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« Current Concerns», n° 25, 18 June 2012
A kick against rubbish
126. A kick against rubbish Zurich (Switzerland) | 18 June 2012
« Remove PISA and Bologna / Withdraw competence from Schneider-Ammann Department /Decision rights on school and education back to the cantons where they are incorporated in the constitution and accessible to direct-democratic control » , by Sandra Buchser / « “Would you like to have a little neuro-linguistic soul-massage about schools and education”? » , by Dr phil. Judith Barben / « The green-red “Gemeinschaftsschule”1 project in Baden-Wuerttemberg » , by Karl Müller / «Nato goes to war – expecting everyone to march along » , by Karl Müller / «Courage of Conscience » , by Hans-C. von Sponeck/ « Federal Councilor Burkhalter – a compliant NATO-helper? » / « Statements from the Federal Parliament Building on the visit of Federal Councilor Burkhalter to NATO in Chicago » , Interview with National Councilor Carlo Sommaruga / « “We have no business with NATO“ », Interview with National Councilor Jakob Büchler / « “NATO-Cyber-Defense” = Digital First Strike? » / « “NATO not a good partner for Switzerland” » / (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 23, 4 June 2012
Syria is at the centre of the war about gas
124. Syria is at the centre of the war about gas Zurich (Switzerland) | 4 June 2012
«Syria is at the centre of the war about gas» by Imad Fawzi Shueibi / «Photo of 27 March taken in Iraq should now have been taken in Houla?» / «Russia warns Kosovo for training Syrian opposition groups» / «US soldiers abroad disguise as businessmen» / «US soldiers abroad disguise as businessmen» / «Iraqi mark on Houla massacre?» / «Syrian opposition sets up summer headquarters in Miami», by Jean Guy Allard / «On the eve of the talks the Afghanistan aid divides the NATO», by Alissa J. Rubin / «What is the meaning of the new agreement between the USA and the Islamic Republic Afghanistan?» by Professor Dr Albert A. Stahel / «Impressions from a visit to Iran», by Elias Davidsson / «NATO pursues its plans contradicting national and international law» by Karl Muller / «International treaties before the people», Interview with National Councilor Pirmin Schwander / «Expansion of people’s rights will lead to a better foreign policy» / «Nation-wide Managed Care: Evidently bad – a glance beyond the ocean», by Prof (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 22, 29 May 2012
No to “Managed Care”
« Current Concerns», n° 20, 15 April 2012
Weather instead of climate – a liberating idea
121. Weather instead of climate – a liberating idea Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 May 2012
«European Union plays the part of the driving force behind the climate change sham», by Dr phil Wolfgang Thüne, meteorologist/ «Questions to Dr Wolfgang Thüne» / «The “greenhouse effect” is mere fiction!» / «Central and Eastern Europe in the “new world order”», by Peter Bachmaier/ «COur men in Iran?», by Seymour M. Hersh/ «Inflation is coming», by Francis Gut / «Afghan endgame makes Pakistan shudder», by Brian M. Downing / «TRussian and Chinese companies have signed 27 cooperation agreements»/ «Wouldn’t the EFTA be the better solution?» / «“The structure of the police is to be completely smashed and turned upside-down” , by Joachim Lautensack, regional Chairman of the German Police Union in Baden-Wuerttemberg / «UN rights expert raises alarm over Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli Prisons» , Press release of the UN Human Rights Council of 2 May (...)
