Albis Muñoz

The president of Fedecámaras (Federation of Chambers of Commerce), Mrs. Albis Muñoz announced; after holding a meeting with directors of the Parliament in the Federal Palace, that her organization’s board of directors has expressed, before Nicolás Maduro, president of the National Assembly; its willingness to participate in the work table discussions over economic issues.

She assured that her association has a special interest in integration, in the government’s multipolar vision, as well as in the fight against poverty and corruption; issues that Fedecámaras deems the most important to analyze in the discussions.

The entrepreneurial directive executive also informed that another point discussed with the directive members of the National Assembly was the legislative agenda on economic projects for the upcoming months. She commented that Fedecámaras wishes to participate in the different commissions that are analyzing several bills of law, including the Land Law, the Law against currency exchange related crimes, the Law of Tax Reform, and the Tourism Law.

Muñoz remarked that one of the commitments with the Parliament is to incorporate some of the representatives of her association into the Assembly work commissions, where they can express their differences and views.

Upon being questioned about what president Chávez said last Sunday in his weekly television program, Aló Presidente, stating that “every entrepreneur must attend his business, or else leave it”, the businesswoman commented that “we find it very interesting, and that’s why we have been pointing out that it is necessary that businesses remain productive”.

She commented that there are many industrial complexes in the states of Aragua, Guárico, and Táchira, in whose reactivation Fedecámaras is very interested, and that therefore president Chávez’ proposal ought to be analyzed.

As for the participation by the Venezuelan private sector in international events, she said that this was one if the issues discussed in the meeting, since they (the members of Fedecámaras) can not give their opinion on an agreement, unless they have participated in its discussion.

With respect to the meat and milk price regulation in the face of the current difficulties, Muñoz said that the livestock sector has been working on beef and dairy production in order to face such difficulties.

The president of Fedecámaras made special reference to the Law against currency exchange related crimes, and informed that this is one of the topics to be discussed in the worktables. She stressed that “This is a law that concerns the entrepreneurial sector, since we require foreign currency and handle it in order to do business with other countries, and thus we could be affected by this legal instrument”.

Muñoz also said that Fedecámaras is trying to form a work team for the Commission of Legislative Affairs, where they can make pertinent observations. She commented that they first need to know the actual project that is being discussed in the National Assembly Finance Commission.