It can be said that the world has entered the fifth year of the new era that began with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in the United States. More terrible events happened before and after September 11 but that date is definitely a turning point in the history of mankind. For the first time in the history of civilization, all the bases that support the social existence of humanity were instantly erased in a barbaric act. First, it was a masterstroke against the notion of State and it showed that the State, as it is conceived today, is no longer an effective form of organization and protection of human life.
The attack was also a sign of the end of the Christian civilization and, maybe, even of civilization itself according to religious foundations. The hope to see the birth of values common to all people has proven to be a mere illusion, not even human life is a common value.
The tragedy of September 11 changed the fundamental notions of peace and war. The enemy is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. War is never here but it is always present. The “Al-Qaedas” may be destroyed but their methods may still be used again.
What we can see is a metaphysical breaking-off of humanity; the majority no longer makes decisions, but they remain passive. The only positive consequence is the physiological link created among people from all the corners of the world in the face of a common threat: it had never reached such an unprecedented magnitude.

Vremya Novostyey (Russia)

Революция 9/11”, by Semen Novoprudsky, Vremya Novostyey, September 12, 2005.