Although Washington has acted against its “democratic” slogans by continuing supporting the Egyptian regime, at the same time it has mobilized local people’s associations to participate in the vote counting. These associations are used by George W. Bush to monitor and take note of any element that might serve to attack Mubarak at a given moment.
Such associations appear on different lists. The first one includes, among others: the associations for the “development of democracy” and “Human Rights to assist prisoners”. All these associations have received the sum of 250 000 dollars. As for the second list, it is made up of six associations. Each of the two associations that will take part in the supervision of the vote count has already received, in last March, one million Egyptian pounds. According to a head of the association, the role of the said groups is especially to ensure that Mubarak does not exploit the state resources in its electoral campaign and assess the neutrality of the Egyptian media.
The objective of the associations selected by the United States is to appoint 150 journalists and lawyers to supervise the electoral campaign. With this objective, the alleged supervisors have taken, since long ago, courses on supervision and coverage of the next elections. The above mentioned associations officially requested to supervise the elections, but there was no answer. This answer will not change actually anything because they are determined to supervise the counting of the votes with or without the government’s authorization.


أمريكا تراقب الانتخابات المصرية بالجمعيات الأهلية”, by Ahmed Fathi,, August 29, 2005.