Some days after the death of nearly one thousand Shiite pilgrims in the stampede occurred on a bridge in Bagdad, Jalal Talabani does not stop criticizing strongly the Arab countries, which, according to the Iraqi president, have not only refused to establish true diplomatic relations with his country but also hesitated to present their condolences and offer their support to the Iraqi people. Obviously, the victims who run off in confusion had to be assisted, especially if they were our Arab brothers who deserve the millions of dollars that our governments have sent to the victims of hurricane Katrina. But that does not prevent Talabani from being wrong as to the issue of diplomatic representation.
Fortunately, Talabani criticized the Arab countries, pointing out that Iraq is part of the Arab world, and especially because it urged, together with other responsible ones for the puppet government, to burry the Arab identity of Iraq. Even worse, his collaborator Barzani is allergic to all texts of the new constitution, in which the Arab or Muslim identity is confirmed. Therefore, how come that the Arab character of Iraq is rejected when the Arab governments are continuously requesting to send their Ambassadors to Baghdad? How come that they accept to divide the country and change its identity? Talaban runs a country under the direct occupation of the United States, and the international law bans the establishment of diplomatic relations with a State without sovereignty.
If we start by assuming that the Iraqi government is legal, could Talaban and Jaafari ensure the security of the Arab ambassadors? Could they prevent what happened in Egypt and Algeria from not repeating again? If they cannot ensure their own security, how are they going to ensure that of the Arab ambassadors? The conditions in Iraq increasingly worsen and the Iraqi citizen, a witness of the democracy imposed by the U.S. tanks, does not have even water to drink. That is why, we ask the puppet president to admit that his U.S. allies have killed a hundred thousand Iraqis by means of an occupation that has been possible thanks to people like himself. Therefore, he is, in first place, who has to present his condolences to the families of the Iraqi martyrs before asking the Arab countries to do so.
The president of the puppet government of Iraq implements a dictatorship and tyranny in order to divide the country and eliminate the regional role of Baghdad. It would only serve the interests of the Bush administration and those of the Hebrew State. The fact that Talabani is the president of Iraq does not bother us, as long as it is a sovereign Iraq, united and democratic, not a country under the U.S. occupation. The day when the new Iraq comes out of its U.S. environment to take its place back in the Arab world, the ambassadors will return without being invited.

Arabrenewal (Arabia Saudita)

الطالباني وعروبة العراق″,by Abdel Bari Atouan, Arabrenewal, September 6, 2005.