The Italian ambassador in Venezuela, Gerardo Carante was the spokesman for his country’s bankrupt transnational company, Parmalat, before the Venezuelan government . With the purpose of proposing that the government evaluate the way it would like to participate in Parmalat’s development project, representatives of the company and Carante held a meeting with vice-president José Vicente Rangel.

Carante affirmed that the “new Parmalat”, owned by the Italian state, ratified its interest in staying in Venezuela. “We have come to ratify Parmalat’s presence in Venezuela, as a key country for the development of Parmalat throughout Latin America”, he said.

The ambassador, accompanied by the current president of Parmalat in Venezuela, Giussepe Asti, assured that they had explained to vice-president Rangel, the company’s pending plans in Colombia, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

Asti explained that of the six Parmalat factories distributed throughout Latin America, the Venezuelan factory is the most important because of the size of its operations compared to those in the other company. The president of Parmalat expressed that he is confident that at this new stage “they will count on the support from the Venezuelan government, which would help us in the development of our plan”

Published in Quantum N.38