These projects are part of the National Gas Plan, an integral action that combines the economic results with social well-being, explained Jorge Luis Sánchez, president of the institution.

Among the projects of net state capital investment are Desarrollo Gas Anaco(Anaco Gas Development) , with a projected investment of 1,500 million $ in the 2004-2009 period; LGN Jose 250 with amounts of 860 million $; Complejo Criogénico de Occidente (Western Cryogenic Complex), with 495 million $ and the Proyecto de Interconexión de Occidente (Project of Interconnection of the Western Venezuela) (ICO), with a 470 million $ investment.

Also, the construction of the Barbacoa -Margarita gas pipeline will receive 130 million $, and will be run by Pdvsa Gas, as well as the expansion of the Anaco Puerto Ordaz system, which includes the construction of a gas pipeline for 65.3 billion bolívares (Bs.).

Enagas is also carrying out the expansion of the Anaco-Jose, system, a complex that will include additional infrastructure(gas pipelines, branching, and stations), in order to increase the transmission capacity from 570 million cubic feet per day (Mcfd) to 1,600 Mcfd, for 77.1 billion Bs., and the Tacoa Terminal Station Project, with an associated investment of 5.3 billion Bs.

As for the expansion of the Arichuna-Caracas system, it requires 15.4 billion Bs. in resources; the Anaco-Altagracia expansion will require 4.3 billion, Mission Gasification of Venezuela (MGV),9.5 billion, and the construction of the GLP Miniplant, 17 billion.
Among the projects with state capital and mixed participation are Mariscal Sucre (Pdvsa 60%, Shell 30%, Mitsubishi 8%, private Venezuelan capital 2%), and Plataforma Deltana, with an investment of 3.8 billion $ in the 2004-2009 period with financing from Pdvsa, Statoil, Chevron Texaco, and Conoco Phillips.