Latin America, our Big Country, has always received all the social, economic, political and cultural problems that overwhelm the world; but the greatest and most serious problem that Latin America has to stand is United States of America and its imperial attitudes and behaviors.
The United States of America, since the decade of the nineties in the 20th century, has become the supreme power over the world. In its imperial role, the US aspires to master the world; and with that objective, it has designed a series of strategies that, in Latin America, are fulfilled in endless aggressions and intrusions, in unacceptable interferences and actions of the CIA, DEA, and other intelligence services which commit all type of violations and crimes against our nations, always with extraordinary cynicism and irony, on behalf of the freedom, democracy, and defense of human rights, values that had been manipulated in order to protect the American political and economic interests.

For that purpose, the United States, through the CIA, has intervened directly in the electoral and democratic processes of Latin America. For that, they have developed a psychological war plan in the means of communication, and they have invested millions of dollars. In this way the US was opposed to the victory of Salvador Allende in Chile, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, and the same in Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, for example. To prove these affirmations, it is enough to see the pages of the Latin American newspapers or books written by American, Latin American, European and Asian.

These are the fundamental conclusions that appear in numerous studies, essays, analysis, magazines, social media and works accomplished by various documentation centers, American, European and Latin American Universities. Intellectuals, teachers and professors, politicians, social scientists, organizations of the civil society of different ideologies, and even ex agents of the CIA and personalities of the American administrations, inexorably, criticize the imperial activities and, in particular, the clandestine operations developed by agents of the intelligence services, ordered by the White House and by the economic and political power.

In our Latin America appeared governments that release hard battles to rescue sovereignty, independence and dignity. Those nations are: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and others that are gradually joining them as Uruguay, Paraguay and sometimes Chile and Panama, while governments of the nature and pattern of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and almost all Central American and Caribbean countries maintain conditions like submission, humiliation and hopelessness because they decided to be aligned with the domination policies of the IMF, BID, and the CIA that has sowed misery, devastation and death in our countries.

In 1963, the American Central Intelligence Agency overthrew the President Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy and installed a dark Military Board that was characterized for disrespecting human rights: they incarcerated, exiled, and killed progressive and democratic Ecuadorians.

In 1981, according to the ex President Abdalá Bucaram and other people, the CIA sabotaged the plane in which was traveling the President Jaime Roldós and his retinue. Everybody died.

At present, the United States is pressing the Ecuadorian Government -with blackmails- for signing another agreement that would exonerate troops and civil Americans of war crimes, hurt humanity crimes and genocide before the International Penal Court. The impunity before detestable offenses, the impunity before the imperial terror is the United States objective.

The aggressions of the United States against Latin America

This is like an endless story about horror and death. Men and women who were considered «dangerous» for the interests of the Empire have paid with their lives the boldness of denouncing the crimes, satires, and humiliations that were born in the overbearing and expansionary minds of the White House, State Department, Pentagon, or in the luxurious managerial offices of the powerful American companies with world domination pretensions, by means of the dollar and of the various forms of depredation of the natural resources of our nations.

The policy of the garrote, of the dollar and corruption, of the deceit and lie, of the embrasures and military aggressions, of the United States National Security, of the defense of the sacrosanct interests of transnational companies, of the cheeky interference in the internal matters of our countries, of the blackmail and the bribe or grafts distribution to governments, have been some of the imperial domination strategies which were reinforced after the World War II when, in 1947, the experts in espionage and national security, in military and geopolitical invasions, decided to create the Central Intelligence Agency -CIA- that it was a brainchild of the United States Law of National Security.

The CIA has become all over the world, in particular in our Latin America, the Crime International Agency. The CIA was staffed of extraordinary powers that infringed the United States Political Constitution. It has license to kill, conspire, destabilize governments, give coups d’état, destroy the economy of nations, teach sophisticated torture methods, incarcerate, pursue, and disappear people. It has experts in psychological war, massive destruction weapons, sabotages and terrorism, and weapons and drugs traffic.
It has a budget of million of dollars per year to destroy governments, support strikes, put pumps of high explosive power, buy consciences, put national and foreign agents on key posts of governments, buy spaces in means of communication to manipulate information and facts, to misrepresent and lie.

It does not have moral and scruples when it has to liquidate its «enemies». The CIA is the clandestine arm of the Empire that «works» over the world by means of the woefully famous deceit operations. The CIA is a gloomy organization that sows death and destruction. In short, it is an organization of espionage, which is expert in violating human rights and freedoms.
There is no Latin American country that has not been a victim of some type of aggression by the United States of North America for more than a hundred times.

The Central Intelligence Agency -CIA-, with its deceit actions overthrew the President of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz in 1954, just because Arbenz became a nationalistic President who dictated social laws, specially the one of Agrarian Reform that prejudiced the interests of the United Fruit.

On April 28th 1965, Dominican Republic was invaded by the United States. Previously, the CIA had achieved to overthrow the legitimate government of Juan Bosh
Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador were the sacrificed countries before the sacred United States and transnational interests. Latin America became the stage of the United States campaign in against the «international communism». With that excuse, it organized coups d’état, established and protected fascist dictatorships, structured the restrictive policemen and armies that were not satisfied only with collective massacres, but also with cruelty in the tortures, in assassinations of innocent people, in the disappearance of thousands of men and women, of children and youths.

