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September 11th, 2001

The attacks of 11 September 2001 constitute the foundation myth used by the Anglo-Americans to justify their military gigantism. In a world where they face no rivals, they invented an imaginary and invisible enemy of unparalleled power: terrorism. It is therefore impossible to challenge such global military domination without at the same time questioning the U.S. Government’s version of the September 11 attacks and the alleged existence of a global Islamic conspiracy. Initiated by Thierry Meyssan through this website and his published works, the 9/11 Truth Movement is at present endorsed by the majority of public opinion the world over.
Just like a spool of thread, the story of Septemer 11 first started to unravel with questions regarding the presence of explosives in the wreckage of the World Trade Center and the absence of any plane parts at the Pentagon. It continued with the skepticism surrounding the other attacks attributed to Al Qaeda. It finally led to the questioning of the anti-terrorist laws and the legitimacy of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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General Ivashov: “International terrorism does not exist”
by General Leonid Ivashov
Clash of Civilizations
Strange Confessions by the Al Qaeda “repentant”
by Paul Labarique
The 52 Most Dangerous American Dignitaries
The Bush Regime Card Deck
The Bush Regime Card Deck 23 August 2003
A behind the scenes look of the Bush administration reveals a team of cronies, carrying out a "neo-conservative" revolution in total opposition with the History and Values of their country.
George W. Bush seized power with the complicity of the Supreme Court and despite electoral results that were against him; a global citizensurveillance system was set up through the USA Patriot Act; the Army was allowed to intervene in domestic policy; a propaganda machine was set up; the country abdicated its right to self-rule and has launched itself into a series of colonial campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. What we are witnessing is not simply a change in policies but the emergence of a new regime that threatens Liberty in America and Peace in the rest of the world.
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The Hidden Financial Ties between the Bush and the Bin Laden Families. Paris (France) | 16 October 2001
The perpetrators of September 11, 2001 attacks and the people that knew about these terrorist acts could prevent, anticipate and know what their economic effects would be. Consequently, they were able to make some speculative schemes in the stock market on the airlines that owned the hijacked airplanes, on the societies that had its headquarters in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and their respective insurances. They could also anticipate a possible general fall on the shares quoted on the stock market. In order to do all this, they just had to speculate for a fall by buying not only the shares of these companies but the «puts», that is, the «put option». The identification of these «knowers» involved in this financial crime represented not only a key piece in a stock market fraud but, and above all, a mean to directly or indirectly establish the identity of the perpetrators of the September 11 (...)