Among the articles written to mark the anniversary of the slaughter of Beslan, many of them hold the Russian forces responsible for the final outcome of the events. They are not being criticized for not protecting the hostages but they are being accused of killing children during an irrational storming action. In the western mind, the Russian appear as well-known to everyone, even when they do not carry a knife between their teeth, they continue to be cruel.

With the desperate statements given by the relatives of the victims that condemn President Putin, the Atlantist media hazardously mixes the resentment of the families with the unsatisfactory results of the investigation, thus making sadness the only truth and it is no longer about the kidnappers.

That is the case of the Libération news daily with its headline “In Beslan, Putin tries to buy the silence of the victims”.

Starting from the axiom according to which Vladimir V. Putin is responsible for the killing, the article publishes compensations paid to the families of the victims as a means of the power to buy the silence of the families and, at the same time, divide the people of Beslan into the poor and the “new rich”. A description of the behavior of those who received the compensation follows by pointing out that in Russia ordinary people are not luckier than their leaders.

On the other hand, Libération did not see the compensation given to the victims of the September 11 attacks as an attempt of the Bush Administration to buy their silence. However, in that case, it may as well have considered it as the compensation was conditioned: the families had to promise, in writing, that they would not begin any legal action, that is, they had to renounce to know the truth. On the contrary, the Russian federal government did not impose any condition for the compensations to the families of the victims of the holding of hostages in Beslan.