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«Current Concerns», n° 29, 9 December 2014
Peace through dialogue
212. Peace through dialogue Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 December 2014
“Refusal of dialogue threatens world peace”. “International law is universal and must always be uniformly applied”, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / TTIP: Will politics capitulate in favour of the corporations?, by Eberhard Hamer / Pro memoria: Switzerland is a state under the rule of law with a constitution and civil rights. Who arrogates to restrict citizen’s rights has to explain his understanding of democracy, by Thomas Schaffner / “Federalism and Concordance – two key contributions of Catholicism", Welcoming speech by Ruedi Lustenberger / “C’est le ton qui fait la musique”. On the friendly-confederate interaction in the Swiss Parliament, by Marianne Wüthrich / The “Seville Statement on Violence” / Increasing youth violence – challenging the democratic state, by Eliane Gautschi / Scientific evidence on cannabis known, but ignored for a long time / Let us promote and maintain good books as cultural assets. The “Büecher-Chorb” (basket of books) – An example of a cooperative bookstore as a (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 28, 25 November 2014
Let’s strengthen our sovereignty!
211. Let's strengthen our sovereignty! Zurich (Switzerland) | 25 November 2014
“The Swiss people want an independent agriculture” Limiting imports could strengthen agriculture and national economy in developing countries, Interview with Rudolf Joder / Save our Swiss Gold – Yes to the “Gold Initiative”, by Olena Geissbühler / The end of the nineteenth century gold standard / “Share of gold in the SNB’s assets of 20% guarantees internal and external stability”. “We would be better advised to be dependent on gold then on the financial budgets of the EU!”, Interview with Hans-Jacob Heitz / “Appropriate gold holdings grant a high degree of independence to a state”, Interview with Gotthard Frick / Whom does the team in the federal parliament building serve?, by Marianne Wüthrich / China and the inconsistent geostrategic behavior of the US, by David P. Goldman / NATO desperately longs for Russian invasion into Eastern Ukraine, by Willy Wimmer / HarmoS and Curriculum 21: Not with our children! Popular initiatives in several cantons, by Marianne Wüthrich / Ghost drivers in the (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 27, 11 November 2014
The Swiss Gold Reserves
210. The Swiss Gold Reserves Zurich (Switzerland) | 11 November 2014
“Gold reserves are national wealth and no speculation object for politicians and central bankers” Yes to the popular initiative “Save our Swiss Gold”, Interview with Lukas Reimann / We citizens must watch over the sovereignty of our cantons. Strengthening of federalism is urgent, by Marianne Wüthrich / “The German people want to live in peace and in freedom with all the states and peoples in Europe and in the world”, Interview with Willy Wimmer / We need a war-preventing army again! Call to the Swiss people and the Swiss Federal Parliamentarians, by Gotthard Frick / “Building peace”. On Theo Dannecker’s exhibition in Adliswil, by Vera Ziroff Gut / “I have never regarded Switzerland otherwise than as having strong bonds with the world ...”, by Jean Rodolphe von Salis / “Miscanthus giganteus” – a renewable raw material for the future, by Pierre A. (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 26, 28 October 2014
Popular initiative “Save our Swiss Gold”
209. Popular initiative “Save our Swiss Gold” Zurich (Switzerland) | 28 October 2014
How large should our gold reserves be according to the wishes of the electorate, by Werner Wüthrich / Will the Swiss vote to get their gold back?, by Ron Paul / 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall – What lessons can be learned?, Karl Müller / Lampedusa – the southernmost lighthouse in Europe. Report from South Italy, by Heinz Werner Gabriel / The fight against terrorism may be conducted only on the basis of the rule of law and respecting human rights. Address by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner / Fundamental reflections on the cultural situation of Switzerland, by J.R. von Salis / The population depends on a healthy farming community. Great cattle show in Kirchberg SG, by Thomas Kaiser / “We are a typical family business, where all of us play their part”. “Free Trade Agreement deprive people in the affected countries of their livelihoods”, Interview with farmer Jakob Maute / Statement of the “Schweizerischer Schafzüchterverband” (Swiss Sheep Breeders’ (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 25, 12 October 2014
Washington wants to change the regime in Russia
208. Washington wants to change the regime in Russia Zurich (Switzerland) | 12 October 2014
