Padrón asserted that, throughout the whole country, only in the last Holy Week break, a total of 10 million people traveled; mostly in the traditional touristic areas.

This increase is largely due to the “Move Throughout Venezuela” media campaign launched by Inatur (National Tourism Institute), to the activity of both the private enterprise and the public sector, to the gradual recuperation of general buying power, and to the growth in the national economy.

Likewise, this reality is reflected in the collection of the 1% tax on tourism established by law. The amount collected through this tax surpassed the goal of 48% for this year’s first semester, thanks to the efforts of the National Integrated Taxation Administration Service (Seniat) and to the new conscience of taxpayers.

The Inatur official indicated that the expectations are to keep this growth index; and that by 2007, they should be in conditions of attaining a zero tax-evasion figure. A positive effect of such achievement, is the amount of available resources for investments on the touristic sector: 70% in promotion and 30% in training.

Additionally, Padrón pointed out that this year’s first semester, Inatur provided training for 9,000 people who now belong to the touristic macrostructure as officials, service providers, and as members of communities that benefit directly from this activity.