The chimney of Usina do Gasômetro, a traditional site in Porto Alegre, announces the 5th World Social Forum, which starts on Wednesday (January 26). Colourful tarpaulin was placed by six alpinists from a company specialized in high-risky work.

Since last week, those who pass by the traditional João Goulart ave, in Porto Alegre, can see the chimney of Usina do Gasômetro covered by colours. Three tarpaulin rings show the graphics of the 5th World Social Forum in four languages.

It totals 500 square metres of a special material to stand the impact of wind. It was installed by six alpinists working for a company that specialized in high-risk tasks. The 5th World Social Forum starts Wednesday (January 26) in Porto Alegre, with a march in its streets.

Agency Carta Maior