I really don’t know what the Ukrainian opposition is today, actually. It has no structures at all and is not capable of making important progress. I don’t think it can emerge as third force. Political changes will depend on the internal situation of the power structures. Viktor Yushchenko is surrounded by numerous pragmatists and trusted patriots who are true professionals. The problem is that there are some people among them that have created barriers and are trying to take over power. For ordinary citizens who will remain in the background, these barriers are almost insuperable. Unfortunately, this is the situation we have today.
I have only focused on high-ranking-corrupted personalities such as the president of the National Security Council Petro Porochenko, the first assistant of the President, Alexander Tretiakov, and the head of parliamentary group “Our Ukrania”, Nikolai Martinenko. Berezovski is not an Ukranian citizen. The list would have been larger if I would have mentioned all those harming Ukrania.

Izvestia (Russia)
Daily with a circulation of 430 000 copies founded in 1917, like the Pravda.

РЯДОМ С ПРЕЗИДЕНТОМ ЕСТЬ ЛЮДИ, КОТОРЫЕ ПЫТАЮТСЯ УЗУРПИРОВАТЬ ВЛАСТЬ”, by Alexander Zintchenko, Izvestia, September 7, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.