The Ambassador of France in Beirut, Denis Pietton, officially visited last week the region of Baalbeck in eastern Lebanon. In fact, he traveled with a French security team to northern Bekaa, a region bordering the Syrian province of Homs.

On the Syrian side of the border, officers and experts from the French military intelligence services, some posing as journalists, were training Free "Syrian" Army fighters. They had all entered Syria surreptitiously.

At an illegal crossing point, Ambassador Denis Pietton and his companions retrieved the French intelligence officers leaving the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr where they had been teaching their techniques in urban combat.

Under the Vienna Convention, diplomatic cars can not be searched. The convoy was therefore able to drop off the French agents at the embassy’s doorstep under the nose of the Lebanese police.

With all the arrogance of the former mandatory power, the French ambassador, once again, interfered publicly in Lebanese affairs by declaring on 23 February to our colleagues from the Daily Star: "Lebanon should keep out of the turmoil in Syria."