The vice minister of Industry informed that the duty free areas in the island of Margarita island and in the Paraguaná peninsula would be reinforced, and announced the creation of two additional duty free areas, one in Guayana(near the Brazilian border), and the other one in La Fría, Táchira state (near the Colombian border).

She pointed out that her ministry would have a 600,000 billion bolívares budget for the 2005-2006 fiscal year. The programs for the creation of duty free areas and for productive development are included in this budget.

She indicated that the ministry has planned to carry out six projects: the Negra Matea Mission, specifically educational; furthering of the plan of State Purchases; reinforcement of the Conviasa airline; Veninsa, state company for industrial development; The Mixed Fund, with the participation of private capital for cooperatives and the small and medium industry; and the exporters plan.

Published in Quantum N.45