The CIA and the FBI participated in the organization of the «Condor Operation», which during the fascist governments, was converted into a Crime International Agency of the dictators, which murdered and tortured thousands of men and women in our Latin America.
On September 11th 1973, the United States and the CIA unfettered the military coup that overthrew and murdered the President of Chile, Salvador Allende.

In the decade of the eighties, Central America was converted into the test field of the war of the United States against revolutions. Thousands of troops and agents of the CIA and the powerful Empire were displayed in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. By their own hand or by hand of mercenaries, they murdered and disappeared about 250 thousand of Central American people, according to conservative calculations from national and international human rights defending organizations.

In Nicaragua, they killed so much people that we will never know how many they were. With the pretext of combating the Sandinistas who overthrew the bloodthirsty «Tacho Somoza», they created the mercenary armies known as the «contra» and by means of those armies; they committed monstrous crimes against the Nicaraguan people. In order to pay the mercenaries and contras, the CIA mounted the infamous operation known as Iran-Contras that sold weapons to Iran in spite of the expressed prohibition of the United States Government and Congress. Then, they bought drugs to sell them to the American consumers. And with those earnings, they paid weapons, explosives, and salaries of the mercenary criminals who were destroying the Nicaraguan people.
With these facts, it is demonstrated the double moral of the Empire and its agents who fight «to defend democracy»; but in fact, they trample human rights and freedoms of all the nations.

In 1983, the small Granada Island was converted into a victim of the aggressive cruelty of the Empire. Previously, it was murdered the Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, naturally with the CIA participation.
In the Salvadorian case, it was demonstrated that the CIA had penetrated in the Venezuelan government of Herrera Campins who sent weapons and provisions to his homologous Napoleón Duarte, a man who belongs to the United States and the CIA.

In 45 years, Cuba has been victim and martyr of the imperial administrations and the dark CIA. It has sustained with heroism the genocide blockade, the navy invasion in Playa Girón, sabotages and all type of terrorist acts, even by using the chemical-bacteriological war which provoked the hemorrhagic dengue, the plague of the mildew of tobacco, and the swinish fever.

The Plan Colombia was elaborated during the government of Pastrana, naturally with the advising, strategies and orders of the Department of State, CIA, and the Pentagon. That Plan was «presented» to the United States government in a complete submission sample to the imperial power. Immediately, the government of Clinton delivered military and economic «help» in more than 3 billion dollars, which served to unleash the restrictive forces against the Colombian people. The justificatory pretext of that Plan was the combat to drug traffic. That excuse concealed the real premeditation of the Empire: to liquidate the guerrilla of the FARC-EP and the ELN.

The senators DeWine, Grassley, accepted the «Plan Colombia for Peace» and Coverdell that transformed it into a Project of Law S 1758, so that it could be discussed and approved by the United States Congress which was rebaptized with the name of Alianza Act.

That Plan, now increased with the «Patriot Plan» means the increase of violence, the limitation or loss of human rights, the militaristic expansion, the intensification of the armed conflict that has converted Colombia into a stage in which is developed a real blood, death and destruction orgy.

But the most serious thing about this situation is that the United States has converted Colombia into an immense military base with the participation of hundreds of Yankee troops, agents of the CIA and DEA. Gradually, the war is becoming international and they are trying to compel the Latin America armed forces to participate directly in the Colombian conflict and regionalize the war, in this way the Latin American people will defend the geopolitical interests of the United States in South America.

Haiti, the poorest country of Latin America is another recurrent victim of the imperial interventionism. The recent overthrow of the President Aristide that provoked the reborn of the military and paramilitary violence against the people, is product of a plan agreed in the summer of 2003 by the United States and France, affirms the journalist and French writer Thierry Meyssan in the Voltaire Net about the coup d’état in Haiti, quoted by the Cuban journalist Eduardo González.

The United States will create a new military base in Haiti named FOL that will be a complement to other centers that exist in the Caribbean, with all the portable platform elements of soldiers located by the Pentagon and the CIA in Aruba and Curacao. To these centers are added the military bases that the US has in Comalapa in the Republic of El Salvador, the Manta Base in Ecuador, and the installation of new bases for the Expeditionary Air Force in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and in the Amazonian Basin that should be connected with the Spatial War Center located in the Air Force base Schiever, in Colorado Springs, USA.

The final objective of the Empire is to control, in absolute form, this part of the world in order, to convert the Latin American nations into neocolonias, to force the concretion of the domination strategies, and, naturally, to be empowered of the natural resources and especially of the large water and oxygen reserves of the Amazon, in addition to make greater political and military pressures on our countries.

The Argentine journalist Carlos Fazio, quoted in an article or Liberation, supports that the measures, procedures and military and political actions are hidden with the support of the «ultraconservative Foundation Heritage, which has a great influence on the Republican Party and recommended to strengthen the paper of the South Command in The Caribbean before the ‘terrorist’ threat of Cuba and Venezuela. However, as it happens with the Colombian Plan and the Andean Regional Initiative in South America, the FOL in Haiti will serve not only as a launching ramp of a contingent military aggression against Cuba and Venezuela, but also as a guarantor of the ‘security’ of Washington in the Gulf of Mexico which is rich in oil and natural gas».

