Syria rising and resisting despite the wounds.

The Syrian national state was able to topple the most dangerous link in the global war led by the United States. The field and political facts thus reveal that the Syrian state has regained control on all levels, which is imposing new equations and forcing the American and Israeli decision-making centers that are managing the war on Syria to redo their calculations.

Firstly, the Syrian Arab forces, while enjoying clear support and backing from the majority of the Syrian people, were able to settle situation inside the capital Damascus and completely end the presence of the armed terrorist groups. This is the conclusion reached by all the reports being issued by news agencies and was recognized by the command of the armed gangs which announced once again and in a consecutive way its tactical withdrawals from the capital’s neighborhoods. In the meantime, information revealed that the Syrian Arab army achieved major progress on the ground at the level of its liquidation of the strongholds of the terrorist gangs inside the city of Aleppo, where thousands of armed men were introduced from Rif Edlib, Homs, and across the Turkish border. And in the border regions with Turkey and Lebanon, the Syrian Arab army is continuing to liquidate the strongholds of terrorism and closing all the smuggling and infiltration passageways being used under the supervision of the American intelligence apparatuses. This does not mean that the security and military events are prone to end in the near future. Nonetheless, it definitely means that the next few weeks will feature major accomplishments by the Syrian Arab army in liquidating the strongholds of terrorism and rebellion on Syrian soil, amid clear popular support in favor of the state and the retreat affecting the relations between the Syrian people, the armed gangs and the opposition’s wings that are engaged in fighting.

Secondly, President Doctor Bashar al-Assad continued to adopt practical steps confirming the soundness of the Syrian approach at the level of the system of command. And following the appointment of a new defense minister and a new chief of staff in light of the terrorist crime which claimed the lives of senior military and security officials, President Al-Assad issued yesterday a package of security decisions and appointments to reorganize the work of the national security apparatuses. This will secure a great momentum for the state command in the face of the colonial war led by the death squads under the supervision of the United States. This security facet is prevailing over the confrontation after the battles revealed - during the last few days - the presence of thousands of fighters belonging to gangs of takfir who came from the Gulf and from the Maghreb and snuck into Syria via the Lebanese, Jordanian and Turkish border. Many among them were killed, at a time when information confirmed that a number of Saudi and Turkish intelligence officers were actually present on the Syrian territory to manage the killing and terrorism operations, along with other foreign officers, especially from France, Britain and Germany.

Thirdly, the Syrian national state is insisting on the political solution to contain the domestic crisis, based on President Al-Assad’s conviction that the enhancement of the domestic situation and national unity of the Syrian people will help strengthen the Syrian national capabilities that need to be amplified and developed in the face of the colonial aggression. In parallel to the leading decisions and the fierce battles launched by the Syrian Arab army to liquidate the strongholds of terrorism and rebellion, the People’s Assembly was holding a session to discuss the governmental plan for national reconciliation and to adopt important decisions in the context of the implementation of this plan, in order to move parliamentary and governmental action to the provinces, see the people’s problems, hasten the solutions and heal the wounds. And while the Syrian state is heading in this direction and trying to reorganize all the public services, it is trying to revive economic normalcy throughout the country. For its part, the government is working on the national reconciliation file in the troubled areas, in order to deter the plan aiming at transforming the crisis into a civil war in accordance with the wishes of the West and its agents in the region.

Syria is resisting, rising, responding to the blows and is on the verge of controlling the situation on all military, security, economic and political levels. In the meantime, the statements of some leaders and generals in Tel Aviv are revealing that the predominance of the Syrian troops is raising acute fears over their growing capabilities.

News analysis.

Terrorism and assassinations to compensate for the inability to wage war.

During the last two days, the consecutive Israeli threats against Syria in light of the political and media campaign launched by the Zionists under the headline of the chemical weapons, is clearly pointing to the reality of the international war on Syria and revealing the equations governing its course.

