Our friends from the British 9/11 Truth Campaign had the simple idea of comparing the official chronology of the facts with the traffic schedules and real timetables of the trains on July 7, 2005, kindly provided by the company that runs the London railroad network, and here they came across an inconsistency.
The British police said that the “suicide bombers” had boarded the train at 7:40 in Luton towards King’s Cross, where they would have arrived at around 8:20. But the only train that actually reached King’s Cross at 8:20 was the 7:24 one. It is therefore aboard the latter that they would have come… however, if we check the photo published by Scotland Yard, the time on the clock of the security camera that filmed them at the entrance of the Luton station is 7:21 (see photo) so it is absolutely impossible for them to have reached the platform in two minutes, taking into account the layout of the station’s facilities.