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Third bridge over the Orinoco river generates expectations

| Caracas (Venezuela)
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The president of the state run Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana(CVG), Rafael Sánchez Márquez announced that his corporation is promoting several industrial and agricultural projects that will complement the economic and productive impact of the construction of the third bridge over the Orinoco between Caicara (Bolívar state) and Cabruta (Guárico state).

He indicated that CVG is currently requiring that those companies interested in investing in bauxite mining consider installing their plants in the western region of Bolívar state. This location, he added, will decrease transportation costs of unprocessed and processed bauxite from the mines and plants to the different destinations through this third bridge.

He said that this new construction would be the factor of industrial and commercial development, and the subsequent generation of jobs between Guárico and northeastern Bolívar, that are among the most unassisted areas in the country.

Among the new projects by the CVG, Sánchez announced the creation of a textile plant in Cabruta, for which he informed that there have been discussions with industrial businessmen in Argentina who are interested in the installation of a cotton processing plant in the area.

"This plant will be supplied with local cotton grown in the area, thus generating a cotton production chain that we are willing to support at all levels, including with loans", he said.

Sánchez added that the national government has been coordinating, along with the CVG, the consolidation of an Endogenous Development (development from within the country) center in Caicara and Cabruta, which includes forest plantations like cotton and Caribe pines.

The installation of integral farms that will supply the future demand for food is also under way, thus taking advantage of the rich soil of this area along both sides of the Orinoco river.

Also, the CVG is planning an infrastructure of driveways and public services to support these projects in the region. "We have considered the development of macro services, in order to favor integral urban and industrial development that is sustainable in time", he explained.

Sánchez also referred to the possible creation of a heavy oil refinery in Cabruta, a project that was recently proposed by the Venezuelan state run oil corporation, Pdvsa; before the CVG board of directors. He explained that this project would also be complemented with the gas reservoirs in the northern Orinoco belt, which will facilitate the installation of thermoelectric plants that will supply the necessary energy to the small and medium companies, and to the factories that will be established in the area.

The president of the CVG also pointed out that the increase in the number of purchases of land and real estate in Caicara and Cabruta is an indication that the projects announced by the CVG and Pdvsa have already generated great expectations among the population.

Finally, he said that the budget for the construction of the third bridge over the Orinoco has already been approved by the National Assembly and by the national government, and that the construction would be carried out by Odebrecht, the same company that is currently building the final stage of the second bridge over the Orinoco river, between Ciudad Guayana (Bolívar) and Guarampo(Anzoátegui state).

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