That regime should be replaced so that Hosni Mubarak and his cronies rule no longer. Later, the state of emergency must be lifted to finally free all political prisoners. We also need a new constitution that should be drafted by representatives of every political group.
Today, when we go to a demonstration we don’t know the people, there are many youngsters and this is a good sign. Women are well represented in some groups, there is a women organization: “The street is ours-women for democracy” which was founded after a conference during the demonstrations against the referendum of May 2005. Women came from all over the country; today, they have founded a symbolic tribunal against police violence.
I think many people are confused nowadays. After the presidential election, legislative elections will be held in September and some want to use social movements to get more seats. One of the reasons that prevent the participation of certain groups in Mubarak’s pseudo-Republic is the judges’ position. They must publish the results of the inquiry made on September 2, but it’s already known they have reached to the conclusion that the May 25 referendum was a farce. The position of the judges must serve us strategically. We should also focus on social justice: the political scenario won’t change if the people don’t have what they need to live.
Current alliances are aimed at satisfying some basic democratic demands but as soon as we go into details we won’t be on the same ship of the Muslim Brothers. I am in favor of that alliance and I participate as a member of the Left and as a woman that wears no veil in the movement’s National Coordinating Council. Muslim Brothers have no problem with capitalism and the privatization of the public goods. They think poverty will be eliminated through charity. On the contrary, I believe wealth should be shared. I support the freedom of belief and religion and that will also be a problem for Islamists. We have these differences but I’ would be ready to have a discussion with the members of my party.

The Junge Welt daily was founded in February 1947 in Soviet occupied territories. It very soon became the organ of the Central Council of the Freien Deutschen Jugend (FDJ: Free German Youths). With a circulation of 1.4 million copies, it was GDR’s leading daily. Today it proclaims to be an independent socialist newspaper.

Wir wollen Mubarak ablösen”, by Aida Saif Ad-Dawla, JungeWelt, August 2, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.