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Beirut (Lebanon) | 28 July 2007
Decline in the Percentage of Poverty in Tunisia by 3.8%
A 25% Percentage of Unemployment in the Arab World, 70 million Job Opportunities Required.
Dubai in a Time Race for Implementing the Law of Insuring Real Estate Development.
An International Report Expects a Decline in the Percentage of Inflation in the Gulf.
The Director Agricultural Losses due to the Israeli Incursion Exceeds 750.000 Dollars.
28 million dollars from the U.A.E for Buying of the Egyptian National Bank for Development.
A New Oil Discovery in Syria.
The Iraqi al Sulaimaniya Exhibition Signs a Cooperation Agreement with the Iranian “Idro”.
Turkey Gets 15% of Gas Flows from “Caspian Sea” to Italy.
Turkey is no Longer in Need of Loans of the International Monetary Fund.
Malaysia Expresses its Readiness for Touristic Investment in Iran.
Mauritania and Spain sign an Agreement on Workers Immigration.
The Main Saudi Cities Embrace Real Estate Developments by 80 billion US$.
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Beirut (Lebanon) | 27 July 2007
Increase of the Capital of Syrian Bankers in the Commission of Stock Market.
6 billions US Dollars, the Value of the Kuwaiti Investments in Syria.
A Chinese Company wins a Contract for Executing the First Fixed Wireless Network in Iraq.
715 million dollars, the Volume of the Lebanese Industrial Exports in the first Quarter of the Year.
A Complex for Cement Industry in Amman with a Value of 65 million dollars.
Egypt Comes First on the List of the Most Loaning Countries.
Profits of “Arabtec” Increases by 53%.
A Call for Reconsideration in Telecommunications Sector in Bahrain.
Algeria Grants 27 New Licenses in the Sector of Small and Medium Minings.
The Foreign Companies Will Stay in Iran Although the Western Embargo.
The Revenues of the Iranian Rationing of Petrol for the Infrastructure and Social Insurance.
A Sharp Decline in the Turkish Stock Markets due to Abstention of Investors to take Risk.
Russia Hopes to Conclude Talks of Joining the World Trade (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 26 July 2007
Decline of Tourism Figures in Lebanon in June.
Iraq Launches the Initiative of Agricultural Development for Achieving Self-Sufficiency.
Warning of Increase of Agricultural Goods and Products in Gaza.
A German Company Donates for Palestinian Establishments.
The Dubai Islamic Bank, the Fastest in Growth in the World.
Profits of the Kuwaiti “Kibko” Jumps to 151%.
59% million Dinars, the Value of Plastic Industries Investments in Jordan.
New Licenses for Establishing Cement Factories in Egypt.
Big Growth for Investment in Casablanca during the First Half of this Year.
The Bankruptcy of Algerian Construction Companies due to Legal Restrictions.
The Indian “Gail” Company Intends to Negotiate on the Project of Gas Pipeline Via the Desert.
The Iranian “S.H Kish” Company Exports its Products to the U.A.E.
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Beirut (Lebanon) | 25 July 2007
Insurance Companies in Syria Enters the Sector of “Education Insurance”.
The Syrian Airlines Resumes its Flights to Europe and Rents Four Planes.
Jordan and Iraq Discuss Next Month Settling the Pending Files.
Iraq’s Parliament Adopts a Law for Foreign Investment in Refineries.
72 million Egyptian Pounds, Deposits of Cairo (Al-Qahera) Bank.
The Establishment of “Dar Al Istithmar” in Bahrain.
The Establishment of Five Joint-Stock Corporations in Kuwait.
A Spanish Company Decides to Build a Cement Factory in Morocco with a Total Cost of 248 millions dollars.
“Sonatrach” and “Sonelgaz” Enter the Algerian Telecommunications Market.
Iran Underlines the Role of the Private Sector in the Field of Railways Transportation.
Istanbul Stock Market Hits Records after Erdogan’s Win.
The Investment Fund and the American OPEC Launch A Loaning Program for Small Projects in Palestine.
Western Europe Proposes (The Golden Arrow) Fearing “The Invasion of the Foreign Investors”. (...)
Beirut (Lebanon) | 23 July 2007
What’s Behind Russia’s Call for Establishing OPEC for Wheat.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment Offers the Service of the Wireless Internet.
A Jordanian-Iraqi Partnership for Establishing a Real Estate Project in “Al-Suleimania”.
