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Beirut (Lebanon) | 25 August 2007
Marocco Expresses High Expectations on Information Technology and the Telecommunications for Increasing its Exports.
Iraq Seeks to Join World Trade Organization.
Kirkuk Intends to Sell its Oil to Public Refineries for Solving the Crisis of Fuel.
A New Dam on the Euphrates and a Project for Pumping Tigers Water.
The Palestinian Prime Minister Launches the Reform Plan 2008-2010.
The First Iraqi Oil Shipments Reach Jordan in Few Days.
Kuwait Allows the Dinar to Rise for the First Time in Four Days.
Abu Dhabi for Energy Tries to Acquire an Oil Sector in North American.
New Oil Projects for the Indian “Reliance” in Egypt.
Algeria Records the Surplus by $17 bn.
The Increase of Iran’s Wealth in the Field of Oil and Gas.
Russia Nominates Czech Republic for the Administration of International Monetary (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 24 August 2007
$ 17 bn dirhams, The Volume of Investments in the Emirati Insurance Sector for 2006.
The Emirati “Emaar” Company Announces Launching The First Phase of “The 8th Gate” Project.
Arab Monetary Fund Says: $ 41.7 bn the Value of the Profits of Arab Shares.
The Reconstruction Process in Iraq Needs $ 150 bn.
“Talal Abu Ghazaleh” Company in a Coalition with “CMCS” for Promoting and Developing the ITI & Telecommunications Services in the Region.
World Food Program Warns Against a Rapid Collapse of Gaza’s Economy.
The “Egyptian Resorts Company” Distributes Free of Charge Shares.
The Islamic Development Bank Grants Loans and Donations with a Total Value of $ 46 bn.
“Qtel” Expands its Activities in 15 Countries.
“Picanto” Represents About 70% of “Kia” Sellings in Algeria.
The Third Telecommunications Company in Mauritania Starts its Activities.
“Khurasan al Radawia” in Iran Attracts Foreign (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 21 August 2007
Japan Takes Part in the Peace Process in Palestine Through the Economic Gate.
Syrian-Iranian Talks on Establishing a Free Trade Zone Between the Two Countries.
Iraq Intends to Export Kirkuk Oil to Jordan Soon.
“Korek Telecom” company Holds Talks to Buy the Assets of “Iraqna” company for Telecommunications.
The Egyptian “Citadel Capital” Builds an Oil Refinery.
Iran Seeks to Play an Active Role in World Economy.
A Coalition of International Companies Executes the Project of Building Tripoli New Airport.
A-43% - Increase of the Profits of the Tunisian Housing Bank During the Fist Half of This year.
Kuwait Establishes Two Joint-Stock Corporations with a Capital of 2 Million Dinars.
The Increase of Demand on Gold in Bahrain and the UAE.
A Giant Austrian-European Consortium Builds the Turkish “Alisso” (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 15 August 2007
“Western Oil Sands”: Its Unity in Iraq May Produce One Billion Barrels of Oil.
Two Turkish Cities Offer 81 Projects for Investment in Syria.
Nablus Markets Witness Active Trade Activities.
Turkey’s Exports of Gold Increase by 17.1% in Seven Months.
The “National Bank of Kuwait” Increases its Share in the “AlWatany Bank of Egypt” by 10%.
A Decline of the Indicator of Emirate’s Financial Market by 0.15%.
“National Bank of Kuwait” Wins a Deal for Buying the “AlWatany Bank of Egypt”.
World Trade Organization Expects a Slow of the Growth of Economy and Trade in 2007.
Insurance Sector in Algeria Occupies Position No. 8 in “Mina” Region.
“Iran Khodro” Exhibits a New Car in the International Cars Exhibition in Moscow.
The Iranian “Kish” Island is selected as a Free Zone for World (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 14 August 2007
Similar Factors for the Crisis of Real Estate in the US and Jordan.
Syria Expects a Growth Rate of 6.5% in 2007.
“Syria and the Gulf” Bank Calls for a Closed Subscription to Double its Capital.
The Russian “Lukoil” Affirms its Readiness to Start to Produce Oil in Iraq.
“Millennium Challenge Corporation” Grants Morocco $697.5 m to Combat Poverty.
Malaysia, the Center of Industrial and Electronic Production in Eastern Asia.
Tunisia Decides to Increase Prices of Cereals Products.
“Beituka” (Your Home) – Turkey and “Bahrain” Banks Arrange for Concluding a Contract.
Iran Execute 1300 Projects for Re-Construction Lebanon.
Exploring a Big Gas Field in Iran.
“Amlak Finance” is a Contributor in the “Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company”.
$68 m, the Profits of “Bank of Alexandria” in the First Half of 2007.
815.000 Dinars, the Profits of “Emaar” for Real Estate Development and (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 13 August 2007
4812 Exhibitors from 45 Countries are taking Part in Damascus International Fair.
Iraqi – Made Clothes to be sold Soon in the US Markets.
The “Kuwait Fund for Arab and Economic Development” Signs 12 Financing Agreements with Lebanon
The Central Banks Pump Billions of Dollars for Stopping Decline at Stock Markets.
A Coalition of Banks Offers Three Billion Egyptian Pounds for Financing Expansion of “Vodafone” Company in Egypt.
The “Jordan Telecom Group (JTG)” Completes the Process of Transforming Into “Orange”.
A-0.21% Rise of the Emirati Indicator.
The Announcement of Forming a Committee for Defending the Rights of the Syrian Workers in Lebanon.
Signs of a New Crisis between Turkey and the European Union.
“PECDAR” Starts Executing 37 Projects in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
“British American Tobacco” Company Intends to buy a Share in the “Société nationale des tabacs et allumettes” in Algeria.