USA – By way of Ukraine-crisis to “regime change” in Russia, by James George Jatras / “The Crisis in Ukraine is complex, critical and continues”. “Humanitarian aspects of the crisis in Ukraine – Briefing of the Russian UN mission in Geneva, by Dr Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph of the “Islamic State”, by Thierry Meyssan / Once more they say the “good” fought the “evil”, by Karl Müller / Riots in Hong Kong, by Willy Wimmer / Today’s illusory boom is similar to that of the years 1923-1929 in many ways, by Eberhard Hamer / The complexity of the hunger problem. Since it is caused by humans, it can be eliminated by humans, by Thomas Kaiser / Regional small-scale agriculture against global hunger / For a humane, robust and sustainable economy, by Reinhard Koradi / “The small farmers worked much more effectively”. “Inspiring the next generation to continue this tradition”, Interview with Harald (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 23/24, 5 October 2014
The long Swiss humanitarian tradition
207. The long Swiss humanitarian tradition Zurich (Switzerland) | 5 October 2014
“Where there are conflicts, we have a very important role”. The long Swiss humanitarian tradition, Interview with Ambassador Martin Dahinden / Making the world more humane, by Thomas Kaiser / “Good contact to people who live in extremely difficult conditions”, Interview with Jean Mohr / Gold means independence. A “Yes” to the initiative strengthens the stability of Switzerland and thus our political direct democratic system, so also the economy and last but not least the banking centre Switzerland, Interview with Luzi Stamm / Neutrality must not be put at risk. Reflections on the 200 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Russia, by Jean A. Mirimanoff / Genscher criticizes sanctions against Russia / Geneva Ukraine Initiative. Business leaders from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Europe, and the United States worked out common basic principles to solve the Ukraine conflict / “Expansion of the EU and NATO towards Russia must be perceived by Putin as a threat”. Panel (...)
«Current Concerns», Supplement to n° 16/17, 26 July 2014
Tribute to Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser
201. Tribute to Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser Zurich (Switzerland) | 26 July 2014
«Current Concerns», n° 16/17, 26 July 2014
Preserving sovereignty
200. Preserving sovereignty Zurich (Switzerland) | 26 July 2014
Swiss agricultural policy – a question of Switzerland’s security and independence, Interview with Rudolf Joder / Increasing food security. Setting the course for Swiss agricultural policy, by Reinhard Koradi / “In a stanchion-tied stable the animals have their own place”, Interview with Hansruedi Scheuner / Washington relaunches its Iraq partition project, by Thierry Meyssan / Stop the course of confrontation before it’s too late! Working for peace is the greatest act of humanity, by Karl Müller / Peter Scholl-Latour: “Europe accomplishes a policy of subjection to the US” / The “Martin Luther of Confucianism” – the importance of Kang Youwei and his students for today’s China China before Mao – an early clarion call for the awakening of the Chinese dragon, by Thomas (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 14/15, 9 July 2014
199. Negotiate! Zurich (Switzerland) | 13 July 2014
EU-ultimatum against Russia – another Rambouillet?, by Willy Wimmer / United States seek war with the energy weapon, by Eberhard Hamer / Ukraine conflict – propaganda and reality, by Klaus Hornung / The current situation in Iraq and Syria: Consequences of geopolitical mistakes, by Albert A. Stahel / “I don’t want to be one of those people who are afraid to act in defense of their principles”. Civil courage and true democratic spirit are contagious – the example of Edward Snowden, according to the book by Glenn Greenwald, by Thomas Schaffner / The hubris of certain brain researchers. Against dehumanization of the individual, by Eva-Maria Riester / Is this what we really want? Reflections on the basics of Curriculum 21, by Dieter Sprock / Children want to get to know real life, by Ursula Felber / On enhancing dialogue, trust and cooperation for a new Asia of peace and stability. Declaration of the Fourth Summit of the Conference on Interaction and confidence building measures in Asia (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 13, 24 June 2014
Switz neutrality
«Current Concerns», n° 12, 18 June 2014
In Commemoration
197. In Commemoration 24 June 2014
More social bonding, by Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser / A life for humanity / On the life of Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser from her family and closest friends, commemorating speech at the funeral service on 31 May 2014 in Dussnang / We bid farewell to Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser (1939–2014) / “Annemarie Buchholz lives on in our hearts” / “Renunciation and spiritual honesty are inherent in all scientific work”. Law in history, by J. R. von Salis / Understanding history on a personal foundation as a vivid development of all countries and nations”. J. R. von Salis’ and de Gaulle’s “Europe of fatherlands” – a different mindset, by Annemarie Buchholz-Kaiser / Making the insights of depth-psychology accessible to everybody / On Alfred Adlers significance, by Friedrich Liebling / Depth-psychological knowledge of human nature, by Friedrich Liebling / The cooperative principle as the basis of Swiss political culture, by Rene Roca / Community building as an educational task. Reflections on the Kindergarten’s (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 11, 1 June 2014
Peace In Europe – “We just need to want it.”
