Europe’s failure to gain Iran’s confidence and the doubtful attitude of the continent in relation to international issues, particularly the Iranian nuclear one, have led eastern countries to revise their links with the EU. Since September 11, the US has treated all international issues with the security prism and that magnifies tensions. It is regrettable that “old Europe”, to quote Donald Rumsfeld’s expression, has been unable to suggest an alternative.
Europe blindly follows Washington’s policies and the EU is only an instrument of the US being thus stripped of all capacities to solve the Middle East problems. Once a power in the region, Europe has given up its regional influence to the U.S. Jacques Chirac’s proposal of taking the Iranian issue to the UN Security Council clearly shows the pressure the French President has suffered from the Zionist French and international lobby. The French President decided instead to sacrifice France and Iran good relations to calm down the US and the Zionist regime.
Had France, the U.K. and Germany genuinely attempted to settle the crisis, they would have recovered their lost influence in the region. But rather than establishing a good-will dialogue with Iran, the three European giants politicized the issue. Muslim countries will not forgive Europe for that and Iran is going to find new allies to confront the U.S.

Tehran Times (Iran)

Old Europe fading from the stage”, by Hassan Hanizadeh, Tehran Times, September 2, 2005.