-time plebiscite on the ESM are dangerous and not honest» / « We will not yield to the principle of violence », by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich / «The German state – a conspiratorial partner?» /«Why Switzerland must be our model», by Hildegard Stausberg / «Switzerland vs. Germany» / «How to arouse children’s and adolescents’ interest in real life» / « Matthias Schlubeck – an example of the courage to face life On the concert with organist Ludger Janning and the well-known panpipe player Matthias Schlubeck in the Protestant Church in Aadorf TG », by Urs (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 33, 20 August
Debt trap under construction for local school authorities
134. Debt trap under construction for local school authorities Zurich (Switzerland) | 20 August 2012
« Interreg IV – EU regional policy and Switzerland » / « Schools and education in the stranglehold of power politics » / « From the lucky bag of the education dealers Peter Fratton’s “House of Learning”» / «“Social impact bonds” – commercialisation and privatisation of government tasks » / «How do our children become citizens in a direct-democratic state?» / « “Why Europe should give up its desire for world power status and emulate the example of Switzerland” » / «Students in the East know more about contemporary history» /«Is Germany still a state under the rule of law? The principal judicial organ of the United Nations, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), is to decide» / «Climate Change – still an unverified hypothesis!», by Dr Wolfgang Thüne / «“Grandpa’s computer (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 31, 30 July 2012
The aim remains: swords to plow-shares
132. The aim remains: swords to plow-shares Zurich (Switzerland) | 30 July 2012
« The aim remains: swords to plow-shares An urgent about-turn » , by Fredrik S. Heffermehl / « The rebels and their supporters have lost the masks: terrorists instead of human rights activists » / « The collapsing US economy and the end of global dominance Europe is on the ropes and has no money with which to subsidize Washington’s wars of hegemony» by Paul Craig Roberts / «Rebuilding Iceland – modestly, but solidly », by André Anwar / «“The atrocities of war are the motivation for my commitment”», Interview with Nguyen van Rinh / « Immanuel Kant and international relations of modern times », by Professor Dr habil. Vyacheslav Dashichev / «“… fighting needn’t take place. That it ‘must’ take place is the most dangerous dogma of the belligerent misbelief.”»
« Current Concerns», n° 25, 18 June 2012
A kick against rubbish
126. A kick against rubbish Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2012
« Remove PISA and Bologna / Withdraw competence from Schneider-Ammann Department /Decision rights on school and education back to the cantons where they are incorporated in the constitution and accessible to direct-democratic control » , by Sandra Buchser / « “Would you like to have a little neuro-linguistic soul-massage about schools and education”? » , by Dr phil. Judith Barben / « The green-red “Gemeinschaftsschule”1 project in Baden-Wuerttemberg » , by Karl Müller / «Nato goes to war – expecting everyone to march along » , by Karl Müller / «Courage of Conscience » , by Hans-C. von Sponeck/ « Federal Councilor Burkhalter – a compliant NATO-helper? » / « Statements from the Federal Parliament Building on the visit of Federal Councilor Burkhalter to NATO in Chicago » , Interview with National Councilor Carlo Sommaruga / « “We have no business with NATO“ », Interview with National Councilor Jakob Büchler / « “NATO-Cyber-Defense” = Digital First Strike? » / « “NATO not a good partner for Switzerland” » / (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 23, 4 June 2012
Syria is at the centre of the war about gas
124. Syria is at the centre of the war about gas Zurich (Switzerland) | 4 June 2012
«Syria is at the centre of the war about gas» by Imad Fawzi Shueibi / «Photo of 27 March taken in Iraq should now have been taken in Houla?» / «Russia warns Kosovo for training Syrian opposition groups» / «US soldiers abroad disguise as businessmen» / «US soldiers abroad disguise as businessmen» / «Iraqi mark on Houla massacre?» / «Syrian opposition sets up summer headquarters in Miami», by Jean Guy Allard / «On the eve of the talks the Afghanistan aid divides the NATO», by Alissa J. Rubin / «What is the meaning of the new agreement between the USA and the Islamic Republic Afghanistan?» by Professor Dr Albert A. Stahel / «Impressions from a visit to Iran», by Elias Davidsson / «NATO pursues its plans contradicting national and international law» by Karl Muller / «International treaties before the people», Interview with National Councilor Pirmin Schwander / «Expansion of people’s rights will lead to a better foreign policy» / «Nation-wide Managed Care: Evidently bad – a glance beyond the ocean», by Prof (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 22, 29 May 2012
No to “Managed Care”
« Current Concerns», n° 20, 15 April 2012
Weather instead of climate – a liberating idea
121. Weather instead of climate – a liberating idea Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 May 2012
«European Union plays the part of the driving force behind the climate change sham», by Dr phil Wolfgang Thüne, meteorologist/ «Questions to Dr Wolfgang Thüne» / «The “greenhouse effect” is mere fiction!» / «Central and Eastern Europe in the “new world order”», by Peter Bachmaier/ «COur men in Iran?», by Seymour M. Hersh/ «Inflation is coming», by Francis Gut / «Afghan endgame makes Pakistan shudder», by Brian M. Downing / «TRussian and Chinese companies have signed 27 cooperation agreements»/ «Wouldn’t the EFTA be the better solution?» / «“The structure of the police is to be completely smashed and turned upside-down” , by Joachim Lautensack, regional Chairman of the German Police Union in Baden-Wuerttemberg / «UN rights expert raises alarm over Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli Prisons» , Press release of the UN Human Rights Council of 2 May (...)
