Of course, Iran would not like to see its file transferred to the UN Security Council, but no one should think that it would scare our great nation. If they think that our case should be the object of a decision by the Security Council, many are going to fail. We accept to negotiate with any country, European or not, or with any group of countries that could act as a catalyst in this process.
Mohammed El Baradei was willing to cooperate with Iran on the nuclear issue. Our efforts aim at re-establishing Iran’s nuclear right and at developing technologies in the civil nuclear field.
I do not agree with the European countries acting on behalf of all the other nations. We should not forget the potential roles of Russia and China. The negotiation methods will be revised when the time comes. However, it is not our objective; our goal is the nuclear sphere. All proposals should be based on principles and the first one is the Iranian people’s right to develop nuclear technologies. Soon, the President will announce initiatives to solve this nuclear crisis.

Iran.ru (Russian Federation)

“«Али Лариджани: Наша цель – ЯТЦ”, by Alí Laridjani, Iran.ru, August 29, 2005. Text adapted from and interview.