General John Jumper, officer of the US Air Force, revealed that the American warplanes would stay in Iraq to fight the local resistance and to protect the regime established by the United States “more or less, for an unlimited period”. While much is said about the withdrawal of the US army troops, the Pentagon is devoted to the construction of four military air bases that will supposedly support Iraqi security forces. However, these bases will need the protection of a significant number of troops. These facilities, which should guarantee the control of the oil wells with some 50 flights per day, will allow the United States to carry out air raids to repress any form of insurrection thanks to the active presence of troops that will stay there and to the use of reconnaissance planes. Thus, the United States is also trying to legalize the robbery of Iraq’s oil resources through a constitution that intends to turn the United States into a privileged partner.
“We have common interests in this part of the world and we are also interested in staying in contact with the army in situ”, admitted the same US general in an interview some weeks ago.