The French news daily Le Monde Published last week an article entitled “The British multicultural model in crisis”. Many British people seem to agree with the idea. The July attacks in London prompted a wave of criticism against multiculturalism.
Some politicians have suggested measures after the attacks. Some of the suggestions are justified like scrutinizing more carefully the files of alleged foreign supporters of terrorism who request to enter the country. However, most of the suggested measures are dangerous such as a proposal that would allow deportation of foreign residents for vaguely defined criminal activity or the opening of criminal files based only for a person’s figures. Actually, saying that tolerance has sown the seeds of terrorist activities is nonsense. On the contrary, terrorism flourishes in closed societies, where there is no freedom of political expression or institutions of good governance. The problem is the marginalization of young Muslims, the lack of measures to fight discrimination; not multiculturalism.
For three decades, Great Britain has led Europe in the adoption of antidiscrimination legislation and it has won as loyalty to an adopted nation is better instilled in immigrants when they see equal opportunities. The argument of terrorism is not to be used to question this system.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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Multiculturalism is not the culprit”, by James A. Goldston, International Herald Tribune, August 30, 2005.