Firstly, as soon as the Syrian national state announced that the chemical weapons it owned were part of the deterrence system to respond to any external attack and assured that this defensive arsenal was secure and under control, the Israeli chief of staff appeared before Knesset to warn against undertaking any rash and hostile action against Syria because its cost on Israel would be massive. Hence, General Benny Gantz seemed to be directly responding to the statements of War Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, both of whom have been issuing threats in the context of political competition linked to the next Israeli elections after Kadima’s exit from the governmental coalition.

Secondly, the timing of the American and Israeli threats to launch war on Syria clearly coincided with the assassination of senior military and security officials and the outcome which emerged later on and confirmed that the Syrian national state was in control and quickly issued decisions to fill the vacancies generated by the assassinations. This pushed Western experts to conclude that this complete reshuffling which affected the command and its work will render the performance of the Syrian troops and intelligence apparatuses much more efficient and powerful in dealing with the internal events and with any foreign threat, whether launched by the NATO states or by Israel.

Thirdly, the fast progress achieved by the Syrian Arab troops on the ground and their crushing of the terrorist gangs in the cities of Damascus and Aleppo - where the operations are still ongoing - confirm the latter Western conclusions. In the meantime, the information revealed that the entire world is closely watching the Syrian developments. Israeli experts expressed admiration and astonishment before the decisive strategic transformation introduced by the Syrian commanders at the level of the work methods of the army and security bodies, to the point where they were able – within a few days only - to eliminate groups including thousands of armed men which the West, the Gulf rulers and Erdogan’s government spent a year and a half equipping and supporting by all means and via Saudi and Qatari billions. The day on which the Syrian state will announce the crushing of the strongholds of rebellion and terrorism in all the provinces seems imminent based on the current developments and events.

Fourthly, there is no doubt that the hostile adventure must remain part of the Syrian calculations in light of the major predicament suffered by the Zionist-colonial alliance due to the failure of the global war on Syria and the repercussions it will generate on those implicated in it. This would explain the Israeli threats to launch war on Syria and its two partners in the resistance axis, i.e. Iran and Hezbollah. The deterring Syrian messages have quickly contained Erdogan’s rashness and political and media foolishness, while doing the same to the Zionist entity and the NATO circles. What has become certain is that any foolish attack targeting Syria will transform into a comprehensive war in the region, one in which Israel will be paying the highest price.

The Americans, the Zionists and the West’s agents in the region wagered on this assassination operation to paralyze the command and dismantle the Syrian Arab army which is once again confirming its cohesion, amid the increase of the predicament and puzzlement in the operations rooms and the colonial and Zionist planning centers. One should draw the lessons from the cowardly crime and pay attention to the fact that the NATO member states, led by the United States and all their agents, allies and partners, have now become the most dangerous terrorist organization around the world and are allowing themselves to carry out killings and assassinations in public and in a blatant way. This requires the Syrian command to adopt the appropriate precautionary measures in light of the major victories achieved by the Syrian army on the ground and the aspirations of the Syrian people to regain stability wherever their courageous soldiers arrive.

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The indirect war and Bandar’s return.

The American decision to request the return of Bandar Bin Sultan to the post of Saudi intelligence chief is not only due to this man’s relationships with the CIA since the eighties and his key partnership in the indirect American wars launched in the region and throughout the Islamic world since the Cold War. In fact, a series of strategic and tactical elements require the presence of this figure in this position to manage the Saudi role in the context of the American plan drawn up for the region.

Firstly, it is clear that the United States was pushed by the ruling institution and the generals in Pentagon to adopt the principle of indirect wars following the failure of its four wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. And while the new American strategies are turning towards the enhancement of the positions of the fleets and military bases in the face of China – the rising and competing power - and while the American planners are preparing for a new cold war with Russia under Vladimir Putin - and consequently the BRICS states - the American administration is looking with great concern at the situation in the Islamic and Arab East and fearing for Israel that has lost its deterrence status, but also trying to sustain Western hegemony over the oil resources and pipelines. The resistance axis which includes Iran, Syria and the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements was able to develop a deterring balance preventing the United States and Israel from launching war on Syria, Iran, Lebanon or even the Gaza Strip, out of fear of the major war which is described by Israel’s and America’s generals as being a catastrophe. Indeed, the most optimistic scenarios are pointing to the opening by the resistance axis of all the fronts, which would cost the West massive military and economic losses and threaten Israel’s existence altogether.

