I never accepted my mother’s death, killed four years ago during the 9/11 events. Since the day she and 3000 more people died, 9/11 has become the central point of our national dialogue. When you talk about 9/11, you usually talk of heroism, braveness, patriotism but more recently the topics have focused on division, party membership and exploitation. Just after 9/11, the time was one of unity, but little by little it took a political course. Karl Rove attacked liberals accusing them of being too conciliatory with the 9/11 terrorists; and Cynthia McKinney made a campaign on T.V. based on Fahrenheit 9/11.
That 9/11, which once made us stand together is now dividing us. Despite our need to be together to face the formidable enemy who killed my mother, we’re fighting one another! Just figure out what we could do if we stood united. Next week, the members of the Research Commission on 9/11 Events will meet to analyze Bush administration’s action. Those analyses should not become a pretext for political war. We must learn from 9/11 and work together. We all are Americans, and that’s what matters most.

The Boston Globe (United States)

Divided (by 9/11) we stand”, by Carie Lemack, Boston Globe, September 9, 2005.