Russia suffered a strategic defeat in Ukraine’s presidential elections. Today, NATO can deploy its forces to the Russian borders and this is a risk. According to what has been stated by the Secretary of Parliament and former ambassador to Israel, there have been calls to establish American military bases in Ukraine. _Ukraine is very active within NATO for it send soldiers abroad as it did in the case of Iraq, for instance. And this is something not all countries do. Ukraine will join NATO when NATO decides so; such territory is very attractive, especially if we take into account this is not about Ukraine’s interests but about differences between the United States and Russia and between the West and Russia, apart from China. Russia must be taken out of the dangerous zone for the West. This is the reason why Ukraine must be strengthened and bases should be established around Russia, to be protected from China too. All this in a 50-year perspective.
However, there are forces and leaders in Europe that have no interest in a unipolar world. We’re talking about the “Old Europe”. There are European youngsters as well as people in the United States. Just as they supported the inclusion of Eastern countries and Turkey in the European Union to weaken it, they want that of Ukraine too, which will join the European Union not as a pro-European but as a pro-American. Therefore, France and Germany are not interested in the inclusion of Ukraine in the European Union. Unanimity is a requirement and if one country says it’s too soon to include Ukraine in NATO by arguing Human Rights or something else, it will be enough to prevent its inclusion. Russia has certain influence on the European countries.
The power holders in Ukraine today are pro-American and pro-NATO. The future will depend on Europe and its leaders, on how they will consider the balance of forces. Ukraine depends on Europe economically and I think some have not understood this fact in the “Old Europe”.
Now, there must be talks with Jacques, and if he says five or ten years should pass by before the inclusion of Ukraine, this will have an influence on the current Ukrainian elite. Nobody else but Chirac can do it for, above all, his a personality and realizes all this is against his country and Europe.

Regnum (Russia)

Украина будет принята в НАТО тогда, когда НАТО посчитает это нужным”, by Georgi Krioutchkov,, September 7, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.