Insurance Installments in Jordan Increase by 153.3 million dinars.
6.6 million dinars, the Profits of the Jordanian “Industrial Development” Bank.
“Mobinil” is granted the License of the Third Generation of the Mobile Phones.
“The United Gulf” Bank wins 168.3 million US$.
A Report Issued by “Kuwait National Bank” Explains the Crisis of the Real Estate Mortgaging.
The Moroccan Central Bank Warns of Increase of Debts.
“Sonatrach” Negotiates with Foreign Companies for Exploiting Two Iron Mines.
The French “Total” company is firmly ready to Continue and Strengthen Cooperation with Iran.
The Turks are Confident of their Lira’s Power.
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Indicators # 62 - Friday 20 July 2007
Even in the Gulf, the Crown of the US Dollar is shaking
Beirut (Lebanon) | 20 July 2007
The Opening of Arab Real Estate Exhibition amid an Emirati Domination.
A-11% Increase in the Deficit of the Lebanese Trade Balance in May.
A Touristic Project in Syria with a Cost of 125 million US Dollars.
The Syrian Government Grants Adonis Insurance Company a License.
The Selling of 74% of the Shares of the “Royal Jordanian Airlines”.
The American Canceller Says: The Coming Days will Witness an Active Resumption of Development Projects in the Palestinian Territories.
Operating New Oil Station South of Iraq.
The Bahraini “Al-Salam Bank” Gains Profits 37.2 billion US Dollars.
A Memorandum of Understanding between Tunisia and Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.
A-34% Decline in the Surplus of the Kuwaiti Budget.
The Iranian Private Sector is willing to buy the Shares of the Pakistani Banks.
The Russian Industry Grows Like Tigers.
Turkey Attracts Foreign Investments for Building Dams and Sells Energy for Greece.
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Indicators # 61 - Thursday 19 July 2007
The Waves of Privatization Strike the Arab Economies Again
Beirut (Lebanon) | 19 July 2007
New International Alliances Similar to OPEC because of Ethanol.
The Inauguration of a Factory for Manufacturing Mobile Phones in Iran.
“Nippon Oil” company Stops dealing with the US Dollar in Response to an Iranian Request.
The Decrease of Prices of the Egyptian Internet by 50%.
Confirmations about the Non-Privatization of “Al-Ahli” and “Egypt” Banks.
Turkey Invests 3.5 billion US$ in two Iranian Gas Fields.
The Commission of Stock Market Grants Five Companies a License for Dealing in Financial Renting.
600.000 US Dollars, the Net Profits of “Al-Ittihad” company for Construction and Investment.
The Decrease of Corps Forces Syria to Cancel Wheat Contracts.
The Wave of Brokary on the Kuwaiti Dinar Diminishes.
A Study for Establishing a Factory of Electrical Posts in Kurdistan Province.
The Holding British Islamic Insurance Company Appoints Consultants.
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Indicators # 55 - Thursday 12 July 2007
Syria: Loose Criteria of Unemployment
Beirut (Lebanon) | 12 July 2007
Half of World Population own Mobile Phones.
The Fourth Position for Palestinian Mobile Phone in the Middle East and North Africa.
The Turkish “Tekevin” Company Executes the Projects of North Road in Qatar.
Agricultural Israeli Products Entered Arab Countries’ Markets.
Two New Contracts of 117.5 US$ for "Orascom".
The Privatization of Cairo Bank.
Kurdistan Iraq Refuses Oil Deft Law.
“Kamko” Signs a Loan Agreement with a Total Value of 75 Million US$.
The Bahraini Public Bank Participates the Omani "Al-Tadamun" Bank with its Shares.
Ruble Gets Ready for Taking Away the US Dollar Between Russia and China.
For the First Time in Syria, the Private Sector Invests Electricity Generating Stations.
A-500-million US$ for "Al-Arabi" bank.
A Partnership Agreement between “Maktoob” and “Faye” Groups.
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Indicators # 54 - Wednesday 11 July 2007
American-Chinese Conflict at the International Monetary Fund
Beirut (Lebanon) | 11 July 2007
The Gulf Stock Market Out Powers the Saudi Shares.
Damascus Stock Market Receives Tenders of Electronic Systems.
Egypt Buys 6 S.T.X South Korean Ships.
The Rise of World Oil Prices Increases the Deficit of Jordan’s Budget.
