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The two faces of Bernard Kerik: Bernie or Baghdad Terminator? 6 December 2004
The former chief of New York’s Police, who organized the help on September 11, Bernard B. Kerik, has been appointed U.S. Homeland Security Secretary of George W. Bush’s second administration. “Bernie” is presented as the personification of the “American Dream”: coming from a criminal environment, he became avenger and now he is a minister. In a moment in which it is being said that his official biography will be filmed, Red Voltaire reveals the secret details of the man the American soldiers called “Baghdad Terminator”: his role as psychological war instructor, his infiltration abilities and his achievements in repression in the U.S. and Iraq. Former Rudolph Giuliani’s bodyguard and now his business partner, Bernard B. Kerik might have to guarantee the results of year 2008 elections as his main (...)