120. Responsibility to protect: Introduction and implementation, distrust and misuse Zurich (Switzerland) | 8 May 2012
«The R2P attempt failed miserably in Libya», by Dr h.c. Hans-Christof von Sponeck / «“Responsibility to Protect” – a theory without history?» / «Military alliance NATO-Islamists.”» / «Kosovo – the war of the ’68er», by Richard Holbrooke / «Claim to world domination: War against Yugoslavia as a prime example From reality ...», by Ralph Hartmann / «Israel: Getting back to decisions without hysteria “I think the Iranian leadership is composed of very rational people.”» / «Russia’s military exercises for possible US attack on Iran»/ «The new Animal Disease Act TSG, wolf in sheep‘s clothing?»/ «Wouldn’t the EFTA be the better solution?», by Willy Wimmer / «The Goldmen In praise of the conspiracy theory: Wolfgang Streeck gets to grips with the capital whisperers», by Jens Bisky, Süddeutsche Zeitung /«The European Stabilization Mechanism, or how Goldman Sachs captured Europe», by Ellen Brown / «It must be possible that banks go bankrupt» , by Frank Schäffler and Norbert F. Tofall / «The planned constitutional coup in (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 16, 23 April 2012
For a reorientation of Greece
« Current Concerns», n° 15, 10 April 2012
“De Gaulle was right with his ‘Europe des Patries’”
118. “De Gaulle was right with his ‘Europe des Patries'” Zurich (Switzerland) | 10 April 2012
«The EFTA – a vital alternative to the European Union», by Ewald Wetekamp / « EFTA and Council of Europe cover all needs – the EU is dispensible! » / « EFTA respects the sovereignty of the states » / «Europe at the crossroads: More personal responsibility and free cooperation between sovereign nations » , by Werner Wüthrich / « I would like to live in de Gaulle’s Europe » / « “When I realized that I could no longer look students in the eyes....”» by Kevin Roose / Drugs, guns and nukes: Iran as the new “Dope, Incorporated”? , by Tom Burghardt / « Instead of pursuing peace policy, German politicians assist in war preparations – it reeks of war » , by Eberhard Hamer / « In Switzerland there is no way around the people » by Marianne Wüthrich / « Active citizens – the crucial factor of direct democracy » / « Nature Park Schaffhausen » / «What matters in raising children Dealing with the children’s needs » , by Anita Schächter / « Françoise D. Alsaker: Courageously against bullying in kindergarten and school » / (...)
117. The relationship between de Gaulle and Monnet: “The duel of the century” Zurich (Switzerland) | 2 April 2012
« What would General de Gaulle have said about the European Stability Mechanism? », by Rita Muller-Hill / « “France and Germany vis-á-vis the European Union” » / « PPutting an end to the EU straitjacket Revitalizing the communes through encouragement and strengthening of the citizens », by Henriette Hanke Guttinger / « Election farce in the US: “Israelis are basically blackmailing Obama” » / « Germany delivers submarine to Israel » / « Afghan Air Force said to be the greatest smuggling operator for drugs, weapons and money » / « How to withdraw from Afghanistan? Russia considers an agreement with both US and NATO » / « Alain Juppé accused by his own administration of having falsified reports on Syria » / « Since when has Al-Qaeda been a friend of the West ? » / « Strengthening and enlarging EFTA as an alternative to Brussels! », by René Roca / « Hunger takes hold in Greece », by Gerd Hohler / « How American capitalism came to us ? » / « Russia and the changing world », par Vladimir (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 13, 26 March 2012
Austrian observers differ from OSCE assessment of Russian election
« Current Concerns», n° 12, 19 March 2012
Nuclear energy without radioactivity – no dream
115. Nuclear energy without radioactivity – no dream Zurich (Switzerland) | 21 March 2012
«Nuclear power station Mühleberg should be decommissioned »,by H.W. Gabriel, ingénieur / « Switzerland: We protect our territory and landscape ourselves » / «Is nuclear power phase-out a feasible alternative? », by Dr Ing Ernst Pauli / « Whose expert is Hans Rühle? », par Benjamin Weinthal / « Saying no to gunboat diplomacy », by Li Qingsi / « Iran issue is to be settled only by peaceful means / « “The vilification of the nature and dignity of man” », by Rainer Rothe / « When war comes, Ron Paul can say: “George Washington and I tried to warn you.” », by Michael Scheuer / «There would be a lot of good foundation for more cooperation between Europe and Russia », by Karl Müller / « Ukrainian expert: missile defense in Europe directed against Russia » / « An operation unveiling the pure manipulation of minds! », by Suzette Sandoz / «“The schools in Saxony are the best” » , by Dieter (...)
