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Al Qaeda sets up rear base in Lebanon
Al Qaeda sets up rear base in Lebanon 21 December 2011
The Western media accuses Syria of playing a double game: on the one hand, it agrees to open its doors to the Arab League observers and, on the other, it won’t end the repression. Newspapers have echoed without any verification the accusations made by the SOHR (the London office of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood), referring to the execution of numerous deserters.
The adoption of a law extending the death penalty to arms trafficking, and not just to those guilty of blood crimes, is portrayed in the West and the Gulf as a law condemning to death those citizens who demonstrate peacefully against the government.
The Gulf press focuses on the order issued by the heads of the Gulf states to Syria (to stop the killing machine!) and to Iran (mind your own business!), which shows by contrast that the conflict is already (...)
Will Russia let the United States start a war in mid-January? 16 December 2011
The Western media has showcased the latest report from Human Rights Watch, "By All Means Necessary!", wherein it is alleged that crimes against humanity were committed under the authority of President Bashar al-Assad. At no time does the press inquire about the identity of the authors or the methodology of the report.
The Atlanticist press has hailed the Russian resolution proposal to the Security Council as a sign that Moscow has come around to Washington’s views. However, the newspapers have not seen the full text, but only a few sentences quoted by Reuters.
The Canadian press echoes the call of its Foreign Minister for all Canadian citizens to leave Syria not later than mid-January, when their evacuation will become problematic. It is not clear what disaster is anticipated around this (...)