The world knows about the horror of the wars and knows that each war of the United States is an absolute denial of the human rights, freedoms, sovereignty and independence guaranteed by the international law. Until when the world is going to stand the all-embracing presence of the Empire and its depredating raids all over the planet?

Dignity, sovereignty and revolution in Venezuela

Cleric Ernesto Cardinal, Nicaraguan poet and revolutionary, in the edition of April 23rd 2007 of «El Nuevo Diario» of Managua, affirms that Venezuela, leaded by the President Chávez, has begun a new Revolution in Latin America. He supports that «Chávez has all the private and foreigners means of communication against him. The opposition, furthermore, looks to terrorism. Their political demonstration are vandalism»; however, as Bush decided that Chávez is an enemy of the Empire, those terrorists are not terrorist, and they are fighting for democracy and freedom.

With his double speech and double moral, Bush, the emperor and sir of war and death, and a real danger for humanity and the American people, qualifies as terrorist the guerrilla FARC and ELN in Colombia and disqualifies of terrorists the Chechnya fundamentalists that murdered, with extreme cruelty, the children of a school in Beslan, in the north of Caucasus in Russia. It is true that who sows hatred, h arvests hatred. Undoubtedly, Bush is the greatest terrorist of all times.
For Bush, the President Chávez, who leads the Venezuelan Revolution, is a danger for «democracy and freedom» to the Empire style.

In addition, as he is a friend of Fidel Castro, he is a serious threat for the sacrosanct interests of the United States, the transnational companies, and the Venezuelan oligarchies. Consequently, they must finish with Chávez and the Venezuelan Revolution. It does not matter how much it will cost, without thinking about the legitimate rights of people and without respecting sovereignty, self-determination and independence, which are rights guaranteed by the International Law.

In order to liquidate the revolutionary dream of Chávez, the Empire has the CIA, and that terror and universal espionage agency is the responsible of leading the Venezuelan opposition; for that reason, it had an active participation in the coup d’état in 2002, in the organization of the oil sabotage, in the various and multiple terrorist attacks, in the armed conspiracy that took place before, during and after they were collecting signs for the Revocatory referendum, in the organization of strikes, of violent demonstrations and of assassinations of popular leaders, and in the last time, also, of the Public Prosecutor who was investigating the coup d’état and detestable criminal acts of the opposition which was sponsored by the CIA.

The Voltaire Net, on November 2003, published a documented research of the journalist and intellectual Venezuelan Pacho Villamar that supports: Now the CIA is the principal protagonist of the opposition to the government of Chávez, and due to its extraordinary power, based on the United States, it marks the steps of a various opposition which has been fractioned by economic, social and internal political interests. Skillfully, the CIA manipulates them in order to achieve its essential purpose: to destroy democracy in Venezuela and submit that nation to the colonial tutelage of the American capital.

Villamar affirms that the demonization of the President Chavez by the CIA has worked in this way. Leftists intend to discredit him, presenting him as a populist and a threat to the democracy. They try to hide that the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, ordered the massacre of 7.000 citizens in the carachazo in order to impose the draconian measures of the International Monetary Fund, and the opposition to this crime was the origin of the insurrection of Chávez against the bloody «democrat» who is preferred of Wall Street. The right presents the Colonel as the extension of Fidel Castro.

But they cannot defeat the truth; Chávez is the President that has the most active popular friendliness in his country and in the continent, including the United States people. Without doubt, one of the causes of his international popularity is the verification of the fact that the CIA is opposed to him. In addition, they could not defeat him in the coup d’état of April 11 th 2002, which was designed as an updated version of the «pinochetazo» of September 11th 1973, during which not even 2.000 searches executed in a day could stop the popular insurrection that refunded him in power. Also, the CIA could not defeat him in the most aggressive oil sabotage of history.

The Magazine «Temas» supports that the Congress member José Serrano, democrat representative of the State of New York asserted that United States finances groups of opposition in order to weaken the democracy in Venezuela. He regretted that the American government does not observe democratically elected presidents. «He (Chávez) is a person that has been elected for two times. We cannot continue saying that the democracy is good and then don’t support it». The Congress member denounced that Otto Reich wants to overthrow Chávez due to his friendship with the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Serrano emphasized that «if someone has, in any way, a relationship with Castro, Reich will throw him out».

Using the means of communication: newspapers, radio, TV that belong to the groups that have the economic and political power in Venezuela, the CIA, for the first time, the CIA, to discredit the government of Chavez, shows the faces of misery, as if it were a product of the last government and not the result of the pitiless plundering of the Venezuelan oil wealth by the transnational capital. The CIA denounces, also, the violence of the delinquency in the same sense, as if it has not been produced by the same transnational capital and the local oligarchies.

They also maintain in secret that the Venezuelan people were condemned to live in misery by the oligarchic government, which had the help of the United States. They do not say, for example, that in 1999 the 85% of the population was poor. The CIA ignores what the Venezuelan government is making: the land delivery to the peasants, the massive literacy of those who the old regime maintained in the ignorance, h ealth programs, the recovery for the benefit of the country of the oil industry, and what the people feel and the statistics reveal: a decrease of the delinquency.

Now they are preparing a new attack against democracy in Venezuela; it is a new attempt against the self-determination and the Latin American sovereignty, says Villamar.

