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Syrian Arab Republic

Fighting Resumes in Syria, but a Negotiated Truce Remains the Only Alternative Washington D. C. (États-Unis) | 27 September 2016
Kerry Pledges to Pursue “Every Avenue of Progress”; Russian Officials Note Deep Factionalization of U.S. Government Between State Department Realists and Utopian Pentagon Circles of Ashton Carter; JCS Chair Gen. Dunford Concedes He Can’t Say “Conclusively” That Aleppo Convoy Was Hit by Russia; Still No Evidence of Bombing by Warplanes; Cui Bono Analysis Implicates “Free Syrian Army”
ISIS Routed by Iraqi Army at Strategic Town of Shirqat, Cutting Key Terrorist Supply Line to Mosul; Obama Orders NSC to Prepare Direct Arming of YPG Kurds; Inside Mosul, Terrorists Launch Reign of Terror to Prevent Uprising; Coalition Must Prevent Bloodbath
Study Sees 20 Million Americans Losing Health Insurance If GOP Destroys Obamacare; Hillary Clinton Now Well to the Left of Bill; Again the Specter of U.S. Government Shutdown as New Fiscal Year Starts Oct. (...)
U.S. Warplanes Reportedly Attack Syrian Army Forces Encircled by Terrorists Washington D. C. (États-Unis) | 20 September 2016
Putin Working to Save Truce, Warns That U.S. Reliance on Armed Groups Is “Very Dangerous Route”; Obama Must Fire SecDef Ashton Carter and Gen. Votel of Central Command, Punish Others Responsible, and Re-Assert Control of U.S, Military to Preserve Cease-Fire; “Free Syrian Army” Terrorists Threaten to Kill U.S. Special Forces, Forcing Them to Retreat; Faction Fight in Obama Administration over Cooperation with Russia Against ISIS and Nusra Terrorists in Syria Pits Realistic Forces in Kerry State Department Against Incompetent Neocon Pentagon Boss Ashton Carter, Who Are Intent on Sabotaging Truce to Get Regime Change; Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Joseph Dunford “Voiced Little Objection” to Kerry Plan; U.S. Officers Reject Meddling in Syrian Civil War; Wreckers Cite Legal Technicalities, Are Shell-Shocked by Their Own Failure to Train “Moderate” Terrorist Rebels; Kerry Asks “What’s the Alternative?” Princeton Professor Doubts Britain Will Really Leave the European Union; More on the Catastrophic (...)