Seniat Superintendent, José Gregorio Vielma Mora

The manager of economic studies of the tax administration agency, Alí Padrón , stated that according to estimations made in May, our economy could grow by 8.9 % of the GDP, while average inflation might end up below the budgeted 24 % figure.

“ It is very certain that our economic growth will be greater (than stipulated), we already had almost 30 % growth in the first quarter and the trend of the first quarter is a 20% reactivation”, he added.

He indicated that although they have not yet received the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) estimations, it is very likely to have a growth of 10%, 11% or even 12% of the GNP this year.

As for the imports, they could reach an additional 3 billion $, over the established goal of 11 billion $.
Padrón affirmed that “if we are a little careful in the analysis of this distribution, we realize that despite the growth in oil income, the income from Seniat has grown significantly”.

“We could say that the income from the tax collection agency is higher than that from the oil business”, added the official.

Seniat’s expected tax collection is over 4 trillion bolívares above the established goal, for a total of 19.9 trillion Bs. in income.