Thierry Meyssan was invited to the top three political shows on Russian television to present his analysis on the insurrections in the Arab world.

According to the president of Voltaire Network, it is incorrect to liken these movements to "colour revolutions". On the one hand, their objective is not to replace anti-US with pro-US leaders; on the other hand, they are not specifically aimed against political leaders. The peoples of North African and the Midde East have risen against the domination of the United States and Israel, embodied by puppet leaders.

These popular movements are not content with simply overthrowing governments; it is a complete social transformation they are seeking. Unlike "colour revolutions", which lasted only a few days or weeks, the current insurrections mark the beginning of a regional revolutionary process stretching over several years, which will lead to the sprouting of a variety of sovereign regimes.

In Moscow, Thierry Meyssan emphasized the role of the United States to steer the movements away from their main objective, offering several examples of concrete actions undertaken during recent weeks by agents of the Albert Einstein Institute and Canvas. However, he added, such manipulations are not bearing fruit on the ground. The demonstrators are standing firm on their demands. What is more, we are witnessing the emergence of a pan-Arab sentiment in opposition to imperialism and Zionism. At the most, the US can still manage to manipulate the western media to conceal from the world its rapidly declining influence.

In his interviews to the written press, the president of Voltaire Network pointed out that in the past the revolutionaries were activists who received training in the USSR; today, their destination is Iran. This revolution started in a constitutional way in Lebanon and is continuing in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, given the authoritarian nature of those regimes, he stated.

Lastly, he predicted that this movement would not confine itself to the Arab populations, but would spill over into Black Africa.


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