196. Peace In Europe – “We just need to want it.” 1 June 2014
Obama urged to show restraint on Ukraine Memorandum to: The President From: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity / The result of the referendum on primary health care means one thing above all: the people want a good family doctor – the opposite is planned, by Erika Vögeli / Now more than ever! / „Merkel and Hollande should not take part in cornering Putin“, by Willy Wimmer / Peace In Europe – “We just need to want it.”, by Karl Müller / No credible security on the ground without the support of a powerful air force! After the “No” to the Gripen the opponents bear a responsibility!, by Konrad Adler / We could have bought more than 600 Gripen! / Swiss democracy and the problems of freedom in the European Union, Speech by Václav Klaus / A plea for citizenship and democracy Withdrawal from the labour battle – instead of fighting over the minimum wage by Ivo Muri / If oil and gas no longer flow and power supplies fail – then what?, by Tobias Salander / Haggling for the upstream and (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 10, 17 May 2014
Yes to Gripen
195. Yes to Gripen 17 May 2014
Yes to Gripen on 18 May – “Do not delegate our own security to other countries” / “We are willing to assert our independence, sovereignty and neutrality in the future, as well”, Interview with Karin Keller-Sutter / “As an armed neutral and non-aligned state, we do provide an efficient air force ourselves”, Interview with Walter Suter / Army-eliminators in cahoots together with transatlanticists. Do individual exponents of the SP together with the GSoA want to lead Switzerland into NATO? / Consequences of a Gripen zero-decision – we lose the capability of defending Switzerland!, by Konrad Alder / No to federal proposal “Basic Health Care” / The family medicine initiative had a different goal – therefore No to “Basic Health Care” / Media representatives – compliant instruments of army opponents? / Counter-proposal to the initiative “Yes to family medicine” is counter-productive!, by Fritz Trachsel-Zürcher / Danish experiences demand a No, by Urs and Lene Knoblauch / Where would it lead us if (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 08, 19 April 2014
No grassroot medicine for highly developed Switzerland
193. No grassroot medicine for highly developed Switzerland Zurich (Switzerland) | 21 April 2014
No grassroot medicine for highly developed Switzerland. Our family doctor concept mustn’t be cut down. No to the bluff package “Federal Decret on primary health care”, by Susanne Lippmann-Rieder and Viviane Kaiser / Control of the healthcare system by Federal Councillor Berset and “his” FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health)? The Swiss healthcare system must be in the hands of the Swiss cantons, by Marianne Wüthrich / No army without an air force. Gripen: a useful purchase on favourable terms / Thurgau women for a strong militia army, for the Gripen and for a save roof over Switzerland/ “Giving priority to the human right to self-determination”, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / “‘Passive neutrality’ and offering the good services – a guarantor of success”, Interview with Roland Rino Büchel / What can the citizen do in the conflict between the “West” and Russia?, by Karl Müller / “Authorities” in Kiev reject federalism and language rights Kiev “administration” prefers to flirt with NATO, by James (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 07, 2 April 2014
Neutral Switzerland needs an operational air force
192. Neutral Switzerland needs an operational air force Zurich (Switzerland) | 2 April 2014
Neutral Switzerland needs an operational air force. Yes to the Gripen-Funding-Act, Interview with Jakob Büchler / No to the bluff package “Federal Decree on primary health care”, by Susanne Lippmann / Statement of Hans Hess in the Council of States on 11 March 2014 / In the crisis over Ukraine, Switzerland must remain absolutely neutral!, by Gotthard Frick / President Putin’s view is understandable, by John J. Mearsheimer / Günther Verheugen: “It is a fatal breaching of a taboo, to tolerate – for the first time in this century – nationalist ideologues, downright fascists, in a government.” / President Putin’s address on the accession of Crimea / Agreement on the Settlement of Crisis in the Ukraine / “As humans we are responsible for the well-being of all”, by Thomas Kaiser / Humanitarian Services, the passionate heart of Switzerland since 150 (...)