114. French soldiers and “journalists” operating the secret war in Syria Zurich (Switzerland) | 14 March 2012
« What does the French intervention in Damascus has to do with the Gripen purchase and the scrapping of modernized Swiss armored personnel carriers? » / « Basic resistance against the reduction of the army in Switzerland » / « Destruction plan for 350 armoured infantry fighting vehicle, combat value increased » / « At least protect the airspace » / « Foreign imposed ‘Regime-Change’ violates the UN Charter in letter and spirit”», by Alfred de Zayas / « Leipzig - city of books », by Walter Mayer / « The cooperative principle as the basis of Swiss political culture – past and present», par René Roca / « We are threatened by a vicious downward spiral », An interview with Professor Fredmund Malik / «Brazilian President critizes “developed” countries monetary expansion policy » / « Stop the boundless construction of second homes » / «High-density (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 6, 11 February 2012
Making resound the “European orchestra”
114. Making resound the “European orchestra” Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 February 2012
«European integration (Part 3) Making resound the European orchestra», by Dr Werner Wuthrich / «The American imperialism manifests itself in manifold and different forms», Charles de Gaulle / «The Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Germany is leaving the SME (Small and medium sized enterprises) behind without political representation», by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer / «Replica to “Serious problems for the Air Force”», by Alfred Ramseyer / «Switzerland: Financial Directors of the cantons take an active role» / «Communes in the Upper Valais want to remain autonomous Model of a successful resistance by the population», by Dr Marianne Wuthrich / «The merging of communes has been imposed from above», interview with Damien Lachat /« Haute-Sorne: Yes to closer cooperation – no to fusion of municipalities», by Jean-Jacques Kottelat, Yves Girard, Damien Lachat und Willy Habegger / «Many malformations in newborn lambs», by (...)
« Current Concerns», n° 3, 29 January 2012
Consolidating the alliance of the confederates
113. Consolidating the alliance of the confederates Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 January 2012
«Victory for freedom of speech and state based on the rule of law», Edmund Entacher, «Officers and prominent political groups for maintainance of conscription», by Major General Ret. Dr Günter Hochauer / «Youth unemployment “What are the Swiss doing right to be so successful?”», by Florentino Felgueroso, Asturias / «What role should the economy play in our society?», by Reinhard Koradi / «“Cassis de Dijon” is not worthy of our Constitutional State», by Jean Luc Kissling / «“Towards an economy for the benefit of all” Launching the Swiss federal initiative», by Laurent Aubert / «Children’s Aid by the Swiss Red Cross», by Erika Vogeli / «We need a younger generation that tackle their tasks in life», by Dr Eliane Gautschi / «Will snow avalanches come after the mudslides?»