Syria and China Discuss the Establishment of a Chinese Industrial City and a Technological Garden.
Libya Offers 41 Projects for Gas Investment.
“Fadesa” and “Al-Duha” Companies Establish a Company for Activating Real Estate and Tourism.
The Algerian Company for Insurances to Offer New Services Soon.
An Israeli-Palestinian Agreement on Keeping Issues of Energy Away from the Conflict.
Profits of the Kuwaiti Bank “Boubyan” Double.
“Emaar” Company Wins Excellent International Classification.
A Prominent Palestinian Businessman Seeks Confiscating Properties of Leading Arab Company.
Rise of the Volume of Non-Oil Exports Index in Iran.
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Indicators # 53 - Tuesday 10 July 2007
Britain’s Workers Boycott the Israeli Products
Beirut (Lebanon) | 10 July 2007
Rates of World Trade Fraud on Rise.
Switzerland Approved Granting China the Status of Market Economy State.
Increase of World Demand on Oil.
Licenses for 3 Dry Seaports in Syria.
The Capitals Coming into Lebanon Drop by 7.23%.
178 Factories with One Million Egyptian Pounds in Upper Egypt.
1865 k.g of Goldsmithery in Jordan.
Tunisia Grants the Canadian “Rigo Oil” a Concession for Oil Exploration.
Syria Cultivates 12.000 hectares in Sudan.
Algerian Banks called for Canceling Article 104 of loaning and Monetary Law.
UNRWA Announces Halting its Projects for Re-Construction in Gaza.
Increase of the Volume of Trade Exchange between Tehran and Kabul.
Profits of the Kuwaiti Commercial Bank Rise by 21%.
Big Companies Compete on Abu Dhabi’s Oil.
Increase of the Turkish Industrial Production in May by 5.2%.
Information of Dealings at Palestine Stock Market to be transmitted by SMS.
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Indicators # 52 - Monday 9 July 2007
Will the Russian Bear Rise?
Beirut (Lebanon) | 9 July 2007
The Bahraini Al-Baraka Bank Opens a New Branch in Syria.
The Iraqi Minister of Petroleum Calls for Reconsidering the Oil Contracts.
The Private Sector Builds 12 Dams in Iran.
Three Million US$, the Total Looses of Gaza’s Importers.
Egypt Circulates International Bonds with Local Currency in Europe.
Jordan Imports Oil from Kazakhstan.
The Holding “Sham” Company Opens the Tourist Complex “View”.
An Algerian Plan with 12 billion US$ to Develop Railways and Oil Transportation.
Kuwait Signs a-2.1 billion US$ Agreement with Boeing.
A Third License for Operating and Installing Mobile Phones in Saudi Arabia.
“The City of Gold” is opened officially in Turkey.
“Gazprom” Seeks to Raise its Shares in the Stock Market to a Trillion US$.
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Beirut (Lebanon) | 7 July 2007
Algeria Resorts to the European Commissioner to Solve its Problems with Spain.
The Palestinian Government Counts on an Economic Salvation Plan.
Iran Expands in Laying Railways.
Syria says: Our Economy stands on a Solid Ground.
Al-Quds Bank for Development and Investment Fixes Global’s Share.
Dubai Stock Market Witnesses the First External Circulation.
Tunisia Grants Canada an Exploration Concession for Fuels.
“Dar al-Estethhmar” Possess 17% of “Boyban Bank”.
Cars Prices Settle in Jordan.
2 billion US$ for the Establishment of a Bank in Sudan.
More Opposition on Adopting Oil and Gas Law in Iraq.
The Governments of the European Union Seek to Decrease the Budget of 2008.
A European Commissioner Criticizes the French Attitude towards Turkey.
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Indicators # 50 - Friday 6 July 2007
The Arabs are on the Top of the Richest in the World
Beirut (Lebanon) | 6 July 2007
The European Union Looks for a Successor for the Chairman of the Monetary International Fund.
The Second Cars Factory in Syria.
Syria Intends to Cancel Contracts of Wheat Export.
Al Sharja Bank Continues the Process of Possession in Lebanon.
Ten billion Jordanian dinars, “The Jordanian’s” Loan for Rehabilitation.
An Israeli Report Admits the Cancellations of Gaza’s Economy from the Map.
OPEC Oil Production Increases to 50.000 barrels without Iraq and Angola.
