Apart from what can be thought about Hosni Mubarak in the kingdom, a change in his electoral campaign must be distinguished. The youths around the old President want to offer his new image and this announces, perhaps, a new tone after his most probable victory.
Mubarak’s program makes clear emphasis on political reforms. However, there’s a completely-hidden-important element although widely documented: torture and mistreatment of prisoners. The activities of the movements in favor of Human Rights has shown that Egypt has one of the worst results with regard to torture. The Egyptian organization for Human Rights registered 22 cases of death in prisons in 2004, although the number is higher, for sure.
Egypt is one of the five countries against which an inquiry was made due to the systematic use of torture out of the 139 signatories of the Convention against Torture. Mubarak’s regime did not condemn such practices and enacted no laws to condemn it. All these facts have increased impunity. _ Mubarak’s slogan “A free citizen in a democratic country” is a pious vow whereas the population is afraid of dying if arrested. Mubarak’s new team must persuade him to deal with this problem.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

Mubarak has forgotten a word: ’Torture’, by Hossam Bahgat, Daily Star, September 6, 2005.