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«Current Concerns», n°14, June 25, 2019
How EU and NATO generate crises
331. How EU and NATO generate crises Zurich (Switzerland) | 25 June 2019
Why are the teachers in turmoil?, by Claude Meunier-Berthelot / Test tasks in German 2017 for the examination of the basic competences (ÜGK), by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) / How EU and NATO generate crises and pave the way for wars, Interview with Ullrich Mies / By proceeding against Julian Assange, America will dig its own grave, by Karen Kwiatkowski / What exactly is the “Mittelstand”? Its importance for society and economy, by Eberhard Hamer / Should Switzerland automatically have to adopt EU law in future? / A more direct democracy in Germany (Part 3). Federalism, by Christian Fischer / A valuable cultural bridge. To the newly published art book “Julius von Klever - Maler am Mare Balticum” by Alfried Nehring, by Urs Knoblauch / About the pedagogical value of confidence, by Carl Bossard / Hilal starts to speak, by Ursula (...)
«Current Concerns», n°5, March 5, 2019
The Munich Security Conference 2019
323. The Munich Security Conference 2019 Zurich (Switzerland) | 7 March 2019
Come down from your high horse! A review of the Munich Security Conference 2019, by Karl Müller / Peace treaty with the Taliban. Admission of defeat by the USA, by Albert A. Stahel / US and EU bury the INF treaty, by Manlio Dinucci / Are the US planning to attack Iran? / Dubious elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. No reason to celebrate, by Dr Peter Küpfer / Yellow Vests – prelude to new forms of representation, Interview with Etienne Chouard / Institutional framework agreement as an instrument of European state-building. Prominent Swiss personalities on the framework agreement with the EU (Part 2), by Marianne Wüthrich / The EU – a stocktaking exercise 2019. How 512 million people are being managed, by Robert Seidel / The lonely tractor or some thoughts on education, by Dr Eliane Perret / Events of the cooperative Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns on the Leipzig Book (...)