191. The Inheritance Tax Agreement between Switzerland and France is to be rejected Zurich (Switzerland) | 2 April 2014
Don’t cave in on every noise from Paris, Washington or Berlin! The Inheritance Tax Agreement between Switzerland and France is to be rejected, by Marianne Wüthrich / Direct democracy and obligations under international treaties. Considerations in civic education after the referendum of 9 February 2014 by Marianne Wüthrich / The major airfields and our Alpine routes are of great importance to every power in case of war. We urgently need a new fighter aircraft capable of defending our airspace in cases of emergency, Interview with Gotthard Frick / Ukraine: Regime change à la USA. Flaring-up a new Cold War, by Thomas Kaiser / “Take the burning fuse out of the barrel, as long as there is time”. The West, Russia, China and the Ukraine, by Willy Wimmer / “Washington’s blatant hypocrisy”, by Paul Craig Roberts / “Acting in compliance with international law”. Extracts from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press conference on 4 March 2014 / “We all know well who created the crisis in Ukraine and (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 05, 5 March 2014
“Hear the Swiss signal, Europe!”
190. “Hear the Swiss signal, Europe!” Zurich (Switzerland) | 10 March 2014
“Hear the Swiss signal, Europe!”, by Eberhard Hamer / The Swiss miracle, by Alain Bournazel / Protect the essentials, by Marie-Hélène Miauton / Many people would like to call the Swiss people’s rights their own, by E.-M. Föllmer-Müller and Karl Müller / The freedom of movement of persons: People must not become a merchandise, by Henrietta Hanke Güttinger / Swiss people, I understand you, by Pierre Chappaz / Hijacking reveals serious security gaps. Politicians need to act swiftly, by Thomas Kaiser / A land without Air Force is unprotected. Yes to the army is to say: yes to Gripen / Why we need a new Jean Rudolf von Salis so badly, by Karl Müller / Can Washington overthrow three governments three governements at the sime time?, by Thierry Meyssan / European Jihadists in Syria! A result of European interference?, by Albert A. Stahel / Reconsidering development policy – A feasible way to overcome hunger and malnutrition, by Henriette Hanke Güttinger / Superficiality and bluff instead of (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 39, 27 december 2013
Switzerland can defend its independence
186. Switzerland can defend its independence Zurich (Switzerland) | 27 December 2013
How Switzerland can defend its independence in a changing environment. “Abandoning state sovereignty means degenerating into a vassal state”, Interview with Professor Dr Albert Stahel / FATCA: “The real victims will be national sovereignty and citizens’ and consumers’ rights”, Interview with James George Jatras / The US legal system cannot be compared with the European concept of the rule of law, Interview with Pirmin Schwander / US and Russia are fighting about Ukraine, by Eberhard Hamer / “Shadow CIA” Stratfor on Ukraine: drive back Russia and look on Germany / The way of peace. Direct Democracy and Security, by René Roca / Strengthening the ties between the generations. Strengthening humanity and social connectedness – one of the comprehensive tasks of school, by Eliane (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 37-38, 20 december 2013
FATCA, an extraterritorial law, violated the sovereignty of Switzerland
185. FATCA, an extraterritorial law, violated the sovereignty of Switzerland Zurich (Switzerland) | 20 December 2013
FATCA – adoption of extraterritorial law in Switzerland. Sovereignty of Switzerland and other countries violated to a high degree, Interview with Lukas Reimann / Direct democracy is the best protection against the loss of reality by presumptuous “political elites”. The people are the sovereigns – there is nothing to quibble over the right to the initiative, by Marianne Wüthrich / Why that constant Russia bashing?, by Karl Müller / Draft of “Curriculum 21” – unusable. Children are deprived of valuable learning and life time / Curriculum 21 – Education cuts in the school subject mathematics, by Marcellina and Robert Tauschke / Lessons in geometry and design neglected Contents fail to meet the developmental age, by Marcellina and Robert Tauschke / Fragmentation versus a holistic approach in the school subject German. Does Curriculum 21 meet the objectives of teaching German sustainably? by Elsbeth Schaffner / Suggestions for language teaching at the elementary level / English – How to (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 35-36, 8 december 2013
Referendum against US FATCA !
