As a result of the war in Iraq, the common Arab citizen cannot be aware of the changes taking place in the international arena. Among the most outstanding changes that we, Arabs, refuse to see and understand is the emergence of the Moscow-Berlin-Paris axis to face the U.S. tyranny. But one should not believe that the Iraq war is the only cause for the creation of that axis, since it also represents the collapse of the unipolar supremacy of the United States, which aspired in vain to stir up the war between Russia and the Eastern Europe countries.
The appearance of the Moscow-Berlin-Paris axis has, on the one hand, brought on a conflict both in the UN and NATO. On the other hand, the axis resistance has encouraged the emergence of other axes in China, India, South America and several African countries, with the exception of North Africa. Linking the Russian refusal to a war in Iraq with the Moscow’s oil interests in the Middle East is a false justification. The truth is that the attitude toward destroying the U.S. Empire is currently unanimous worldwide. Was not this same unanimity that put an end to the existence of the Soviet Empire? And to reach their goal, the above mentioned axes prefer not to face the U.S. army directly, but to start up another kind of pacific wars (popular ones, the media, etc.)
The Moscow-Berlin-Paris axis has somehow proved to be highly effective beginning with the Iraqi issue and upon announcing its determination to face the U.S. and British tyrannies. That axis can restore the balance in the international policy and the existence of the United Nations. But, why haven’t the Arab countries, which are the most oppressed ones by the United States, thought of joining the Moscow-Berlin-Paris axis? Simply because Arab leaders are trying to gain time and limit themselves to the witness role given them by the United States. The Arab regimes should take this opportunity given by Europe. They should join this historical axis, the only one able to call a halt to the U.S. domination.


«محور موسكو - برلين- باريس», by Tarek Massaroua, Alshaab.Com, February 28, 2003.