In order to make a good choice and good decisions you’ve got to be independent. The supporters and brothers that criticise me are not only dependent but hostages of the countries that have granted asylum to them. If they speak freely, they can be send to the Russians very quickly. They are the hostages of this wrong policy implemented since the beginning of the war; they believe they’re protected and supported by the West. The whole mistake is related to this.
We have all witnessed the complaints of the “Rus.” [1] after my interview granted to Babitsky. All these because I repeated the demands of the martyrs of Beslan: “the withdrawal of the troops or the resignation of Putin.” Logic showed it was better not to say anything about Beslan but, why ignoring a successfull operation that showed the real “Rus?” Why being resposible for something that had nothing to do with us?
This attack was induced by those in charge of Northern Ossetia’s special services that ínfiltrated their agent Abdullah Jodov, known as “Putnik,” into our forces. Jodov was arrested during the funeral of a brother and he had no choice but to choose between going to jail and torture or collaborating with them. To get my trust, they helped him to organize some attacks in Vladikavkaz. By following the orders of the Russian services, Jodov proposed us to launch a kamikaze operation in the Parliament of Northern Ossetia. A month later, Jodov confessed he worked for the FSB. Then, we met and I proposed him to work as a double agent on behalf of Islam. Immediately, he talked to his bosses and complained for our lack of confidence in him. Then, they helped him to organize more important attacks. Since the spring of 2004, and along with the Russian services, we prepare the attack against the Ossetian Parliament whcih was planned for September 6, the date of Ichkeria’s independence. What was planned was that special services were going to eliminate us on our way out of Vladikavkaz, but when a new corridor was opened on August 31, we went to Beslan thus changing the moment and the place of the operation.
We’re prepared for an international investigation about Beslán and we have an alive participant that can testify as a witness. We must put an end to meaningless discussions and identify our real enemies such as Michka Gutseriev who plundered the country during the first war and is doing it at present too. It was him who armed Kadyrov with the purpose of controlling the Chechen oil, it was him who gave 5 million dollars to Aljanov, it was him who paid to the police forces in Beslan, who guaranteed there would be no assault. Thanks to all these, Gutseriev could buy two oilfields in Siberia.
Today, we are not fighting the Russian people, we’re fighting “Rusism”, that schizophrenic and imperialist ideology; a mixture of racism and chauvinism, among other things.

Gazeta SNG (Russia)
Gazeta SNG is an online news daily in Russian language.

У нас есть много, что рассказать по Беслану...”, by Shamil Basayev, Gazeta, August 31, 2005.

[1This is the word he uses ‘Rus’. In Russian it means the big Russian