« Current Concerns», n° 2, 22 January 2012
For humane and responsible finances
« Current Concerns», n° 1, 15 January 2012
Philosophical reflections on human rights and human dignity
111. Philosophical reflections on human rights and human dignity Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 January 2012
“Philosophical reflections on human rights and human dignity”, by Professor Hideshi Yamada / “Politics must be based on ethics”, by Joachim Hoefele and Moritz Nestor / “Europe had a common cultural base”, by Peter Handke / “Can we measure poverty?”, by Professor Dr V. Nedeljkovic Nis / “Russia promises assistance to overcome EU’s economic problems”, Ria Novosti / “Huge financial assets in the euro-zone” by Gerald Braunberger / “EthikBank calls for sustainable assessment standards for state and corporate ratings”, Press release EthikBank / "US: Growing economic inequality destroys the foundations of society: fair play and sense of community", by Joseph E. Stiglitz / “The failure of the EU’s Mediterranean policies”, by Stefan Brocza / “Libya, what now?” by Dr Eva-Maria Follmer-Muller / “Between dogs and wolves”, by Anne-Marie Brisebarre / “The landscape of the Cévennes – in future nothing but a social laboratory?”, by F. Séguin / “Canada says good-bye to Kyoto Protocol”, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 11, June 2010
The ascent and fall of American Supremacy
91. The ascent and fall of American Supremacy Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 June 2010
“In Order to Survive, Mankind has to Abolish the Politics of Domination over the Peoples”, by Wjatscheslaw Daschitschew / Results of the Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development / A Self-Confident Nation Is Not Easily Subjugated. On the true intentions behind the attacks on Switzerland and its history – considering as well the recently published biography of General Guisan written by Markus Somm, by Tobias Salander / Continuing Henry Dunant’s Work. Solemn opening ceremony of the “Dunant Year 2010”, by Urs Knoblauch / Leading the Youth to the Values of Humanity, Solidarity and Civil Courage. Opening of the birthday celebration for Henry Dunant and start off to the “Dunant Year 2010”. Address by Norbert Näf / How to Spread the Idea of Humanity and Peace around the World. Welcoming speech by Jakob Brunnschweiler / Humanitarian Conviction Is an Inheritance from Dunant’s Times. Address by Dr. Jakob (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 9, May 2010
The “line of credit” of the European Union
89. The “line of credit” of the European Union Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 May 2010
Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened The European Union announced a 750 Billion Euro “line of credit”, by William A. M. Buckler / Konrad Hummler: «Banks and the Political Establishment Probably Form the Biggest Cartel There Is» / Kiew Deepens Its Relations with Russia, by Clifford J. Lexy / Armament after the Nuclear Summit in Washington, D.C. “First of all, Iran is no nuclear power. Second, until now Iran wants to merely enrich uranium. Everything else is mere supposition today.” An interview with Professor Dr Albert Stahel / The Iran Campaign and International Law, by Karl Müller / Against the Fraudulent Use of the Debate about Sexual Exploitation of Children, by Moritz Nestor / Angela Merkel’s Role in the “New World Order” We need to counter the German chancellor’s fatal reason of state with a life-protecting orientation, by Karl Müller / “To Inhibit thinking is a feat no earthly politics has ever accomplished” / Civil Courage Begins in Every day Situations, by Professor Dr Veronika (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 7, April 2010
Biofuel Causes Famine
087. Biofuel Causes Famine Zurich (Switzerland) | 1 April 2010
Biofuel Causes Famine, by Klaus Faissner / European Union Wants Facilitated Authorization for Genetically Modified Organisms / Swiss National Council agrees on extending the Moratorium on Genetically Modified Animals and Plants / “The EU Exceeds Its Competencies and Favours Multinational Companies”. Official protest of scientists against Draft Commission Regulation on Implementing Rules Concerning Applications and Risk Assessment of GM Foods / Trouble Is Up – Not Only in Greece, by Eberhard Hamer / What to Do Before the Crash?, by Karl Müller / Judged by its Benefi t for the Bonum Commune our Financial System Has Failed – Let us Develop a New One!, by Dieter Sprock / Institutions for Collective Action Have Worked – for Centuries / Mountain Region – Crafts – Recycling. The company “Karlen Swiss” in Törbel, Switzerland, by Lisette Bors and Eliane Gautschi / The Swiss Working Group for Mountain Areas (SAB) Works for the Small and Medium-Seized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Mountain Regions / (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 6, March 2010
China demands replacement of the dollar
086. China demands replacement of the dollar Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 March 2010
