Under the title "Improbables scènes de liesse à 40 km d’Alep" (Improbable scenes of jubilation at 40 km from Aleppo), the French daily Le Monde posted on its website an Agence France Presse video showing people partying in the town of Manea to demonstrate their confidence in the victory of the Free Syrian Army while it is undergoing defeat in Aleppo.

The village of Marea is 10 kilometers from the Turkish border, an area beyond the control of the government in Damascus. The event brings together some 250 to 300 people who flock into a wedding hall. The banners don’t carry slogans, only the name of the town attesting to the scene of the shooting. The only political slogan was chanted by the protesters: "Welcome Visitors." The visitors, in this case, were the TV crew from AFP [1]

In short, nothing that vaguely resembled a scene of spontaneous jubilation, nor that suggested political support for the ASL. The 250 to 300 inhabitants of Marea warmly thanked the AFP team for the money they received to appear in a clip meant to exhibit the "revolution" on the Le Monde website.

[1The people of Marea were undoubtedly very amused to be chanting "Welcome Visitors" instead of "Welcome Revolutionaries."