The Western press describes the "Syrian Army free" as a conservative Sunni organization, as opposed to Al-Qaeda (and its local branch, the Support Front for the People of the Levant) painted to be the only extremist one of the two.

This portrayal is misleading, firstly because some leaders of the "Free Syrian Army" have been longstanding Al-Qaeda officials. It is therefore not possible to completely distinguish the two structures from each other. Then, the FSA falls under the spiritual authority of Sheikh Adnan al-Arour, whose program is explicitly takfirist, that is to say he intends to cleanse the Muslim community and expel or kill all non-Muslims.

In arming and funding the Takfir, NATO and the GCC hope to provoke a religious war that will enable the colonial powers to divide the Middle East and gain a better control over it. This political project, known as "remodeling of the Broader Middle East", crystallises in Syria since the Syrian civilization embodies and promotes a diametrically opposite project: secular institutions guaranteeing freedom of worship and encouraging cooperation between religions.

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