Secondly, the indirect war strategy led by CIA Chief General David Petraeus against Syria, replicates a similar scenario being concocted against Iran. Ever since the green revolution which was provoked by the West took place, a series of reports and studies were issued confirming this plan which is said to be in place and ready for implementation through the mobilization of the multiple nationalistic and ethnic groups that include agents planted by the West and some Gulf governments. A report drawn up by the Canadian Global Research, the Center for Research on Globalization, revealed that the project to establish the state of Baluchistan was a new American plan targeting Iran and Pakistan at the level of their geographic and political unity. The CIA is thus organizing sessions in which it is politically and militarily preparing terrorist groups to raise the slogan of secession or the establishment of the state of Baluchistan in parallel to the ongoing work to transform the Kurds into time-bombs throughout the Middle East region. This idea is strongly supported by Israel, as it could affect Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey and drown them in long-term internal wars.

Thirdly, Bandar Bin Sultan is the Saudi security official who established direct and quasi-daily relations with the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the states of the region and convinced them to recruit their organizations’ youth to fight in Afghanistan in the eighties. Moreover, he was the one who funded the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood camps which were established in Jordan under the supervision of the Crown Prince at the time, i.e. Al-Hassan Bin Talal. He also played the main role in sponsoring what was dubbed the office of the Arab Afghan mujahedeen and contributed to the organization of the Chechen factions which caused alarm in Russia for three decades. In addition, he was a main partner in the formation of the Al-Qaeda organization which was headed by Osama Bin Laden, knowing that back then, Bandar was working under the orders of US intelligence Chief George Bush Sr. and in cooperation with Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney and his adviser Rumsfeld under Ronald Reagan’s administration. Bandar’s fingerprint is all over the terrorist operations witnessed in the Islamic world and especially in the Arab countries, but also at the level of Bachir al-Gemayel’s relationship with the US, Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was also part of the preparations for the Israeli invasion in 1992 and the Saudi sponsorship of the May 17 agreement. During the last ten years, Bandar was the partner of the American and Israeli intelligence apparatus at the level of all their activities which targeted Iran, Syria and the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements.

Fourthly, CIA chief David Petraeus, who is preparing to escalate the depletion war against Syria, preparing a sabotage agenda inside Iran and pushing toward the spread of Sunni-Shiite strife in the Gulf and in Lebanon, perceives Bandar as being the qualified partner to lead this stage inside and outside the Saudi Kingdom. Indeed, the Saudi intelligence apparatuses are facing a dangerous predicament in Yemen, Bahrain and Iraq, while the groups of takfir and terrorism controlled by Bandar will be the main tools of the indirect American-Israeli war. Hence, the Saudi royal decision is a bad one and a proclamation of the Kingdom’s involvement in the game of death and destruction played by the Americans and the Zionists to retaliate against the region whose populations afflicted them with unprecedented defeats.

Lebanese affairs.

News analysis.

Apologies Mr. President.

The Lebanese memorandum of protest which President Michel Suleiman asked that it be surrendered to the Syrian ambassador in regard to what was described as being Syrian breaches across the border, rushes once again the discussion of the official policy towards the Syrian crisis and the lacking governmental behavior which affected it and was filled with mistakes, breaches, and violations against the Lebanese constitution, the Taif agreement and all the bilateral agreements sealed between the Lebanese and Syrian states.

