Madam President,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me note at once, that Russia attaches special significance to today’s Security Council summit.

By gathering here, we are doing more than demonstrating our shared responsibility and solidarity in the struggle against global terrorism. The main point is that the UN and the Security Council can become the coordinating centre, the unique “headquarters” of the international front against terrorism. It is here today, that important ideological, political, legal, and organisational bases of the struggle against terrorism will be laid. Russia can but welcome this approach, and is ready to take part in practical measures to strengthen the United Nation’s central role in maintaining international security and stability.

We share the ideas contained in the Security Council resolution that was submitted for our consideration. This resolution contains more than just reflections on previous experience gained from combating terrorism, but sets new and serious tasks, including suppressing the instigation to terror. I am convinced that such practices must be considered criminal by all states without exception.

Our shared task is to create a united front in the struggle against this evil. Any attempts to instigate terrorism, accommodate terrorists, or use terrorists for political means or goals must meet general condemnation.

It is necessary to use not only states’ ressources but those of civil society, mass media, cultural and educational cooperation, and interconfessional dialogue to oppose terrorist propaganda, racist ideology, and national and religious intolerance.

On behalf of our countries, we have just signed the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism. As you know, Russia was the initiator of this document and we thank our partners for their support. The result of this teamwork is an effective legal tool to prevent real threats, such as terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction.

I also think that during the General Assembly’s current session, the preparation for a comprehensive convention on international terrorism can be completed.

As a whole, the struggle against terrorism and its sources and the development of our cooperation in this area, should be a subject of constant attention of the United Nations, the Security Council, and the organisation’s different bodies.

Dear Madam President, the Russian Federation is deeply convinced of the necessity to increase the efficiency of UN Security Council in the prevention of armed conflicts, including those in Africa.

In connection with this, we attach great value to the Council’s resolution on this question.

I thank you for your attention.