In the Venezuela of the Revolution, the CIA and the Empire have acted with extraordinary dynamism in order to send hundreds of spies and train policemen, who belong to local governments, in using sophisticated weaponry, as if they were preparing a civil war. In addition, the CIA has introduced planes and incentivates the «civil disobedience» throughout demonstrations against the Venezuelan Colonel and the largest opposition that does not stop before anything, not even before the limits of the journalistic ethics. A president has never been insulted by means of television, radio and written press like now. However, means of communication have not been closed, and journalists have not been arrested.

The American lawyer, specialist in human rights, Eve Golinger denounced that the government of the United States «spends approximately USD $ 1.136.000 for financing conspiracy in Venezuela». Golinger in her analysis reflects «the delivery of a million 136 thousand dollars to Cedice and to the DC for the financing of forums and activities against the Venezuelan process», according to special article of the journalist Wendy La Rosa, published by the Newspaper VEA on April 17, 2004.
Antonio José Herrada Ávila, in the Magazine «Temas» of Venezuela of 12-18-03-04, expresses that the imperialism has moved its chips against Venezuela; for example it has «bought the brain of the ambassador of Venezuela before the UN so that he says that the government of Venezuela is committing assassinations. The assassinations that have been previously planned by the opposition upon seeing that their Plan Guarimba did not achieve the wished objective». He denounced that the means of communication serve to the geopolitical plans of Bush against of the Venezuelan process. The proofs are in Venevisión, Televen, RCTV and Globovisión that «present» messages each 15 minutes, with violent images, putting the flag of Venezuela full blood and accusing the President Chávez of being a murder.

The DC (Democratic Coordinator for the opposition financed by the United States), says Shodden, «is trying to find more dead people in order to create an armed conflict between brothers of the same country, such as a movie written by the CIA».

A choir of newspaper, magazines, radio and TV Channels owners in Latin America and Venezuela begun a protest against the new Law of Communication and Press constitutionally approved, but they do not say anything about the fact that this Law has been designed and established to protect the population and, especially the Venezuelan children of so much turpitude spread, specially social violence, crime, terror, familiar violence and sexual violations.

The Journal «Vea», 11-02-04, denounced that the opposition receives millions of dollars to finance the overthrown of Chávez. He asserts that foundations (NGO’s) of the CIA and the State Department have supplied million of dollars to pay the campaign and the operations against Chávez. The revelations have been possible due to the documents obtained by the American journalist Jeremy Bigwood, which origin is in the own files from the CIA.

Bigwood said to the British newspaper The Independent, in an article reproduced by VEA that the financing to the opposition to Chávez by the United States «repeats the standard developed in Nicaragua in the 1990 election when the United States invested 20 dollars for elector in that Central American country to obtain the rout of the president Daniel Ortega. To make such thing on behalf of the democracy is very hypocritical».

The United States and the CIA uses various organizations type NGO, to develop deceit operations. One of them is the National Endowment for Democracy that has a protagonist role against Chávez, since through it is distributed million of dollars between the opposes. This nongovernmental organization distributes almost 40 million dollars, annually, between groups and nongovernmental entities, that in Latin America and in other parts of the world try to impose systems with «values impelled by the United States». The NED, expresses Bigwwood, is one of the principal organization of the CIA, whose objective is to discredit Chávez for his overthrown.

Before forceful proofs, according to the journalist Rosanna Rodriguez from Washington, the spokesman of the Department of State, Richard Boucher, recognized that the government of the United States through the National Democrat Institute (NDI) financially helps groups supposed to strengthen the democracy in Venezuela. According to the documents of the CIA, the United States has sent million of dollars to leaders of the opposition in Venezuela, in order to financing operations against the legitimate government of the colonel Chávez. «The documents reflected that NED paid more than a million of dollars to the groups against Chavez in order to contribute to impose in Venezuela a democracy to the American style».

Ariel Floril in the Magazine «Temas» in Venezuela (March 25, 2004) supported that Bigwwod had asserted that the NED uses «operational branches», such as the Republican International Institute, the National Democratic Institute for International Matters, the sector of Foreign Relationships of the union organization AFL-CIO and the American Center for the International Occupational Solidarity, to send funds to the Venezuelan opposition. The CIA uses AFL-CIO, from decades ago in order to penetrate in the union movement of Latin America.

Omar Gómez, in the Journal «Vea» of March 14th 2004, supported that the American ambassador in Brazil and previous ambassador in Venezuela, Donna Hrinak, before the coup d’état, requested the government of Brazil to endure its position with Venezuela. The Venezuelan parliamentarian Saúl Ortega denounced that «Hrinak, being ambassador in Venezuela, left the country a month before the coup d’état, after making all the preparations for that action».

Jose Sant Roz, writer and teacher in the University of Los Andes in Venezuela, in his last book, «La CIA en Venezuela», shows up people of the Venezuelan policy, entrepreneurs, unionists, and religious direct or indirectly related to the Central Intelligence Agency - CIA. He demonstrates that there are a lot of Venezuelan people that, without having conscience about what they make or say, are serving the CIA and its destabilizing plans. These people sometimes act as informants. They receive a pay in dollars or sale their intellectual projects to accomplish sabotages, to prepare attacks, to plan assassinations and other barbarities that are own of the CIA.