120. Responsibility to protect: Introduction and implementation, distrust and misuse Zurich (Switzerland) | 8 May 2012
«The R2P attempt failed miserably in Libya», by Dr h.c. Hans-Christof von Sponeck / «“Responsibility to Protect” – a theory without history?» / «Military alliance NATO-Islamists.”» / «Kosovo – the war of the ’68er», by Richard Holbrooke / «Claim to world domination: War against Yugoslavia as a prime example From reality ...», by Ralph Hartmann / «Israel: Getting back to decisions without hysteria “I think the Iranian leadership is composed of very rational people.”» / «Russia’s military exercises for possible US attack on Iran»/ «The new Animal Disease Act TSG, wolf in sheep‘s clothing?»/ «Wouldn’t the EFTA be the better solution?», by Willy Wimmer / «The Goldmen In praise of the conspiracy theory: Wolfgang Streeck gets to grips with the capital whisperers», by Jens Bisky, Süddeutsche Zeitung /«The European Stabilization Mechanism, or how Goldman Sachs captured Europe», by Ellen Brown / «It must be possible that banks go bankrupt» , by Frank Schäffler and Norbert F. Tofall / «The planned constitutional coup in (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 16, 23 April 2012
For a reorientation of Greece
« Current Concerns», n° 15, 10 April 2012
“De Gaulle was right with his ‘Europe des Patries’”
118. “De Gaulle was right with his ‘Europe des Patries'” Zurich (Switzerland) | 10 April 2012
«The EFTA – a vital alternative to the European Union», by Ewald Wetekamp / « EFTA and Council of Europe cover all needs – the EU is dispensible! » / « EFTA respects the sovereignty of the states » / «Europe at the crossroads: More personal responsibility and free cooperation between sovereign nations » , by Werner Wüthrich / « I would like to live in de Gaulle’s Europe » / « “When I realized that I could no longer look students in the eyes....”» by Kevin Roose / Drugs, guns and nukes: Iran as the new “Dope, Incorporated”? , by Tom Burghardt / « Instead of pursuing peace policy, German politicians assist in war preparations – it reeks of war » , by Eberhard Hamer / « In Switzerland there is no way around the people » by Marianne Wüthrich / « Active citizens – the crucial factor of direct democracy » / « Nature Park Schaffhausen » / «What matters in raising children Dealing with the children’s needs » , by Anita Schächter / « Françoise D. Alsaker: Courageously against bullying in kindergarten and school » / (...)
117. The relationship between de Gaulle and Monnet: “The duel of the century” Zurich (Switzerland) | 2 April 2012
« What would General de Gaulle have said about the European Stability Mechanism? », by Rita Muller-Hill / « “France and Germany vis-á-vis the European Union” » / « PPutting an end to the EU straitjacket Revitalizing the communes through encouragement and strengthening of the citizens », by Henriette Hanke Guttinger / « Election farce in the US: “Israelis are basically blackmailing Obama” » / « Germany delivers submarine to Israel » / « Afghan Air Force said to be the greatest smuggling operator for drugs, weapons and money » / « How to withdraw from Afghanistan? Russia considers an agreement with both US and NATO » / « Alain Juppé accused by his own administration of having falsified reports on Syria » / « Since when has Al-Qaeda been a friend of the West ? » / « Strengthening and enlarging EFTA as an alternative to Brussels! », by René Roca / « Hunger takes hold in Greece », by Gerd Hohler / « How American capitalism came to us ? » / « Russia and the changing world », par Vladimir (...)

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