184. Referendum against US FATCA ! Zurich (Switzerland) | 8 December 2013
Referendum against US FATCA: Muster the courage to say “no” / FATCA has serious disadvantages for Switzerland, by Hans Geiger / Bush officials targeted ex-chief of Nobel Prize-winning agency, by Marlise Simons / US global monitoring system serves primarily economic imperialism, by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer / Why should the Germans not be able to decide direct-democratically?, by Karl Müller / Instead of artificially producing “special needs students”– return to remedial teaching, by Eliane Gautschi and Henriette Hanke Güttinger / DSM – ICD – ICF – classify first, then manage! / Another international expert calls ADHD an invention, by Moritz Nestor / New special needs school concepts are instruments of change / The power of empathy leading the way. Impact of positive and negative expectations on the development of children, by Corinna Schmied and Renate Caesar / Radioactivity and cancer, by Ernst Pauli / A child finds its way into life, by Andreas Bau / The smallest domestic carnivores Ermine (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 34, 22 november 2013
Foreign Affairs Committee declares request for EU membership irrelevant
183. Foreign Affairs Committee declares request for EU membership irrelevant Zurich (Switzerland) | 22 November 2013
Foreign Affairs Committee declares request for EU membership irrelevant. The adoption of EU law has been clearly rejected, Interview with Roland Rino Büchel / Conference of Cantonal Governments (CCG) – Governance of executives instead of federalism and democracy, by Marianne Wüthrich / Strengthening the family, by Erika Vögeli / “Who takes care for the children at home, should be treated exactly the same way”, Interview with Jakob Büchler / Excerpts from the Council’s debate on the Family Initiative / A contribution to the discussion on Curriculum 21, by Elsbeth Schaffner / Family policies in an international context, by Karl Müller / World Food Day 2013: “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security”, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / “I think it is necessary, today more than ever, to educate ourselves in solidarity”, by Pope François / 2013 – the International Year of Quinoa, by Andrea Roscher-Muruchi / Sovereignty, law and democracy versus power politics, by Hans (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 27, 9 September 2013
Federalism as a guarantee of peace and Switzerland as a model
176. Federalism as a guarantee of peace and Switzerland as a model Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 September 2013
Federalism as a guarantee of peace and Switzerland as a model. “Such a confederation provides a guarantee for peace both to its own members as well as to its neighbours”, by René Roca / History and its lessons. The failure of Swiss politics when it comes to the defense of Swiss sovereignty, by Thomas Kaiser / The principle of the militia army is a main pillar in the Federal State of Switzerland, Interview with Hermann Suter / Updated scenario: The implosion of Switzerland at the gates ?, by Albert A. Stahel / Surviving in malicious times. Switzerland 70 years ago, by Peter Koller / “Over the last 50 years, Southeast Asia has made all its tremendous progress without war”, by Klaus Umbricht / “A culture of encounter and a culture of dialogue: this is the only way to peace”, Angelus by Pope Francis / “Pope Francis – On Heaven and Earth”. Dialogues about God and the (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 26, 29 August 2013
Only a militia army is a guarantor of freedom, security and democracy
175. Only a militia army is a guarantor of freedom, security and democracy Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 August 2013