Sant Roz says that the Venezuelan personages that participate in the opposition to Chávez must be called«agents or servants». They always go together with the CIA, and among them are «leaders» like Gabriel Puerto Aponte, Angel Zago, Carlos Andrés Pérez, Pompeyo Márquez, Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, general Raúl Salazar Rodríguez, Douglas Bravo, Americo Martín, and others; some of them are people that a time ago were communist or leaders of the Venezuelan Lefth, or even guerrillas, victims of the own CIA.

Professor Sant Roz denounced the financing of the National Endowment for Democracy to different means of communication, which are opposed to the government of Chávez, and he expresses that «only a few people know about the actions of the CIA. The CIA, he says, is able to collapse the bases of a State through an innocent soccer competition, for example. Photographers, make-up artists, sweepers, university teachers, bootblacks, messengers, and others form their laboratories in Venezuela». It is possible that, the most of the times, this people not even know that the CIA is using them. He reveals the existence of a consortium that, from Washington, is trying to master world.

This consortium is formed by: George Bush, James Wolfenshon (World Bank), the King Juan Carlos of Spain, Henry Kissinger and his puppets Jimmy Carter and César Gaviria, who has the commission of «correcting Chávez».

The NGOs of human rights and several of the civil society is another instrument of the CIA in the active opposition to the Venezuelan Revolution. In addition, it is impossible the absence of the Catholic Church and its priests, such as Baltasar Porras who is the President of the Episcopal Conference in Venezuela.

President Chávez denounced before Latin American and world organizations, the interference of the United States and the CIA in Venezuela. In September 2003, during the hardest entrepreneurial and political opposition, he supported that he had a video that his security forces recorded in which agents of the CIA were giving instructions to Venezuelan people. Making fun of the CIA he expressed: «the technique should not have been very good, since we could record it».

The own President of the Venezuelan Revolution, the Vice-president and several of the State ministers, have denounced before various international forums that the CIA is implicated in clandestine activities in Venezuela, before, during and after the coup d’état, in the process of collection of signs for the Revocatory referendum, during the elections, in the use of the social means of communication, financing activities of the opposition, in the criminal attempts, everything in different population strata. However, the CIA, until now, has failed in its provocative attempts that aspire to overthrow the President Chávez or murder him, such as they have done with other world leaders that they thought that were bothering the expansionary and domination plans of the Empire.

The CIA, the clandestine arm of the United States governments, infringes all the principles of International Law in the Republic of Venezuela. Even though, not only the CIA conspires against the Venezuelan democracy, there are other agencies as the National Endowment for Democracy, the United States Agency for the International Development (US AID) and other ones that supply logistics and millions of dollars to the entrepreneurial and oligarchic opposition. A clear example of this is the use and abuse of the private means of communication which, serving the Agency, cheat and lie, trying, in this way to ruin the reputation of the Colonel Chavez.

Around the end of March 2004, the ambassador of Venezuela before the Permanent Council of the OAS, Jorge Valero, denounced the United States and the CIA conspiracy to overthrow the President Chávez: With forceful proofs, he demonstrated the imperial inference in: financing activities of the opposition, automatic recognition of the dictatorial government that emerged from the coup d’état of April 2002, promotion of the Revocatory referendum, and others.

Naturally, the United States representative before the OAS and ex ambassador in Venezuela, John Maisto, denied all the forceful facts that were exposed by Valero; and, with imperial cynicism, as always, he said that those accusations are «irresponsible and untruthful»; but, the truth and the history of clandestine activities of the CIA that infringe all the rights and freedoms of the nations are undeniable and indisputable.

The United States and the CIA against Brazil

The United States dreams about exercising a total power in Latin America. Brazil, since the beginning of the government of Lula, is a reef that they must defeat. In the famous, High School Junior, American students learn a new geography of South America. In the official text, it is asserted that the United States has the duty of administering the Amazonian basin in benefit of humanity since if it is the richest region in biodiversity, water, and oxygen in the Earth, it can not be administered by nations with people, wild, primitive, drug-traffickers and violent people. In the scholastic text, it is mutilated the Brazilian territory and also the territory of eight Latin American countries to configure the zone that must be under the power of the United States. The interference and the expansionary plans of the Empire deserve the universal repudiation of the free and democratic nations of the world.

The United States with the CIA have penetrated in the most important state circles of Brazil and in all the levels of the political, economic and cultural power. Under the diplomatic coverage, the agents of the CIA do what they want and develop an endless series of deceit operations with the purpose of controlling the biggest country of Latin America. It does not matter if they have to spend million dollars on industry, particularly electronics, on banks, on armed forces and police, on political parties and unions of the right, on media. Not only the CIA Works actively in the strategic plans of controlling Brazil. Other agency as the DEA and FBI has an important role under the pretext of combating the drug traffic and fighting against the international terrorism.

The Brazilian publication «Carta Capital», in its edition of March 31 2004, in a wide article demonstrates the breakthrough of the United States espionage services in all the fields of the government of Brazil. It indicates that the agents of the intelligence services operate under the cover of Civil Attachés, Counselors for Regional Matters, and Attachés for the combat against drugs or simply Attachés of the United States Embassy in Brasilia. All the secret agents: spies, policemen, of the CIA, DEA, of the NAS, customs officers, work without control, under the coverage of the diplomatic services in spite of the outstanding international agreements about the diplomatic statute. The United States agents «invest» million dollars in their labors of espionage through computers, technology of telecommunications, for example.

