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« Current Concerns», Vol IV, n° 17, September 2009

The Lisbon Treaty Allows Killing of People by the State

Say No to the EU Death Penalty. The Lisbon Treaty Allows Death Penalty and Killing of People by the State, an interview with Professor Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider / Reintroduction of Death Penalty Possible Due to Lisbon Treaty Europe’s citizens demand wide discussion, by Dr Titine Kriesi / Brave New EU: Hospitals and Schools are Closed Down in Latvia, by Dieter Sprock / “We Will Overcome the Crisis, Backwardness and Corruption” A Speech from the Russian President Dmitri Medwedew, 10 September 2009 / British Nurses Will Refuse to Have the Swine Flu Jab / Oligarchs are Planning Genocide of Two-Thirds of the World Population. Kevin Trudeau personally spoke with Bilderberg members, by Paul Joseph Watson / Preventing Violence – Considerations and Suggestions, by Dieter Sprock / Love – with a View on the Entire World, on the Human Being as an Entity. The Social Encyclical Letter of Pope Benedikt XVI., “Caritas In Veritate”, by Bishop Dr. Elmar Fischer.

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« Current Concerns», Vol IV, n° 17, September 2009.

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Current concerns

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