62 million meter square for Building an Industrial City in Dubai.
An Increase in the Moroccan Touristic Movement by 7% in 2007.
Article 44 of the Constitution, a Big Transformation in the Iranian Economy.
“Al Adala’a” Shares in Iran for a Broader Participation.
30 million tourists to Turkey by 2010.
“Nestlé” Expect a Big Increase in the Prices of Food Stuff.
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Indicators # 49 - Thursday 5 July 2007
Turkey: The Equation of Stability and Growth
Beirut (Lebanon) | 5 July 2007
The Service of Mobile Telecommunications.
The Capacity of Cement Production in Syria reaches 7 million tons.
A Jordanian-Iraqi Company with a Capital of 100 million US$.
The Iraqis Invest in Projects in Jordan.
The Palestinian Emergency Government Pays the Falling Dues.
“Boubyan Bank” Resorts to New Investment Techniques.
70 billion dirhams, the Value of Industrial Investments in the U.A.E.
12 billion Egyptian Pounds for 2996 Money Companies in Egypt.
Tunisia and Egypt Sign 9 Cooperation Agreements.
The French “Fram” Company Opens New Touristic Units in “Al Mahdia” in Tunisia.
Algeria expresses its Wish to Get Benefit of Iran’s Experiences.
The Iranian Industries Match Their Western Counterparts.
Turkey Receives 500 million US$ for Improving its Economy.
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Indicators # 48 - Wednesday 4 July 2007
Washington and Iraq’s Oil
Beirut (Lebanon) | 4 July 2007
The Conclusion of the Meeting of the Arab Ministers of Telecommunications in Damascus.
The Syrian Areeba Company Integrates With the International “MTN” Company.
117.5%, the Percentage of Executing of Agrarian Production Plan in Iran.
Iran is one of the Advanced Countries in the Field of Statistics’ Technology.
Freezing of the Money of a Turkish Company in Iraq.
“The Iraqi-Jordanian” Company Refrains from Selling its Shares.
“The International Dubai” Registers Bonds and Deeds with a Value of 3.2 billion US$.
Israel Allows importing 10.000 tons of Wheat to Gaza Strip.
New Oil Field in Suez Gulf.
Decrees of the Total Value of the Imported Oil in Morocco.
The French “Société Générale” bank Launches Islamic Products.
“NTT” Looks For Partners in the Middle East and Russia.
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Indicators # 47 - Tuesday 3 July 2007
The World, Before It Is Too Late
Beirut (Lebanon) | 3 July 2007
No for Privatization in Egypt.
New Decisions to support Spinning and Textile Industry in Egypt.
Italy and Tunisia signed Agreements for Electrical Connection.
“Dar Al-Istitmar” Increases its Share in “Boubyan” Bank.
Bank Muscat International Opens its First Branch in Qatar.
“Nour” for Investment Participate in Expanding Aliya International Airport.
Syria Discusses with “Shoua’a Capital” Touristic Investment.
Iraq Increases Prices of Gasoline.
A-6-billion US$ Loan by The International Bank to Turkey.
Turkey Receives the First Quantity of the Azerbaijani “Shahdenees” Gas.
Many Partnership Projects between Iran and Venezuela.
Pakistan Imports 100 Megawatt of Electricity from Iran.
Increase of Possession and Integration Deals in Asia.
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Beirut (Lebanon) | 30 June 2007
Algeria Floats on a Sea of Oil, and its Trade Surplus Declines. - “Areeba” Prepares to Change its Trade Mark. -Syria Export new 100.000 tons of Grains to Jordan. -The Jordanian (Al-Itihad) bank Increases its Capital. - The Percentage of Tourists visiting Lebanon Declines. - Al-Quds’ Index Drops at Palestine Stock Market. 4 billion US$, the Revenues of Suez Canal. - The United Arab Emirates is the Fifth Worldwide in the number of Women Milliners. - The Qatari Airlines keeps Silent about an Order of 30 Boeing 787 Planes. - Life Insurance for Professors of the Iraqi Universities. - Algeria Prepares to Join World Trade Organization. - Morocco and Germany Sign two Cooperation Agreements with a Value of 48 million Euro. - “The Iranian for Oil and Gas” and the Malaysian “Bukhari” Build an Oil Refinery in Indonesia. - Companies Indexes. - Small Indexes. - Bids & Contracts. - Conferences & (...)