The prominent heads of the United States intelligence services have been important personalities such as Jack G. Ferraro who acts as Counselor for Regional Matters; Thomas Harold Lloyds, First Secretary of the USA Embassy and commissioned with the Matters of Drug Combat; Mark Kenyon Edmondson, Director of the DEA in Brazil and diplomatic Attachés for the drug combat; the customs officer Julio Velez who appears as Diplomatic Attaché.

The referred publication presents a long list of covert agents of the CIA who have developed their malicious activities in Brazil. In the decade of 90, Vicente Chelotti was Chief of the Federal Police to the service of the Chief of the CIA Bramson Brian, followed by Craig Peters Osth. Hoge was commanding the company Tera Brasilis and Jack G. Ferraro was acting as Counselor for Regional Matters, according to the diplomatic list of the United States Embassy in Brazil. The second person of the CIA was William A. Constanza who hid his activities under the designation of First Secretary for Regional Matters.

In the year 2003 people could see the diplomatic coverage of the agents of the CIA in Brazil because they discovered the activities of the agents Daniel Mac-Laughlin and Kenneth Joseph Wilkinson. Other four agents of the CIA that were acting with diplomatic record were denounced. Logically they were replaced by other spies and in the substitution were Carlos Costa who was working for the Chief of the FBI. The discovered agents abandoned the Embassy or began to act under other coverage in Brazil.

About 30 «counselors», analysts and other «diplomatic» officials develop their clandestine activities under the diplomatic coverage, with the mission of spying the politicians of the government of Lula, entrepreneurs, managers of foreign companies, and government officials, according to the report of «Carta Capital».

The current Chief of the FBI in Brazil, Donald Kleg hides his activities under the cover of Civil Attaché Counselor of the USA Embassy. The second man of the FBI is Richard Cavalieros. Julio Vélez is the Chief of the Customs Officers, but he has the diplomatic status of Attaché in the diplomatic list of the year 2003. As Auxiliary attaché appears John Reads Wooley who is the second man of Vélez.
We can obtained enough proofs from «Carta Capital» to demonstrate the clandestine activities of the United States intelligence services that have been increased to intervene in the government of Lula da Silva trying to controlling and submitting it to the dictations and interests of the Empire, principally because Lula is radically opposed to the AFTA which is the greatest project of Washington in the administration of Bush II. The AFTA has been rebaptized as «American Free Colonialism Area».

«It is, in short, the consummation of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) and the Corollary of Roosevelt (1904), that intends to convert the Big Nation of Bolivar in an armed regional factory-work of Wall Street, in order to win the race for the world product to the European Union», supports the German Heinz Dietrich Steffan, in an article titled: The CIA against Venezuela, published in November 1rst 2003 in the Electronically review «Rebelion».

Lula da Silva was converted in the most dangerous Latin American president for the geopolitical interests of the Empire because he represents the beginning of the national project that would convert Brazil into a really free and independent, autonomous and sovereign republic, a clear example for the other Latin American countries. The United States concerns due to the presence of President Lula in the power was summarized by the Secretary of the Treasure, Paul O’Neill, when he asserted that «Lula must demonstrate that he is not a madman», while the experts of the Central Intelligence Agency -CIA decided to qualify Lula as a decisive man in the independence project of Latin America, extremely dangerous and an extreme threat for the colonial strategic interest of the Empire.

The Empire and the CIA are actively against Lula because they know that he is a leader and, without doubt, a regional leader of great intellectual and political capacity. He has demonstrated that he has enough entireties to unify Latin America in order to face, with possibilities of success, the United States and its imperial power. He demonstrated that he is prepared to defend the independence of Brazil due to he was not submitted to the orders of the Pentagon and the White House during the VI Conference of Defense Ministers that took place in Quito, last November.

One of the principal objectives of the administration of Bush II and the CIA consists in discrediting and liquidating the Government of Lula because Brazil is too important not only in South America but in all the world. It represents the 40% of the GDP in the Region. It concentrates almost half of the foreign investment; however, it suffers of extreme economic and social inequalities due to the exercise of power of the oligarchies submitted to the United States dictation.
Historically, Brazil has been a test stage of the interference policy of the United States and it possesses the largest American army, after the one of the United States. The Pentagon and the CIA have controlled this army and it governed Brazil, after overthrowing Joao Goulart in 1964 with the support and godfather ship of the Empire that experienced there the first fascist government of South America.

In Brazil, the CIA and the FBI advised the police and armed forces to organize and execute the monstrous repression, selective assassinations, the most cruel tortures, forced disappearances of human beings of all ages, aberrant humiliation practices and degradations to men and women accused of subversives, communists, and leftists. The «preventive contra revolution» was converted in the first coup d’état organized under the theoretical and practical bases of the United States National Security doctrine, approved by John F. Kennedy in 1962 and that thereinafter would fill of fascist governments most of the Latin American territory.

