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The false scoops of the New York Times
Judith Miller, a journalist of mass misinformation
Judith Miller, a journalist of mass misinformation 5 March 2004
The role of Vice-President Cheney in the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq lie made us forget about the responsibility of the press for disseminating false news. Judith Miller, a star journalist and writer, added a lot of fuel to the fire in the case against Bin Laden. Not satisfied with blaming him for several attacks in the United States since 1993, she convinced the world that Bin Laden was also responsible for the anthrax attacks. After receiving one of the mysterious letters herself, she said: “I’m the news”. Indeed she was, but she has not told the truth. Judith Miller represents “information laundering”; her scoops in the New York Times come from anonymous sources in Dick Cheney’s circle, and are publicly confirmed by authorities... represented by Dick (...)
NED: National Endowment for Democracy
The networks of "democratic" interference
by Thierry Meyssan
Regime Change in the United States
Requiem for the Constitution
Requiem for the Constitution 27 November 2003
Albert Gore, former vice-president under William Clinton, made a virulent speech on November 9, 2003 against the methodical dismemberment of individual freedom in the United States since 9/11. He warns the Bush administration against dangerously drifting away from the principles of the Constitution. In their history, the United States have known the temporary suspension of civil liberties, in times of war, but they were reestablished at the end of the conflict. The problem, he stresses, is that the war according to this governement is going to last «For the rest of our lives». The former candidate for the White House wonders: « when, if ever — does this encroachment on our freedoms die a natural death? ». Though one could have hoped it would reach as far as the Democrat establishment, this speech reveals the commitment, at some point in the United States, against the totalitarian drift of the (...)
The Dollar Supremacy
The US’s Achilles Heel
by L.C. Trudeau
The US's Achilles Heel 4 April 2003
The establishment of a unipolar world is currently being carried out with the conflict in Iraq and the destruction of the United States. However, the war of Iraq hides another war: that of currency control. In this financial war, the United States tries to maintain the dollar as the only reference currency while part of the world is trying to use the euro as an alternative to the American hegemony. The change began late in 2000 when Iraq decided to make out their oil and trade transactions in euros and not in dollars anymore. North Korea and Iran followed the initiative. In March 2001, Venezuela, one of the most important members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), made a remarkable intervention regarding the use of the Euro in fixing the price of petroleum. In 2002, China and Russia began to convert their financial earnings from dollars to euros. If the Bush administration has its own reasons to attack Iraq, it is supported by the US financial (...)
The Hidden Financial Ties between the Bush and the Bin Laden Families. Paris (France) | 16 October 2001
The perpetrators of September 11, 2001 attacks and the people that knew about these terrorist acts could prevent, anticipate and know what their economic effects would be. Consequently, they were able to make some speculative schemes in the stock market on the airlines that owned the hijacked airplanes, on the societies that had its headquarters in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and their respective insurances. They could also anticipate a possible general fall on the shares quoted on the stock market. In order to do all this, they just had to speculate for a fall by buying not only the shares of these companies but the «puts», that is, the «put option». The identification of these «knowers» involved in this financial crime represented not only a key piece in a stock market fraud but, and above all, a mean to directly or indirectly establish the identity of the perpetrators of the September 11 (...)