Firstly, His Excellency the president knows there are Lebanese security officials who are still in their posts and providing help, support and cover for the armed Syrian gangs on Lebanese soil. He knows them by name and knows they were involved in the smuggling of weapons and armed men and the coordination of the operations since last year with the American and Saudi intelligence apparatuses. Some of them are even supervising the allocation of the funds in order to carry out sabotage in Syria. Moreover, His Excellency the president is aware of the fact that some of the latter security officials are providing protection for the operations rooms which were established to implement sabotage operations in Syria via direct funding from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Secondly, the Lebanese authorities did not carry out any of their duties. They are in a state of anticipation and taking into account all the American demands to target Syria, starting from the bank restraints which were immediately imposed by Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh and flaunted during the visit of American colonial envoy David Cohen to Beirut. For its part, the Information Branch placed the third mobile network at the disposal of the Syrian opposition and its armed gangs, not to mention the Luftallah II scandal which was covered up by prominent officials in the state and about which His Excellency the president knows a lot, starting from its fate to the side implicated in its dispatch and reception domestically and externally.

Thirdly, the Lebanese state shifted away from the abstinence principle to which it had committed, while the president of the republic and the prime minister continued to disregard all the major violations and breaches perpetrated by a number of officials who enjoy political protection. Indeed, abstinence at least implies the prevention of any intervention in Syria, one that is carried out by those who enjoy official military and security immunity and are sharing with the arms smugglers the spoils of the war on Syria. The Lebanese government should have deterred the attempts to trade with the case of the Syrian refugees, knowing that many officials and politicians drooled over the funds that were paid to help them. Moreover, they used these funds to protect the fleeing gangs at the expense of the actual displaced among the Syrian brothers.

Fourthly, today, the Lebanese authorities are protesting about the response of the Syrian Arab troops against the terrorist pits across the border. However, this is the right of the Syrian troops considering that the Lebanese authorities have carried out neglect, shortcomings and implication. No sane person would expect to see the transformation of the Ersal, Wadi Khalid and Akkar remote areas into strongholds for the armed gangs to launch terrorist attacks inside Syria and shoot across the border at the positions of the Syrian Arab army without any real deterrence from the Lebanese side. Moreover, no sane person would expect the Syrian state to send flower arrangements to the other side of the border in response to the bombs and the bullets, while His Excellency, as a combatant and a military commander, is well aware of the field implications in such cases.

Fifthly, it is our right to ask: why were fifteen thousand Lebanese soldiers dispatched to the South upon the request of the United States and the West that are supporting Israel in the context of the implementation of resolution 1701, and why would Lebanese officers and soldiers who responded to Israeli fires and provocations in Odayssa be subjected to accountability, while at the same time the army command is announcing it can barley deploy one brigade along the Lebanese-Syrian border. Had the Syrian state - which is targeted - been supported by America and NATO, the officials would have treated the calls for deployment along the border as though a high priority, requiring the mobilization of the last soldier that is part of their security detail and convoys to earn the desired Western and Saudi satisfaction. The Lebanese state is entitled to show concern over its national sovereignty vis-à-vis both the enemy and the brother. However, it is also its duty to impose sovereignty within its soil and to pursue the Syrian armed gangs that are adopting Lebanon as a starting point for sabotage and are now threatening Lebanese security.

Sixthly, is it no odd Your Excellency that not one element from the Syrian terrorist groups which have established their headquarters and operations rooms in the North and in broad daylight has been arrested and that these terrorist gangs are even preventing the army officers from entering their areas of control and presence?

His Excellency President General Michel Suleiman enjoys a high ability to arrange the priorities, knowing that the first thing to which he should be tending is the imposition of sovereignty inside the country and the prevention of the transformation of the border into a platform for sabotage and attacks against Syrian security. He must also force the Future Movement among others involved in the attacks on Syria to commit to the implementation of the articles featured in the Baabda Declaration, as a sovereign decision to deter all the demands, pressures and threats being exerted by American Ambassador Maura Connelly in order to paralyze the state and turn it into a tool used in the context of the plan to destroy Syria. This is what we expect from His Excellency, with all due respect, appreciation and apologies.

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