One million and 60.000 Unemployed in (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 11 August 2007
Algeria Decreases the Percentage of Taxes Aiming at Liberating Investments.
142 Winning Companies at Kuwait Stock Market within One Week.
The European Central Bank Pumps a Record Sum of Money in the Financial Circles.
“Emaar” Promotes for “Samarah Dead Sea Golf & Beach Resort” in Jordan.
An Iraqi-Iranian Agreement on Laying an Oil Pipeline.
$30 m, for Poor Families in Palestine.
The Deputy of the Commissioner of UNRWA Warns of the Collapse of Economic Situation in Gaza.
Turkey Seeks to Buy Gas from “Shakh Deniz” Field.
The Integration of the Satellite TV Channel “Rotana” with the Lebanese Broadcast Corporation “LBC”.
Bahrain Airport is an International Center for “DHL”.
“Iran Khodro” Company and the Chinese “Chery” Agree on Producing a Joint (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 10 August 2007
The World Bank Says: The Developed Countries Must Build a City Every Week for Solving the Problems of Housing.
“Akkar” Company Builds Cordova Hills “Tilal Qurtoba” in Syria.
The Rise of Bread Prices Worsens the Suffering of the Palestinians.
The Norwegian DNO Company Says that Its Production Increased in Iraq.
The Contributors of the “Ahli United Bank” Refuse to Sell the Bank to “International Bank of Qatar”.
The “Commercial Bank of Kuwait” Buys 70% of the “Al-Watany Bank of Egypt”.
$10 bn, the Investments of the Indian “Reliance” in Egypt.
Morocco Prohibits the Imports of the British Meat.
“Saipa” Company for Cars Industry Seeks to have a Share in Algeria.
A Document for Economic and Trade Cooperation between Iran and North Korea.
The Turk Cypriots Object on Cyprus’s Oil (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 8 August 2007
Turkey and Iraq Build Electricity Generating Stations.
Explosion of a Pipeline Cuts Water off the Turkish Capital.
The Establishment of New Company for Financial Mediation in Syria.
The Lebanese National Debt Increases Reaching $414 bn.
The UAE Establishes “Dubai Stock Market Company”.
“Umniah” and “Housing Bank for Trade and Finance” Declare the Joint Product for Their Clients.
A Coalition between “Noor” and the “Commercial Bank of Kuwait” for Possessing the “Al-Watany Bank of Egypt”.
The Mauritani Government Expects an Increase of Growth Rate by 6.2%.
“LG-Algeria” Holds Negotiations for Buying “ENIE” Establishment.
The Libyan “Layco ” Buys 60% of the Capital of “Abou Nawas Hotel”.
An Islamic Economic Cartel, the Center of Which Are Iran and (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 3 August 2007
The Big Flow in the Gulf Strengthens Prices of Shares in the Stock Markets.
Increase of Lebanese Central Bank’s Assets to $13 bn.
The Second Gulf Bank Starts Procedures of License for Entering Syria.
A Project of a New Industrial Zone in Syria.
250.000 Jordanian dinars, Profits of “Al-Hayat” Company for Medical Industries.
27.6%, Profits of “Al Itissalat” company in the First Half of This Year.
15 bn Egyptian pounds, the Volume of Computers Trade in Egypt Annually.
The Parliament of Kurdistan-Iraq Authorizes Establishing 4 Oil Companies.
$12 bn, the Profits of the Real Estate “Al Tejaria” company.
The Kuwaiti “Al Abraj” company Invests in Senegal.
The American “Delphi” company builds a Factory for Cars Spare Parts in Morocco.
The Algerian “Tasele” for Aviation Receives the First “Bombardee” Plane today.
The Volume of Trade Exchange between Turkey and Iran Exceeds $3.75 bn.
Iran provides 19 million Phone Lines in 2 (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 2 August 2007
Rupert Murdoch Expands his Empire.
The Donor Countries Offer 5 billion US$ for Operating Manpower in Iraq.
7.4 million dinars, the Profits of the Jordanian Trade Bank.
225 million US$ for Garden City in Syria with a Partnership with the Bahraini “Global Investment House”.
1 million US$, the Profits of the Palestinians “National Insurance Company”.
Decline of Profits of the Kuwaiti “Agility”.
The Opening of the First Iranian Center for Agricultural Technologies in Central Asia.
250 million US$, the Contribution of Oil and Mining Sectors in Mauritania Budget.
A Tunisian Company Buys 50% of the Algerian “Inpha” Laboratories.
A-28%-Increase of Turkey’s Exports in July.
Iraq Supports Prices of Wheat.
The Closure of Gaza’s Crossing Points Dysfunctions 80% of Transportation (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 1 August 2007
Decline of Oil Production by World Oil Companies and Increase of Investment, Prices Reach Their Highest Levels.
Bahrain Offers 700 Fields for Tenders.
Branches of “City Bank” in Emirates and Egypt Win the Prize of the Best Bank in Dealings Via the Internet.
A Limited Jordanian Proxy for Manufacturing Trucks of the American International Group.
The Syrian “Syrian Pearl”, the First Syrian Joint Air Lines.
“Per Zeit” Company for Medicines Doubles its Profits.
National Bankof Kuwait Signs an Agreement for Buying 40% of the Turkish Bank.
The Private Sector in Iran Inaugurates the Largest Factory in the Middle East for Producing Wood Industries.
A Considerable Development of Insurance Sector in Algeria.
“Sabec” buys 35% of Iron Project in Mauritania.
Spain and Algeria Sign An Agreement on “MedGaz” Deal.
Postponding the Inauguration of Gas Pipeline between Turkey and Greece Till the 15th of (...)