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A response to Ali Abunimah’s attack on Gilad Atzmon
Permission to examine “Jewishness”
by Rich Siegel
Permission to examine “Jewishness” 20 March 2012
Following in the footsteps of Israel Shahak and the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, many humanists have questioned the political ideology stemming from Jewish religion and culture. This is a delicate debate since it can be exploited for anti-Semitic purposes, hence the importance of approaching it rationally. The controversy that surrounded Shahak is blazing again today around Gilad Atzmon, whose last book is disseminated by Voltaire Network. Without taking a position with respect to his arguments, all of which deserve to be presented and discussed, we reaffirm the legitimacy of this debate. From his vantage point, U.S. musician Rich Siegel deplores the witch hunt unleashed against Atzmon, including from unexpected quarters, and all those who take an interest in this issue. He calls for a deeper reflection and mutual (...)