The history demonstrates that those military governments were brainchild of the United States to liquidate the insurgence that wanted free countries. Due to that offenses, on behalf of the freedom and the democracy, there were perpetrated the most hideous hurt humanity crimes that, until today, continue in the impunity.

Under the Presidency of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil faces the Empire; and, that decision is an excuse for the CIA to destabilize the government, with its extraordinary experience. Paraphrasing Marx, expresses the journalist Augusto Zamora R. in the newspaper «La Insignia»: against Lula will be aligned, in a sacrosanct hunt, the emperor and the great capital, the oligarchy and the transnational, the European and American entrepreneurs, the CIA and the military dome. Lula must weave a thread as that of Ariadna in order to subsist to the magnitude of his adversaries... However, the Empire and the internal and external enemies of Lula must understand that he is a leader that counts on the support of his people and of the Latin American people because Brazil is going road of being converted into the center of the rescue of dignity, sovereignty and Latin America independence, into the concretion of the integration and unit ideals, dreamt by the emancipators of our nations.

The United States and the CIA against Argentina

The President Chávez of Venezuela, Luiz Inacio da Silva of Brazil, Néstor Kirchner of Argentina, and the President Fidel Castro of Cuba, are the «evil axis» of Latin America because are they are a rise threaten against the national safety of the Empire and its domination interests in this part of the world, according to the optics of the CIA.
In the vision of the CIA, the Pentagon, and the US Department of State, the four presidents are a «new terrorist and geopolitical threat» because they have awoken the friendliness of the Latin American people and because they intend to congregate around them the communists and terrorists of Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Consequently, also the President Kirchner of Argentina has become a target of the attacks of the Empire and the CIA. Constantine Menges, who was advisor of the President Bush II for National Security Problems and agent of the CIA, synthesizes the thought of Washington about Kirchner upon saying that he belongs to the group of radical populism that undermines the democratic process, reducing instead of increasing the individual rights. In the same sense talked who, until a few days ago, was the Chief of the United States South Command, general James T. Hill.

Hill said that «the Argentine economic crisis has provoked that many people would question the validity of the neoliberal reforms, such as was expressed in the consensus of Buenos Aires» especially by the presidents Néstor Kirchner and Lula who also demanded a respectful attitude with the poor countries.

In Argentine, the United States and the CIA imposed the bloodthirsty fascist dictatorships that caused the assassination and forced disappearance of more than 30.000 Argentines. Today, the CIA and its agents full police appliances and armed forces, unions and media, and are carefully penetrating into the government of Kirchner through the use of local agents, who receive money or hate ideas against the IMF expressed by the Chief of Government.

The CIA in Argentina, as in the rest of Latin America, has its agents under the coverage of diplomatic agents, members or officials of US AID, the Peace Corps, Caritas and CARE, official organizations, and of some national or American private NGOs.

The Empire and the CIA intend to disqualify Kirchner upon baptizing him as the worst of the populists that, in words of Hill, is a threat that emerges when it confuses the population.

Néstor Kirchner aspires to return his country the quality of free country in the economy, sovereign in the policy, and socially fair. Near to Lula, he promotes the South American unit and he has expressed with clarity that he will not be submitted to the policies of the International Monetary Fund, to the dictations -orders of the White House, and that he Hill not permit them to exercise the economic and political control in Argentina.

The president Kirchner won the antipathy of the Empire because he was opposed to the objectives of the American foreign policy; on the other hand, he begun to contradict the White House. Now, the CIA is making a big effort to destabilize his government through actions that go from the psychological war and the propaganda until the organization of attempts and strikes that stem from the poverty conditions created by the capitalistic system and by the governments of the bourgeois and the fascist dictatorships that preferred to serve the interests of the transnational companies, of the IMF-WB, of the United States and the monopolist oligarchies of Argentina, before attending demands of the population.

In order to discredit, disqualify and finally destabilize the Administration of President Kirchner, the CIA is trying to demonstrate that he has been aligned with the global terrorism created by the own United States. The CIA supports that President Kirchner has connections with ETA, FARC, MRT, and with the Venezuelan Centers, and the CIA criticizes him due to the friendliness given to the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

The CIA supports that Kirchner has given an extraordinary draft to the Marxism and that he wants to return to the decade of the seventies. The recurrent threat is referred to the fact that if Argentine wishes to be inserted in the global world, it must understand the supreme role of the United States, that is going to help Argentine to recover its protagonist role in South America; in otherwise, it will be demonstrated that the Country of San Martín is part of the «evil axis» because it shelters the international terrorism.

Kirchner is in the gloomy target of the CIA, what means that, the Empire would sponsor again the return of military dictatorships. That is a probable fact under the administration of Bush II. If that happens, Argentina and Latin America must suffer the horrors of losing the human rights and the freedom; and, again, the world will attend the torments of the fascist dictatorships and their insatiable death and blood thirst.

The imperial terrorism

Carlos G. Rivodó, writer and journalist, in the Magazine «Question», in the edition of March 2004, supports that the United States is poisoned by the simplistic and theological - militaristic thought of George W. Bush II and his hawks. In the most classic sense of «divide and you’ll win», he adds, the United States is already hooked in a systematical geopolitical campaign. 1) Increase of the violence in Colombia, 2) Possible armed intervention in the Triple Frontier, 3) Inflate the territorial dispute Bolivia - Chile for the exit to the sea, 4) frontal Combat to the popular opposition in Ecuador and Bolivia, 5) Permanent destabilization to the governments of the BRP.

