I think Germany has been a normal country for a long time but the sovereignty of its foreign policy was strengthened with Gerhard Schröder, for he has proved to be a trustworthy partner that vehemently defends our bilateral relations. For the first time in our history, we invited the veterans of WWII who fought in the Eastern front to Moscow.
The fact that the media and the world in general closely follow the meetings of France, Germany and Russia, and that people talk about the formation of an axis means that such meetings are an effective instrument of our foreign policy and an element of the international life. We are not the main architect of this organization but we support is formation and will support it in the future too.
Today, we analyze the construction of a new gas pipeline that should go directly from Russia to Northern Germany. This represents employment opportunities, stability for the German economy. We are one of the main buyers of German cars and there are great perspectives in high technology, cosmos, aeronautics, chemistry and biology. We’ll never forget the wars but the past can’t prevent development. During a recent visit to Kaliningrad –Königsberg for the Germans- and in front of Kant’s tomb I remember he was one of the inspirers of the peaceful resolution of international problems theory. He was one of the founders of the modern democratic State and made great contributions to the development of the Russian philosophical theories and to that of the political reason in general.
I think that Schröder represents Germany’s main political values, especially with regard to Iraq. Apart from subsequent developments, I hope the achivements in the German-Russian relations gotten thanks to the German great chancellor be respected.

Strana.ru (Russia)
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Герхард Шредер - очень ответственный политик”, by Vladimir Putin, Strana.ru, August 24, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.