“We Are No Longer Willing to Finance Your Wars”. China demands replacement of the dollar – and how does Europe react?, by Jochen Scholz / Increasing Indications for a Third World War, by Eberhard Hamer / Western Confrontation Course Against Iran Sparks Disapproval of the Non-Aligned States / U.S. Puts Women On a Front Line, by Elisabeth Bumiller / Fair Distribution of Products Not Possible within this WTO. Interview with Carlo Sommaruga / The Cooperative – a Model of Honesty, Sincerity, and Humanity / Mongolian Herdsmen in Dire Straits. Hard winter intensifies structural problems – help comes from Australia, China and Russia, by Peter A. Fischer / The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Supports Voluntary Associations of Herdsmen in Mongolia. Interview with Andreas Stauffer / “Educational Policy Should Clear its Preferences in View of Today’s Urgent Social Problems”, by Erika Vögeli / Killer Games Must Be Banned / Violence is (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 5, March 2010
The Way Out of the Financial Crisis: to Invigorate the National State
085. The Way Out of the Financial Crisis: to Invigorate the National State Zurich (Switzerland) | 1 March 2010
, by Reinhard Koradi / The International Finance System Needs to Become Democratic. How the world can learn from Ecuador’s example, by Karl Müller / Are the EU Countries Trying to Distract from the Financial Collapse by Means of Bush-American War Rhetoric? / Protection and Respect of Human Dignity, by Silvano M. Tomasi / “Human Rights Council Must Preserve its Independent Course” by Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla / Switzerland’s Law of Neutrality, by Marianne Wüthrich / Commission on Legal Affairs at the Council of States Calls for Action with Regard to Killer Games, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / Violent Video Games Increases Aggressive Thinking, Aggressive Affects and Decreases Prosocial Behavior / US Ambassador in Kabul Shows Bleak Warnings, by Eric Schmitt / Afghanistan: a Long Journey for Osman / Afghanistan Is Rich in Raw Materials and Minerals! Who is going to exploit them? by Albert Stahel / “Novena” – Fresh Products from the Goms, 4000 Feet above Sea Level, by Hedwig (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 4, February 2010
Agriculture for the Future
084. Agriculture for the Future Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 February 2010
Agriculture for the Future, by Prof Dr Hans Hurni / Wall Street Helped Greece to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis, by Louise Story, Landon Thomas jr. and Nelson D. Schwartz / Soil Improvement by Circular Economy / War Drums and Cabinet Politics. What did the German and the Israeli governments agree upon in Berlin?, by Karl Müller / Embracing Israel Costs Merkel Clout, by Judy Dempsey / How Sovereign is Europe?, by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer / Killer Games Must Be Banned Internationally. How to continue after the ban resolution by the German Interior Ministers’ Conference, by Dr Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / Cultural Cleansing in Iraq – How Much Can a People Take?, by Hans-C. von Sponeck / Hoping for Resistant Apple Brands. Ancient wild type apples found in central Asia, resistant against plant diseases like scurf or fire blight, by Klaus Gersbach / A Moment of Truth: A word of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering. Appeal of Christian Palestinians to stop the (...)
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 2, janvier 2010
The financial collapse of Iceland
082. The financial collapse of Iceland Zurich (Switzerland) | 15 January 2010
Iceland and the Demonic Nature of Money. How one of the world’s richest countries collapsed over night – and what we can learn from it, by Dr Bruno Bandulet / Iceland’s President has Exposed Anti-Democratic EU, by William A. M. Buckler / Iceland: “The EU Mobbed Too Hard!". Why Switzerland needs an aggressive economic diplomacy … , by Beat Kappeler / The “National Indebtedness” Project. The situation of the European Union, by Karl Müller / Switzerland: Closing the Ranks. Interview with Hans Rudolf Merz / World Agriculture Report – Drawing Conclusions. A democratic decision made by every single country for its own form of agriculture / Bundesrat Hans Schaffner – Father of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Designer and pioneer of economic cooperation and integration in Europe, by Dr Werner Wüthrich / If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation. Extracts of the Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. for the Celebration of the World Day of Peace on 1 January (...)
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72 kg of Pathogenic Viruses Dispatched Unlabeled
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NATO against Peace
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083. EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way
EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 3, February 2010
082. The financial collapse of Iceland
The financial collapse of Iceland
« Current Concerns», Vol V, n° 2, janvier 2010