In order to prevent and intimidate the possible deepening of the relationships between Brazil and Argentina, the Lion of the North has created «terrorists that operate in the Triple Frontier» (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay), using Paraguay with that purpose. The proofs are forceful and indisputable: «In Afghanistan, the American intelligence services found cartels of the cataracts of Iguaçu in the walls».

Those proofs can be found in different sources of information from the CIA and even in publications qualified as serious, like the magazine «Foreign Affairs», in which the journalist Jessica Stern supports that the Hezbolla hand the Al Qaeda have links that are extended until the Triple Frontier where «representatives of the two groups have met in Paraguay». Thus, the road is cleaned for a direct intervention of the Empire in South America since «that region has become the new Libya; a place where terrorists of the most different ideologies (Colombian Marxist rebels, American supremacists, Hamas, Hezbollah and others) are found to exchange merchandise».

It would not be rare that the Empire of Bush II and his hawks use the pretext of the international terrorism combat to invade the zone of the Triple Frontier, finish with the governments of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and to reinforce their power in Paraguay and the rest of Latin America, such as Rumsfeld and his followers wanted to accomplish in Quito, in the VI Conference of Defense Ministers, through the conformation of a multinational army with the purpose of intervening in the internal matters of the countries of our Latin America.

The actions of the CIA and the Empire against Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Uruguay are real acts of pitiless and cruel terrorism that undervalue the principles of the International Law and put in danger the peace. Furthermore, if the military breakthrough arrives, there is no doubt about the fact that Latin American countries will lose all their rights and freedoms; but at the same time, our Countries could become two, three Vietnam that proposed Ernesto Che Guevara. Then the imperial terrorism will finally die.

Juan Gelman, Argentine writer and intellectual, in an article titled: «Militarism: The Figures of the Scandal», spread by press agency ALTERCOM on August 31 2004, refers that the military United States expense for the fiscal year 2004-2005 will ascend to 500 billion dollars; that means, 1.36 billion per day, 56.6 million per hour, more than 940.000 dollars per minute and almost 16.000 dollars per second.

Bush approved an entry of 17 billion that will be invested in military constructions. The Energy department executes 20 billion of the programs in that area and about 60 billion are used for the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a fact that this budget will be increased in thousands of million of dollars if, finally, Bush and his hawks decide to attack Iran, North Korea or Cuba, according to militaristic plans of the Pentagon and the CIA.

The planet, he says, harbors - or suffers, to 6 billion of inhabitants. Of them 2.800 millions have an income inferior to the two dollars daily, according to statistics of the World Bank. (This means that half of the world population live in poverty conditions).

Which is the face of the imperial terrorism? Natalie J. Goldring, Directress of the Global Security and Disarmament Project of the American University of Maryland informed during a Conference about this problems accomplished in the university headquarters, in May of 2003, according to review CEPR, that «the United States produces at present about a half of the global military expense, it invests in the country almost the same that all the rest of the world». Meanwhile, the poors of the world are every second more poor and live in the ignorance, malnutrition, hopelessness and fear.

Gelman affirms that upon ending the year 2003 there was in Latin America and the Caribbean 20 million of poors more than in the year 1997. Repeating the calculations we can see that the poverty grew at the rate of 9.100 Latin American per day, 380 per hour, and more than 6 per minute.

Other frighten statistics: 44,4 percent of the Latin American and Caribbean -227 million- live under the line of poverty and a 97 percent of them -177 million- are children, adolescent or youths under the 20 years old. The number of paupers arrives to 100 million, a 19,4 percent of the inhabitants of the region. Half of the people with more than 60 years do not perceive any revenue. Around the end of the past decade, the 11 percent of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean, -55 million- was suffering some kind of malnutrition: acute in the 9 percent of the smaller from five years and chronicle in the 19,4 percent of the children until that age. Latin America is the region of the iniquity and the greatest injustice in the redistribution of wealth since 20 percent richest people has the 60 percent of the richness.

The Report of 30 pages elaborated by a group of 16 military experts summoned by the UN that was presented before 59 General Assembly of the organization, titled «The relationship between disarmament and development in the current international context», supports that «In an era in which the eradication of the poverty and the development over the world are goals not reached due to the lack of necessary funds, the increase in the global military expenses constitutes a disquieting trend...» «Upon ending of the cold war, supposedly the decrease of the military expense and a less conflictive international atmosphere would release financial, technological and human resources for development». But, in spite of the proposals, the international community has not been able of reaching an agreement that limit the military expense or determine a percentage of that expense for national development. Perhaps it happens because military governments, principally the American, its Military-industrial complex, the Armed forces, the Oil conglomerates and other interests form part of the international community, ends Gelman.


  1. The most pitiless, inhuman and cruel international terrorism is in the poverty and misery situation that suffers the world. The United States is the greatest responsible for this reality and, in this sense, it is the First terrorist of the Earth planet.
  2. The United States in its advanced imperial phase and in its quality of military power and supreme policy intends to master Latin America in order to use our natural resources.
  3. For the fulfillment of its geopolitical objectives the US combats the Governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina. For this, it orders the interference of the intelligence commu