Only a militia army is a guarantor of freedom, security and democracy, by Jakob Büchler / A militia army is the only reasonable army for our country, Interview with Jakob Büchler / “The Efta court of law – the small brother of the European Court of Justice (ECJ)” Name confusion: “Efta court of law” has nothing to do with the Efta, by Dr Marianne Wüthrich / Only the federalist public health system guarantees a rapid and effective containment of epidemics Therefore a clear No on 22 September 2013 by Dr A. Bau / Strengthening our army and our civic responsibility. No to the abolition of the militia, by Urs Knoblauch / Sovereignty, law and democracy versus power politics, by Alfred de Zayas / View of man and natural law, by Dr René Roca / The Germans begin to discuss their sovereignty, by Karl Müller / The euro crisis is far from being resolved, by Eberhard Hamer / Sapere aude! Dare to think!, by Prof Dr H. (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 25, 12 August 2013
Cyclic processes in political life
174. Cyclic processes in political life Zurich (Switzerland) | 12 August 2013
Cyclic processes in political life, by Jean-Rodolphe de Salis (Part 4) / Citizens and foreign policy, by Friedrich Traugott Wahlen / Farewell and gratitude To the United Chambers of the Federal Assembly / Economic war against Switzerland: Romandy is fighting back – what about the rest of Switzerland? France following the arrogant footsteps of Germany and the United States / “The people must have the final say”, by Benjamin Lebreton and Jean-Daniel Balet / Broad coalition against the inheritance tax agreement with France, by Philippe Nantermod / “The miserable performance of Mrs Widmer-Schlumpf has disastrous consequences”, by Philippe Barraud / “They gave the keys of the house to the CIA and other US agencies” 12 years of the consequences of NATO case of alliance … and the war, interview with Dick Marty / The United States – in a permanent state of war, by Professor Dr Albert A. Stahel / The USA and their allies – “limited sovereignty” modelled on the Brezhnev Doctrine, by Willy Wimmer / (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 24, 24 July 2013
Cyclic processes in political life
173. Cyclic processes in political life Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 July 2013
“Cyclic processes in political life”, by Jean-Rodolphe von Salis / “The long march into the EU – to step back into the ranks is imperative for the Swiss Federal Council! We leave it at that: No foreign law and no foreign judges”, by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich / “We Swiss need no further agreements with the EU – and certainly not at this price” / “Russia, our best ally”, by Guy Mettan / “Undermining the militia army would mean the downfall of Switzerland!”, by Marie-Hélène Miauton / “The introduction of the veto in the Canton of Baselland An important step in the development of direct democracy in Switzerland”, by PhD René Roca / “We congratulate Professor Dr Albert Stahel. Our suggestion for his birthday: the reintroduction of the 1945/46 Swiss national anthem” / “Farewell, Gyulsary!”, by Chingiz Aitmatov / “The German “Länder” constitutions have set clear goals to educational policy”, by Karl Müller / “A plea for “old” values and traditional learning”, by Hans Fahrländer / “Literature for the young: (...)
«Current Concerns», n° 22/23, 8 July 2013
‘No’ to the revision of the Epidemics Act
172. ‘No' to the revision of the Epidemics Act Zurich (Switzerland) | 22 July 2013
“A clear ‘No’ to the complete revision of the Epidemics Act”, by Dr phil. Henriette Hanke Güttinger, Dr med. Susanne Lippmann Rieder, Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich / “Federalism – a guarantor of a meaningful fight against epidemics. No to the abolition of the good federal health care system in Switzerland”, by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich / “EHEC endemic epidemic: Successful disease control due to federalist structure”, by Dr med. Andreas Bau / “Shall the FOPH be enabled to identify vaccination opponents nationwide by only one mouse click?”, by Dr med. Karla Neuhus / “Only a well-equipped militia is a guarantor for the security of our country. Courage to change course – Swiss security policy at a turning point”, by Thomas Kaiser / “Russia, the ideal arms supplier for Switzerland”, by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel / “Communes are laying the ground for the international success of the location Switzerland”, by Federal President Ueli Maurer / “Ticino people cultivate Swiss sense of unity and solidarity”, by Rico (...)

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